Astronomical and Geographical Essays: Containing a Full and Comprehensive View, on a New Plan, of the General Principles of Astronomy, the Use of the Celestial and Terrestrial Globes ... the Description and Use of the Most Improved Planetarium, Tellurian, and Lunarium, and Also an Introduction to Practical Astronomy

Printed for, and sold by W. & S. Jones, 1812 - 518 páginas

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To trace the Circles of the Sphere in the Heavens
To find the Circle of perpetual Apparition
the Suns Altitude at a given Hour
when the Sun is due east in a given Latitude
the Rising Setting Culminating c of a Star
the liour of the Day the Altitude and Azimuth of a Star being given
the Altitude and Azimuth of a Star c
the Azimutb c at any Hour of the Night
the Hour the Latitude and Azimuth given
the Hour by Data from two Stars
the Hour by Data from two Stars
the Latitude by Data from two Stars ibid 33 The Latitude by other Data from two stars
when a Star rises or sets cosmically
when a Star will rise heliacally
when a Star will set heliacally
Of the Correspondence between the Celestial and Terrestrial Spheres
To find the Place of a Planet c 366 1
the right Ascension c of a Planet
the Moons Place
the Moons Declination
To illustrate the Harvest Moon
To find the Azimuth of the Moon and thence High Water c
Of Comets
To rectify the Globe for the Place of Observation
To find the Latitude c of a Comet
To find the Time of a Comets Rising c ibid 50 To find the same at London
From two given Places to assign the Comets path
To estimate the Velocity of a Comet
To represent the general Phenomena of a Comet ibid A Description of the most improved Planetarium Tellurian and Lunarium
Description of the Tellurian
Description of the Lunarium
An Introduction to Practical Astronomy in which is intro
Table of the Ecliptic Motions of the Planets as given

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