The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography: A Series of Original Memoirs of Distinguished Men, of All Ages and All Nations, Parte 4

William Mackenzie, 22 Paternoster Row; Howard Street, Glasgow; South Bridge, Edinburgh, 1857 - 948 páginas

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Página 239 - He made me no answer, but sat some time in a muse; then brake off that discourse and fell upon another subject. After the sickness was over and the city well cleansed, and become safely habitable again, he returned thither. And when afterwards I went to wait on him there, which I seldom failed of doing whenever my occasions drew me to London, he showed me his second poem, called
Página 245 - Proceeding from a religious heart it will raise to a divine use the railroad, the insurance office, the jointstock company ; our law, our primary assemblies, our commerce, the galvanic battery, the electric jar, the prism, and the chemist's retort; in which we seek now only an economical use.
Página 247 - Emmet, a barrister. He is a man completely after my own heart — of a great and comprehensive mind — of the warmest and sincerest affection for his friends — and of a firm and steady adherence to his principles, to which he has sacrificed much, as I know, and would I am sure, if necessary, sacrifice his life.
Página 265 - ... he yet lavished both these gifts imprudently, exhibiting on all subjects almost every power but that of discretion. His life, in its social relations, seems to have been marked by the same characteristic anomalies; for while the simplicity of his mind and manner, and the festive play of his wit, endeared him to private friends, the daring heterodoxy of his written opinions alarmed and alienated the public, and rendered him at least as much feared as admired.
Página 302 - Living in an age of extraordinary Events and Revolutions, he learnt (as himself asserted) this Truth, which pursuant to his intention is here declared — That all is vanity which is not honest, and that there is no solid wisdom but in real Piety...
Página 271 - Scotland need to want a friend or fear an enemy, sae lang as Harry Erskine lives!'' We next give his aspect as seen from the bench, in the following carefully prepared and discriminating article, from the chief justice of New Hampshire : — " In attempting to estimate the character and qualifications of Mr. Pierce as a lawyer and an advocate, we undertake a delicate, but...
Página 236 - A STUDENT'S MANUAL of the HISTORY of INDIA, from the Earliest Period to the Present.
Página 335 - I have not anything to leave thee to perpetuate my memory but two helpless girls; look upon them sometimes, and think of him that was to the last moment of his life thine, "GEORGE FARQUHAR.
Página 329 - ... advised me not to give up the prospects I had before me, telling me that Science was a harsh mistress ; and, in a pecuniary point of view, but poorly rewarding those who devoted themselves to her service. He smiled at my notion of the superior moral feelings of philosophic men, and said he would leave me to the experience of a few years to set me right on that matter.
Página 280 - When she is abroad, nobody near her but my Lord of Essex and, at night, my Lord is at cards, or one game or another with her, that he cometh not to his own lodging till birds sing in the morning.

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