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MAY 1, 1863.

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Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, &c. With Six- | Essays on the Greek Christian Poets and the English teen Plates. Vol. IX. 4to, pp. 180. With Index. Poets. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning 16mo,

In this volume two hundred and fifty-six new pp. 233. James Miller, N.Y. species of mollusks are critically described. Of This little book of prose, added to Mrs. Brownthese, two hundred and twenty-eight species belong ing's previous books of verse, completes the pubto the genus Melanidæ, and twenty-eight to the lication of her works. These stand now in five genus Unio. Two specimens of the latter are from volumes, uniform with the present one, including a Arctic America. The figures-three hundred and Memorial by Theodore Tilton. sixteen in number—are so well executed as to be the Every-Day Philosopher in Town and Country. rarely equalled; thus affording the student ample

By the Author of the “Recreations of a Country jeans of distinguishing them.

Parson." 12mo, pp. 320. Ticknor & Fields,

The Rev. Mr. Boyd (the “ Country Parson” of

Fraser's Magazine) has collected bis recent articles

into a fourth volume. It treats in the most agreeThe Age of Fable; or, Beauties of Mythology. By able manner of many and varied subjects, adorning, Thomas Bulfinch. 8vo, pp. 488. Tilton, Boston.

as was said of Goldsmith, whatever he touches. The Without a knowledge of mythology, much of the best paper here is “At the Land's End,” de cribing history of our own language cannot be understood

a visit to the most southerly part of England ; but and appreciated. When Byron calls Rome " the the most striking is a memorable article, “ ConNiobe of nations,” or says of Venice, “she looks cerning Cutting and Carving,” which exposes with & sea-Cybele fresh from ocean,” be calls up, to proper indignation the practice of altering the the mind of one familiar with our subject, illustra- text of popular authors. tions more vivid and striking than the pencil could furnish, but which are lost to the reader ignorant | Two Friends. By the Author of “The Patience of of mythology. Milton abounds in similar allusions. Hope, and A Present Heaven."

12mo, PP. The short poem “Comus” contains more than thirty 167. Ticknor & Fields, Boston. such, and the ode “On the Morning of the Nativity” The writer of this, a gifted young Scottish lady, half as many. Through “Paradise Lost” they are had the advantage of being introduced to American scattered profusely. This is one reason why per- readers by John G. Whittier, the poet. Like her sons by no means illiterate say they cannot enjoy two preceding books, it contains much grave thought, Milton. But were these persons to add to their more clothed in diction always elegant and never feeble. solid acquirements the easy learning of this little The author has a keen eye for the beauties of navolume, much of the poetry of Milton, which has ture, and joins to this a thorough familiarity with appeared to them “harsh and crabbed,” would be the English poets. Indeed, she is qualified to dis. found “musical as is A pollo's lute.”

cuss their merits; for the same publishers have on Sunshine in Thought. By Charles Godfrey Leland,

the press a volume of her poems. Author of “Meister Karl's Sketch-Book," and Essays, by Henry Thomas Buckle, Author of " A Translator of “Heine's Pictures of Travel.” History of Civilization in England.” With a Bio12mo, pp. 197. Evans, N.Y.

graphical Sketch of the Author. Illustrated with This work contains some remarks on the charac- a Photographic Portrait. 12mo, pp. 209. D. teristics of modern literature and art, an examina- Appleton & Co., New York. tion of their generally prevalent defects of morbid- This work is divided into two parts: the first is ness and melancholy, and suggestions as to the a review of an Essay on Liberty by John Stuart means by which these defects will eventually disap- Mill; the second, an Essay on the Influence of Wopear, to be succeeded by a new era of culture, based men on the Progress of Knowledge. These papers on the genial and earnest study of nature. It ad are marked with the author's fulness of know. vocates the cultivation of health and cheerfulness, ledge, depth of thought, and clearness of graphic or joyousness, as facilitating the performance of the expression. The photograph likeness will be geneduties of life, indicates the identity of this spirit rally acceptable, and the biography fairly sketches with that of early and undefiled Christianity, and the leading incidents of Mr. Buckle's literary endeavors to show that such culture is eminently career. possible and practical.

The National Almanac and Annual Record for the Aids to Reflection. By Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Year 1863. 12mo, pp. 698. Childs, Philadelphia. With the Author's Last Corrections.

Edited by

The object of the publisher of this volume bas Henry Nelson Coleridge, Esq., M.A. To which is been to make it, as far as possible, a thoroughly prefixed a Preliminary Essay, by John McVickar, accurate, reliable, and exhaustive authority upon D.D. 12mo, pp. 324. William Gowans, New the subjects of which it treats. The statistics and York.

statements connected with the civil, military, and The objects of the present volume are to direct naval service of the country have, to a very great the reader's attention to the value of the science of extent, been revised and corrected by official per. words, their use and abuse, and the incalculable sonages. The facts are brought down to the date advantages attached to the habit of using them of going to press. The results of the last Census appropriately and with a distinct knowledge of have been classified and incorporated, so as fully their primary, derivative, and metaphorical senses ; to exhibit the absolute and relative state of the secondly, to establish the distinct characters of Government and people, and their progress during prudence, morality, and religion ; thirdly, to sub- the last decade. In this book may be found, among stantiate and set forth at large the momentous dis- other valuable matter, the army list, army pay. tinction between reason and understanding; and table, navy list, navy pay-table, list of postmasters, fourtbly, to exhibit a full and consistent scheme of summary of excise tax, new tariff, record of im. the Christian dispensation, and more largely of all portant events of the present war, American obithe peculiar doctrines of the Christian faith, and to iuaries, tables of the medical, law, and normal answer all the objections to the same which do not schools of the United States, religious statistics of originate in a corrupt will rather than an erring the world, list of books published in the United judgment.

States in 1862, &c.

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MAY 1 1863.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. American Tract Society, Boston.

Blanchard f Lea, Philadelphia. Sargent's Temperance Tales, 6 vols. New edition. Hamilton on Fractures and Dislocations. Second Snow-Flakes. A Collection of Crystals in Album edition, revised and improved. Form.

Bowman's Medical Chemistry, Third American The Hidden Life. By Rev. Hubbard Winslow.

from the fourth and revised London edition.

Bird on Urinary Deposits. New edition. Messrs. D. Appleton & Co., New York.

Parrish's Practical Pharmacy. Third edition, Principles of Political Economy. By John Stuart

revised. Mill.

Ellis's Medical Formulary. New and revised ed. Class-Book of Chemistry. New edition. By E. L. Youmans.

John Bradburn, New York. History of the Romans under the Empire. By Moses Right and Colenso Wrong. By the Rev. Chas. Merirale, B.D.

John Cumming, D.D., F.R.S.E. Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature. By Tho- The Actress in High Life. mas H. Huxley.

An Episode in Winter Quarters. A Glimpse of the World. By Miss Sewell, Autbor Leaves from the Diary of an Army Surgeon. By of “ Amy Herbert."

Thomas T. Ellis, late Post Surgeon at New Elementary Drawing. By W. E. Worthen.

York, and Acting Medical Director at Wbite
Heat considered as a Mode of Motion. By John House, Va.
Tyndall, F.R.S., &c.

The Ohio Boys in Dixie.
The Historical Shakspearian Reader. By John Reconstruction of the Union.

W. S. Hows.
A Critical History of Free Thought in Reference T. 0. H. P. Burnham, Boston.

to the Christian Religion. By Adam Storey After Long Years. By Mrs. Mackenzie Daniels, Farrar, M.A.

Author of " Marrying for Money,” &c. The Annual Cyclopædia. 1862.

City and Suburb. A Novel. Manual of Devotions for Domestic and Private

Deep Waters. A Novel. By the Author of “MisUse. By George Upfold, D.D., Bishop of In

representations,” &c. diana.

My Good-for-Nothing Brother. A Novel. Money. By Charles Moran.

Too Much Alone. A Novel. The Crisis.

The Mistakes of a Life. By Mrs. Hubback. A New Method

for Learning the Portuguese Lan- Water-Babies. A Fairy Tale for Land-Babies. guage. By E. J. Grauert.

By Rev. Chas. Kingsley. Analysis of the Formation and Definition of Eng- The Ladies of Lovel-Leigh. By the Author of lish Words. By W.J. Tenney.

“Margaret and her Bridesmaids,” &c. A Latin Grammar. By the Author of “Hark

Kings Cope. By the Author of the “Silent Woness' First Latin Book,” &c. The Symbolical Character of the Old Testament.

Grandmother's Money. By the Author of “Slaves By the Rev. Abiel Silver.

of the Ring,” &c. A New and Complete Postage-Stamp Album. The World in the Church. A Novel. The Iron Manufacture of Great Britain. By W. Rumor. By the Author of “Counterparts," &c.

Truran, C.E. From the second London edition.
What To Eat, and How To Cook It. By Pierre Carleton, New York.

A Dictionary of Chemistry, and the Applied

Frank Warrington. A Novel. By the Author of Branches of Other Sciences. Founded on that

Rutledge," &c. of the late Dr. Ure. By Henry Watts, B.A.,

Drifting About. An Autobiography. By Stephen

Supplement to Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manu-

Incidents in My Life. By D. D. Home, the Spi

ritualist. With an Introduction by Judge Edfactures, and Mines. 1 vol. 8vo.

monds, of New York. Two Pictures; or, How We See Ourselves, and

How the World Sees Us. By Maria J. McIntosh. George W. Childs, Philadelphia.
The Works of William Shakespeare. Edited by
Wm. George Clarke, M.A., and John Glover,

Christian Life and Character of the Civil InstituM.A. 8 vols. 8vo.

tions of the United States. By B. F. Morris. The Natural Laws of Husbandry. By Liebig.

The Light and Dark of the Rebellion.

Life of Jacob Barker. Bailey & Noyes, Portland, Me.

Peterson's Familiar Science. Philadelphia. EnMemorial Volume of the Popham Celebration

larged edition. Illustrated. commemorating the Planting of the Colony on

Crosby & Nichols, Boston. the Peninsula of Sabino, 1607. With a Map.

May's Constitutional History of England. Vol. 2. Baillière Brothers, New York.

Copeland's Country Life. New edition. Nysten's Dictionary of Medicine, Chirurgery,

I will be a Sailor. By Mrs. L. C. Tuthill. Pharmacology, Veterinary Art, &c. Translated The Wild Man of the West. By R. M. Ballantyne. by Dr. M. G. Echeverria. With all the Illus- The Red Eric. By R. M. Ballantyne. trations of tbe French edition.

Dick Rodney. By the Author of "Jack Manly."

Tales from Genesis. By Rev. Wm. M. Thayer. Barnes of Burt, New York.

Novels and Tales of A. S. Roe. Revised edition. Elements of Written Arithmetic. By Chas.

Hudson's Shakspeare. New and improved ediDavies, LL.D.


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MAY 1, 1863.

Robert M. De Witt, New York.

Geographical Studies. Translated from the

Captain Mayne Reid's New Volumes, viz. :

German of Carl Ritter, by Rev. W. L. Gage.

The Wild Huntress; or, Love in the Wilder-

Liberal Education; or, An Introduction to Study

and Life in an American College. By George


The Maroon.

R. Bliss.

A Hero in Spite of Himself. From the French

The Life and Times of John Huss; or, The Bobe-

of Louis de Bellamere.

mian Reformation of the Fifteenth Century.

By the Author of Wild Flower:"-

By Rev. E. H. Gillett.

Grandmother's Money.

Music of the Bible. By Enoch Hutchinson, A.M.

The House of Elmore. A Family History.

The Ecclesiastical Law of Massachusetts. By


Edward Buck, Esq.

Under the Spell.

The Slaves of the Ring; or, Before and After. J. G. Gregory, New York.

Twelve O'Clock.

The Vagabonds. A Poem. By J. T. Trowbridge.

The American Fistiana.

Illustrated by Darley.

The Highwayman's Bride; or, The Capture of

The Story of Elizabeth. By Miss Thackeray
Claude Duval.

(daughter of the novelist).
Wild in Limbo; or, The Escape of Paul Clif-
ford and the Rescue of Dora.

Harper and Brothers, New York.
Novels by the Author of “ The Prince of the
House of David ;'-

Fairy Stories. Edited by Miss Mulock, Author

of " John Halifax."
Estelle; or, The Conspirator of the Isles.
The Poisoned Letter; or, The Lost and Redeemed.

Life of Theodore Frelinghuysen. By the Rev. Dr.

The Rebel Coaster; or, The Escape from the Press-

Alcock's Japan.

St. Olave's. A Novel.
The Surf Skiff; or, The Heroine of the Kennebec.

A Point of Honor. A Novel. By the Author of
J. W. Dodd, New York.

“ The Morals of Mayfair.”

Smith's Principia Latina. Part II.
Bob, the Cabin-Boy. Illustrated.

John Marchmont's Legacy, and Eleanor's Victory.

Novels. By Miss Braddon, Author of " Aurora
E. P. Dutton & Co., Boston.

The Romish Principle. By Rev. F. D. Hunting- Live it Down. By J. C. Jeaffreson, Author of
ton, D.D.

“ Olive Blake's Good Work.”

Confirmation. A Tract for the Times. By the The House by the Churchyard. By J. Sheridan

Rev. James A. Bolles, D.D.

Le Fanu.

The Life of Archbishop Laud. By Rev. John N. Draper's History of the Intellectual Development

Norton, D.D., of Frankfort, Ky.

of Europe.

Hymns and Meditations. By A. L. Waring. With

an Introduction by Rev. F. D. Huntington, D.D. Willis P. Hazard, Philadelphia.

The Consecutive Prayer-Book. Being the Book

of Common Prayer, arranged in Consecutive

Book of Nonsense. By Edward Lear.

Order. For the Use of Persons not familiar

Cruikshank's Toothache.

with the Services.

Milton's Complete Works.

Corinne. New edition.

Sunday Echoes in Weekday Hours.

By Mrs.

Letters of Junius. New edition.

Carey Brock.

Imitation of Christ. By Thomas à Kempis. 16mo.

Saturday Night in Heaven.

Keble's Christian Year. A fine 16mo edition.

Hearty and Humorous Things.

Southey's Book of the Church. Large 12mo.

Comical Rhymes of Ancient Times.

New Military Dictionary. By Captain Coppée.

Chas. T. Evans, New York.

The American in Germany. By Henry P. Leland. F. Leypoldt, Philadelphia.

A new edition of Frank Moore's Diary of the Chaucer's Prologue and Knight's Tale of Palamon

American Revolution.

and Arcite. From the Improved Text of Wright,

published by the Percy Society. Edited, with

J. C. Garrigues f Co., Philadelphia.

an Introduction and Notes, and a Complete

Model Sabbath-School Lesson. By Ralph Wells.

Verbal Index, by Prof. Hiram Corson.

A Complete Verbal Index to Chaucer's Canterbury

Tales. By Prof. Hiram Corson.

Gould f Lincoln, Boston.

The First Book of Spenser's Fairie Queene.

The Story of my Career as Student at Freiburg Edited, with Notes, and an Index to all the

and Jena, and Professor at Halle, Breslau, and Words contained in Spenser's Poetry, either ob-

Berlin. By Heinrich Steffens. Translated by solete or employed in Senses different from

William L. Gage.

Present Usage, by Prof. Hiram Corson.

Woman and her Saviour in Persia. By a Re- Dante-Album. A new edition. Twelve half-size
turned Missionary.

Photographs from Illustrations to Dante's In-

Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel. By Rev. ferno. By Gustave Doré. Portfolio.

Francis Wayland, D.D.

Atala-Album. Twelve Photographs from Illus-

Tales and Sketches. By Hugh Miller. Edited, trations to Chateaubriand's Atala. By Gustave

with a Preface, by Mrs. Miller.

Doré. Portfolio.

Headship of Christ, and the Rights of the Chris- Heine, Heinrich. Pictures of Travel. Trans-

tian People. By Hugh Miller. Edited, with lated from the German by Charles G. Leland.

a Preface, by Peter Bayne, A.M.

Kortüm, Dr. The Life, Opinions, Actions, and

Essays, Historical and Biographical, Political Fate of Hieronimus Jobs the Candidate. A

and Social, Literary and Scientific. By Hugli grotesco-comico-heroic Poem. Translated from

Miller. 12mo.

the German by Charles T. Brouks.

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MAY 1, 1863.

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J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

The Life and Character of the Rev. Edward Ro. Chauvenet's Manual of Spherical and Practical

binson, D.D. By Drs. H. B. Smith and R. D. Astronomy. 2 vols. 8vo. (Ready in a few

Hitchcock. days.)

The Chronicles of the Schonberg Cotter's Family. The History of the Supernatural. By William Claude, the Colporteur. By the Author of " May Howitt.

Powell." Uneins; oder, Krieg im Krieg. By Baroness The Power of God; or, Results of Theatre PreachTautpheus.

ing. By Wm. Carter. Edited by S. Irenæus Thiers's Consulate and the Empire. Vol. V.

The Army Chaplain's Manual. By Rev. J. The Sovereigns of England. By W. Collord.

Pinckney Hammond, Chaplain U. S. Army.
Military Hygiene. By Brig.-Gen. Wm. A. Ham-C. B. Richardson, New York.

mond, Surgeon-General U. S. Army.
The Field Manual of Courts-Martial. By Capt.

A Southern History of the War. By F. Pollard,

Editor of the Henry Coppée.

• Richmond Examiner,” &c. The Company Clerk. By Capt. August V. Kautz.

With a new Portrait of Jefferson Davis. Little, Brown & Co., Boston.

Rickey & Carroll, Cincinnati, Ohio. Bancroft's History of United States. Vol. IX. A Dictionary of Terms of Art. By George H. Gray's Massachusetts Reports. Vol. IX.

Knight. Wheaton's International Law. Enlarged and revised edition.

D. & J. Sadlier of Co., New York. Bennett & Heard's Digest of Massachusetts Re

Easter in Heaven. By Rev. F. X. Weninger, D.D. ports. Vol. II. White's Life and Poems of Shakspeare. Vol. I.

Father Sheehy: a Tale of Tipperary Ninety

Years ago. By Mrs. J. Sadlier. A. K. Loring, Boston.

The Daughter of Tyrconnell: a Tale of the Days

of James I. By Mrs. J. Sadlier. Live it Down. By J. C. Jeaffreson.

Wilhelm; or, Christian Forgiveness, and Other

Tales. Translated from the French by Mrs. J. Wr. S. & Alfred Martien, Philadelphia.

Sadlier. Book of Common Prayer, &c., as revised by the A Popular History of Ireland, from the Earliest

Royal Commission of Presbyterian Divines, A.D. Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics. 1661. Edited by C. W. Shields, D.D.

By Hon. T. D. McGbee. The Army Chaplain : his Office, Duties, &c. By True Spiritual Conferences. By St. Francis of Rev. W. G. Brown, U.S.A.

Sales. With an Introduction by Cardinal Wise


Christian Missions: their Agents, their Method,

and their Results. By T. W. M. Marshall.

Yason Brothers, New York.
Recreations for the Cabinet Organ, Harmonium,

or Melodeon. To be published in a series of

six numbers, of sixteen pages each, with cover. School for the Melodeon, Harmonium, and Cabinet

Organ: containing Progressive Lessons, Studies, and Scales ; Songs, Duetts, Trios, and Quarteties; Voluntaries, Interludes, and Recreative Pieces; for the Parlor and Choir. By George F. Root.

Moore, Wilstach, Keys of Co., Cincinnati.

Rosecrans' Campaign. By W. D. B.

Morphy & Co., Baltimore.
The Little Orator, and Other Tales. From the

French of Emille Souvestre.

G. P. Putnam, New York.
The Strong-Minded Woman. A Romance of

American Life. By Bayard Taylor.
Was He Successful ! By the Author of “St.

The Soldiers and Sailors of the Loyal States. By

Frank Moore.
Soldiers' Letters. Picturesque Letters and Nar-

ratives. Edited by Frank Moore.
The Pulpit Record. A Collection of Sermons

with Reference to the American Crisis of 1861

-62. Part II. 8vo.
The Artists' Edition of Irving's Sketch Book.

With 100 Original Designs.
Irving's Life. Vol. III.
A. D. F. Randolph, New York.
The Little Threads. By the Author of “Susy's

Six Birthdays."

Charles Scribner, New York.
Paris in America. By Prof. Ed. Laboulaye.

Translated by Miss Booth.
Stanley (Canon H. D.). Sermons preached during

the Tour of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales.
Max Müller's Second Series of Lectures on Lan-

guage. Uniform with the First.
History of the English Language and Literature.

By Prof. G. L. Craik.
Mitchell (Donald G.). Reveries of a Bachelor,

and Dream Life. By Ik Marvel. (New edi.

tions, re-stereotyped.) A Critical Edition of the Heidelberg Catechism,

in Old German, Modern German, Latin, and English. Prepared by a Committee of the Ger

man Reformed Synod. The Federalist. A new and revised edition, with

Bibliographical and Historical Introduction

and Notes. Edited by H. B. Dawson. Lange's Commentary on the Old and New Testa

ment. An American edition, revised, &c., by

Rev. P. Schaff, D.D.
Model Lessons on Objects. By E. A. Sheldon.
History of Philosophy, Ancient and Modern. By

Rev. Frederick Denison Maurice.
Ik Marvel's New Book. My Farm. A Book on

Rural Topics.
George P. Marsh's New Book. Man and the

A History of Christian Doctrine. By Rev. W. G.

T. Shedd, D.D.
The Work and Offices of Christ. By Rev. Horace

Bushnell, D.D.
Political Studies on the United States. By Prof.

Edward Laboulaye, of Paris.

MAY 1, 1863.

Sever f Francis, Cambridge, Mass.
Three new volumes in the “Golden Treasury"

Series,- viz. :
The Children's Garland. From the Best Poets.

By Coventry Patmore.
The Book of Praise. From the Best English

Bunyan’s Pilgrim's Progress. With Stothard's

Catalogue of American and Foreign Postage.

Robinson Crusoe. New illustrated edition.

Letters on the United States. By Lieut. -Colonel

Ferri Pisani.
Our Single Women. By Miss Dora Greenwell.
Robertson's Sermons. New volume.
Maine Woods and Field Notes. By Henry D.

Miscellaneous Essays and Sketches. By same.
Weak Lungs, and How to Make them Strong. Ly

Dio Lewis, M.D.
Levana. A work on Education.
Life of Quintus Fixlein. Translated by Thomas

Biography of Richter. By Mrs. Lee. Revised

New Volume of Poems. By Robert Browning.
The Gentleman. By George H. Calvert.
Poems. By D. C. & Christina Rosetti.

Sheldon & Company, New York.
A Tale of Two Cities. By Charles Dickens. In

2 vols. With Designs by F. 0. C. Darley.
The Wars of the Colonies. Vol. V. of American

History. By Jacob Abbott.
The Isle of Wight. Vol. V. of the Florence Sto-

ries. By Jacob Abbott.
Walter in Jerusalem. Vol. II. of Walter's Tour in

the East. By Rev. D. C. Eddy, D.D.
The Water-Lily. With Illustrations from Designs

by H. K. Brown. (Phiz.)
Children's Sayings; or, Early Life at Home. By

Caroline Hadley.
Stories of Old. Old Testament Series.
Stories of Old. New Testament Series. By Ca-

roline Hadley. Illustrated by Walter Crane.
The Illuminated Book of Nursery Rhymes.

Printed in Oil-Colors.
Bleak House. By Charles Dickens. (Household

Edition.) With Designs by Darley and Gilbert.

D. Van Nostrand, New York.
Military and Political Life of the Emperor Napo-

leon. By General Baron de Jomini. Trans-

lated by Major-General H. W. Halleck, U.S.A.
Critical and Military History of the Wars of

Frederick II., compared with the Modern Sys-
tem, with a Statement of the Most Important
Principles of the Art of War. By Lieutenant-
General Le Baron de Jomini. Translated from

the French by Col. S. B. Holabird, U.S.A.
American Military Bridges, with India-Rubber

and Galvanized Iron Pontoons, &c. By Bri-
gadier-General Geo. W. Cullum. Second Edi.

tion, with Notes, and two additional chapters.
The Artillerist's Manual. Second Edition, re-

vised and corrected. By General John Gibbon,

Heavy Artillery Tactics. Prepared for the Use

of the U.S. Army. By a Board of Officers.
New Army List. Alphabetically arranged and

brought up to the Present Date.
A Treatise on European Ordnance and Iron-Clad

Defence. By Alex. L. Holley, B.P., Author of
“American and European Railway Practice."

Taggard of Thompson, Boston.

Eaton's Intellectual Arithmetic.
Primary School Manual.
Bacon's Works. Vol. VI.

E. A. Thomas, Buffalo.

Buffalo City Directory for 1863–4.

Ticknor f Fields.

William Veazie, Boston.
Good Thoughts in Bad Times. By T. Fuller.

Works of Charles Lamb. New Edition.
Life in the Open Air. By Theodore Winthrop.

Hallam's Introduction to the Literature of Eu-
Freedom and War. By Henry Ward Beecher.

Lilian. A Romance.
The Literary Remains of Arthur Henry Hallam. | Walker, Wise f Co., Boston.
Philip Van Artevelde. By Henry Taylor.

Life of Chaplain Fuller.
Out-Door Papers. By Thomas Wentworth Higgin-

W. J. Widdleton, New York.
Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces. By Jean Paul Christopher North : a Memoir of Professor Wilson,
Friedrich Richter.

by his Daughter, Mrs. Gordon.
Meditations on Life and its Religious Duties. Noctes Ambrosianæ. Revised Library Edition.
The Amber Gods. By Harriet E. Prescott.

5 vols. crown 8vo.



Communications for this department of the paper may be
addressed directly to S. HASTINGS GRANT, Mercantile Library,
New York City.

Contains a Catalogue of the Books published in this country
during the present year, with such issued in 1862 as have come
to our knowledge since the publication of the “NATIONAL
ALMANAC." It is our aim to make this List complete; and
publishers, authors, and others will oblige us by bringing to our
knowledge the title of any book or pamphlet of importance
that escapes our notice, in whatever portion of the country it
may appear. When the book itself is not sent, we would request
a full copy of the title-page, with the size, number of pages, and
tho retail price. The co-operation of Librarians and others con-
nected with our Literary Institutions is especially invited, that
a thorough List may be made of current American publications.

ABBEY. May Dreams. By Henry L. Abbey. 12mo, pp. 14

Abbey & Abbott, N.Y. ČI. 75 cts.
A BROTT. A Digest of New York Statutes and Reports, from the

Earliest Period to the Year 1860. By Benjamin Vauglsa
Allott and Austin Abbott. Vols. III. and IV. Exceptions-

Servicey.) R. 8vo, pp. 791, 799. Voorhies, N.Y. Shp. ea. Sel
ABBOTT. The History of the Civil War in America: comprising

a Full and Impartial Account of the Origin and Progress of 13
Rebellion, of the Various Naval and Military Engagements,
the Heroic Deeds performed by Armies and Individuals, and
Touching Scenes in the Field, the Camp, the Hospital, and the

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