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Papers Relating to the Treaty of Washington. Washington, Government

Printing Office, 1872–1874. 6 vols. Parliamentary Papers. See Great Britain: Parliament: Papers. Partoll, Albert J. "Fort Connah: A Frontier Trading Post, 1847-1871." In Pacific Northwest Quarterly (q.v.), XXX.

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conclus par la Couronne de Dannemarc, depuis Canut-le-Grand jusqu'à 1800. Avec un extrait des principaux articles. Precédé d'un discours préliminaire

de Mr. ... Engelstoft. Gottingue, Dieterich, 1826. xxxv+242 pp. Regular Confidential Printed Documents before the Senate of the United States

in Executive Session during the 18th ... Congresses from December 15,

1824, to Washington, Government Printing Office, 1914-. Regulations for the Guidance of the Mixed Courts of Justice Established in


Pursuance of the Treaty of the 7th of April 1862, between Her Britannic
Majesty and the United States of America, for the Suppression of the African
Slave Trade. London, Printed by G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode
for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1863.

30 pp.

Report from the Select Committee on the Stade Tolls; Together with the Pro-

ceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index. Or-
dered, by the House of Commons, To Be Printed, 14 July 1858. (London,

1858.) x+ 190 pp.
Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, Showing the Progress of the

Survey during the Year 1854. Washington, Beverley Tucker, Public Printer,
1855. xii +92+288 pp.+maps. (Senate Executive Document No. 10, 33d

Congress, 2d session, serial 757.)
Revista de derecho, historia y letras Buenos Aires, J. Peuser (etc.), 1898–

1923. 76 vols.
Rich, Edwin Ernest. Colin Robertson's Correspondence Book, September 1817
to September 1822; edited with an introduction by E. E. Rich

by R. Harvey Fleming. Toronto, The Champlain Society, 1939. cxxxi+

372+xiii pp.
Richardson, James Daniel. A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the

Presidents, 1789–1897. Published by Authority of Congress. Washington,

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Columbia Historical Quarterly (q.v.), II.

"The Retreat of the Hudson's Bay Company in the Pacific North-
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ington Historical Quarterly (q.v.), XXIII.
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Sage, Walter Noble. Sir James Douglas and British Columbia. (Toronto),
The University of Toronto Press, 1930. 398

Sailing Directions for British Columbia 4th ed., 1940. Issued by the

Hydrographic Office under the Authority of the Secretary of the Navy. Wash-

ington, Government Printing Office, 1940–,
Sailing Directions for the West Indies. Volume II. The Lesser Antilles and

the Coast of Venezuela ... Issued under Authority of the Secretary of the
Navy. (H.O. No. 129; 5th ed.) Washington, Government Printing Office,

1937. vii+416 pp.
St. Croix (Danish West Indies) Avis, August 17, 21, 1848.
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Walker and His Associates. New York, The Macmillan Co., 1916. ixt

408 pp.

Semanario de avisos y conocimientos utiles, El, Asunción, February 11, 1859.
Senate Confidential Executive Document M, Executive No. 193, 36th Congress,

1st session.
Senate Confidential Executive Documents. See Regular Confidential Printed

Documents before the Senate of the United States.
Senate Document No. 174, 28th Congress, 2d session, 1844-1845 (serial 461).

Executive Document No. 20, 31st Congress, 2d session, 1850–1851
(serial 589).

Executive Document No. 1, 32d Congress, 1st session, 1851-1852
(serial 611).

Executive Document No. 10, 33d Congress, 2d session, 1854-1855
(serial 757).

Executive Document No. 37, 33d Congress, 2d session, 1854–1855
(serial 752).

Executive Document No. 68, 34th Congress, 1st session, 1855–1856
(serial 822).

Executive Document No. 5, 34th Congress, 3d session, 1856–1857
(serial 876).

Executive Document No. 25, 34th Congress, 3d session, 1856–1857
(serial 879).

Executive Document No. 54, 35th Congress, 1st session, 1857-1858
(serial 929).

Executive Documents Nos. 58 and 69, 35th Congress, 1st session, 1857–
1858 (serial 930).

Executive Documents Nos. 8 and 18, 35th Congress, 2d session, 1858–
1859 (serial 981).

Executive Document No. 22, 35th Congress, 2d session, 1858-1859
(serials 982, 983).

Executive Document No. 29, 35th Congress, 2d session, 1858–1859
(serial 984).

Executive Document No. 2, 36th Congress, 1st session, 1859–1860
(serial 1024).

Executive Documents Nos. 4 and 10, 36th Congress, 1st session, 1859
1860 (serial 1027).

Executive Document No. 16, 36th Congress, 1st session, 1859–1860
(serial 1031).

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Senate Executive Document No. 30, 36th Congress, 1st session, 1859-1860 (serial 1032).

Executive Document No. 10, 36th Congress, 2d session, 1860-1861 (serial 1082).

Executive Document No. 57, 37th Congress, 2d session, 1861-1862 (serial 1122).

Executive Document No. 55, 39th Congress, 1st session, 1865-1866 (serial 1238).

Executive Document No. 29, 40th Congress, 2d session, 1867-1868 (serial 1316).

Executive Document No. 8, 41st Congress, 1st session, 1869 (serial 1393).

Executive Document No. 38, 44th Congress, 2d session, 1876-1877 (serial 1720).

Journal, 33d Congress, 2d session, 1854–1855 (serial 745).

Miscellaneous Document No. 148, 30th Congress, 1st session, 1847-1848 (serial 511).

Miscellaneous Document No. 60, 34th Congress, 1st session, 1855–1856 (serial 835).

Miscellaneous Document No. 58, 37th Congress, 2d session, 1861–1862 (serial 1124).

Miscellaneous Documents Nos. 6 and 6, pt. 2, 37th Congress, 3d session, 1862-1863 (serial 1150).

Miscellaneous Document No. 27, 40th Congress, 3d session, 1868-1869 (serial 1361).

Miscellaneous Document No. 14, 41st Congress, 1st session, 1869 (serial 1399).

Report No. 251, 34th Congress, 1st session, 1855–1856 (serial 837).
Report No. 60, 35th Congress, 1st session, 1857-1858 (serial 938).

Reports Nos. 3 and 21, 37th Congress, 2d session, 1861-1862 (serial
Seventh Census of the United States: 1850, The. Embracing & Statistical View
of Each of the States and Territories, Arranged by Counties, Towns, etc.

and an Appendix Embracing Notes upon the Tables of Each of the States, etc. ... J. D. B. DeBow, Superintendent of the United States

Census. Washington, R. Armstrong, Public Printer, 1853. cxxxvi + 1022 pp. Shelton, Philo S. Venezuelan Outrage upon United States' Citizens and Prop

erty, at Shelton's Isle. Derby, Conn., Journal Office, 1855. 23 pp. Shiels, Archibald Williamson, San Juan Islands, the Cronstadt of the Pacific.

Juneau, Alaska, Empire Printing Co., 1938. 275 pp.

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Shippee, Lester Burrell. Canadian-American Relations, 1849–1874. New

Haven, Yale University Press; Toronto, The Ryerson Press (etc., etc.); for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Division of Economics and

History, 1939. (xvi]+514 pp. Snowden, Clinton A. History of Washington; the Rise and Progress of an

American State; Advisory Editors: Cornelius H. Hanford, Miles C. Moore, William D. Tyler, Stephen J. Chadwick. New York, The Century History

Co., 1909. 4 vols. Soulsby, Hugh Graham. “The Right of Search and the Slave Trade in Anglo

American Relations, 1814–1862.” In Johns Hopkins University Studies in

Historical and Political Science (q.v.), LI, No. 2, 1933. Sources of the History of Oregon, vol. 1, pts. 1-6. Eugene, Oreg., 1897–1899.

26+28+ xix+262 pp. Statutes at Large of the United States of America, The. Boston, C. C. Little &

J. Brown, 1845–1851; Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1855–1873; Washington,

Government Printing Office, 1875–. Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, The. With Notes,

References, and an Index ... From A.D. 1801; 41 George III.-To [32 and 33 Victoria; 1868-1869). London, Printed by G. Eyre and A. Strahan,

printers to the King (etc.), 1804–1869. 29 vols. in 34. Stevens, Hazard. The Life of Isaac Ingalls Stevens, by His Son. Boston and

New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1900. 2 vols. Stock, Leo Francis. United States Ministers to the Papal States; Instructions

and Despatches, 1848–1868. Washington, D.C., Catholic University Press,

1933. xxxix + 456 pp. Svensk Författningssamling. Stockholm, 1825–. Tacoma (Washington) Sunday Ledger, January 19, 1896. Tansill, Charles Callan. The United States and Santo Domingo, 1798-1873; &

Chapter in Caribbean Diplomacy. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1938.

viii +[2]+487 pp. Tariff Concluded between the United States of America, and the Ottoman Em

pire. Preceded by the Treaty of Commerce. Constantinople, 1862. 1+

(2]+20 (i.e., 23] pp. Thayer, William Roscoe. The Life and Times of Cavour. Boston and New

York, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1911. 2 vols. Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Early Western Travels, 1748-1846; a Series of Anno

tated Reprints of Some of the Best and Rarest Contemporary Volumes of Travel, Descriptive of the Aborigines and Social and Economic Conditions in the Middle and Far West, during the Period of Early American Settlement.

Cleveland, Ohio, The A. H. Clark Co., 1904–1907. 32 vols. Times, London, September 27, 28, 1859. Tratados públicos y acuerdos internacionales de Venezuela (incluyéndose los de la

antigua Colombia). Caracas, Tipografia Americana, 1924-.

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