Faith, Hope and Doubt in Times of Uncertainty: Combining the Realms of Scientific and Spiritual Inquiry

Interactive Publications, 2008 - 72 páginas
Given contemporary attacks on religious faith, this lecture asks what are the intellectual resources and sources of spirituality that can sustain us in these times of uncertainty? It suggests that human moral life is a search to understand and implement that true nature of morality. It is centred in love, with the idea of kenosis ("letting go") playing a key role because of its transformational qualities. This book argues the various scientific realities are all partial and inadequate. Science can be powerful in the service of an integral view but must not attempt to supplant it. Religion is still a key context for a consideration of ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and meaning.

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About the author Abstract 1 The attacks on faith
Issues of conflict
Science and reductionism
The limits of science
Morality and the source of values
Intimations of transcendence
True spirituality

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