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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Mining and Metallurgy. The course for the Degree of B.Sc. extends over a period of at least three years, during which the subjects of study are Mathematics, Chemistry (theoretical and practical), Physics (theoretical and practical), Mineralogy, Geology and Paleontology, Zoology, Botany, etc. The curriculum in Engineering covers at least four years.

In the Department of Veterinary Science there is granted the Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science, for which a curriculum of four years is prescribed.

In the Department of Agriculture the curriculum, extending over at least four years, leads to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

In the School of Dentistry the curriculum extends over a period of four years, leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

In the Department of Economics and Commerce there are granted the Degree of Bachelor of Economics, the course of study for which extends over a period of not less than three years, and the Diploma in Economics and Commerce, for which a three years' course is prescribed.

A department of Military Studies, providing instruction in Military History and Science, Military Engineering, Military Topography and Military Administration and Organisation, with a three-year curriculum including practical instruction, was brought into operation in 1907.

Courses of Lectures in connection with the scheme for University Extension are delivered in Sydney and other places upon application. Each course consists of six or ten lectures, and concludes with an examination. Those persons who have attended any course regularly, and passed the concluding examination, receive University Certificates to that effect. The subjects of the lectures have hitherto been English Literature, Modern History, Ancient History, Political Economy, Logic and Mental Philosophy, Commercial Law, Science, etc.

Senior and Junior Public Examinations are held annually in Sydney, and at other places where persons approved by the Senate can be found to superintend the examinations.

The lectures of the Professors are open to persons not members of the University, upon payment of the fee prescribed for each course.

An Act to provide for the establishment of Colleges of Residence in connection with different religious denominations was passed by the Legislature during the Session of 1854. Ample assistance was offered towards their endowment; and the maintenance of the fundamental principles of the Universitythe association of students without respect of religious creeds, in the cultivation of secular knowledge-is secured consistently with the most perfect independence of the College authorities within their own walls. Colleges in connection with the Church of England, and the Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Churches, have been established. A College for Women has also been established on a non-sectarian basis. The Colleges have all been erected on the University grounds.

The University (Amendment) Act of 1912 makes provision for the allotment of Exhibitions by the Senate to students desirous of entering the University. Such Exhibitions are granted on the results of the Leaving Certificate Examinations held in pursuance of the Public Instruction Act of 1880 and Amending Acts, and exempt the holders from payment of Matriculation, Tuition and Degree Fees. They are tenable in all Faculties and Departments. The number awarded yearly is

at the rate of one for every five hundred persons in the State of New South Wales between the ages of seventeen and twenty years, as shown by the last preceding Census of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Exhibitions are granted irrespective of sex, and are held subject to the by-laws of the Senate, which determines the annual number to be allotted to each Faculty or Department.



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Second Sunday in Lent.

Senate meets. LENT TERM begins. University Examinations [begin, viz., DEFERRED ANNUAL Examinations, ANNUAL LAW Examinations, HONOUR Examinations in the Faculty [of Arts and DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING. Latest date [for receiving Competitive Prize Compositions.

Third Sunday in Lent.

Examinations for Higher Degrees begin.

11 S

12 M

13 Tu

14 W

15 Th

16 F

17 S

18 S

Fourth Sunday in Lent.

19 M

Lectures begin.

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