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I . He connexion of astronomy with geography is so

evident, and both in conjunction so necessary to a liberal education, that no mau will be thought to have deserved ill of the republic of letters, who has "^ applied his endeavours to diffuse more universally ^-* the knowledge of these useful sciences, or to render the attainment of them easier; for as no branch of literature can be fully comprehended without them, so there is none which impresses more pleasing ideas on the mind, or affords it a more rational entertainment.

The fifth edition of my father's treatise on the globes being out of print, I was solicited to reprint it *. To obviate several objections to the form in which he had disposed the problems, I was induced to undertake the present work, in which they are arranged in a more methodical manner, and e great number added to them. Such facts are also

* The first edition appeared in 176(3, the third in 1772. A r». printal of this obsolete work was made In 1810, by the brother (D. Adams) of our late author, which he has denominated; The Thirtieth EMion!!! Edit.

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