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1. Bowman Scholarship. A sum of £1000 was bequeathed in 1873 by the late Robert Bowman, Esq., M.D., of Richmond, for the foundation of a Scholarship.

1917--C. N. Button.

2. Frazer Scholarship. In 1884, a sum of £1000 was bequeathed by the late Hon. John Frazer, M.L.C., for a Scholarship.

1917-P. W. Pearson

3. The Gordon Scholarship.-A sum of £1000 was given in 1882, by the late S. D. Gordon, Esq., M.L.C., for the foundation of a Scholarship for students who have taken the B.A. Degree, or first class in Classics.

1917-J. Bogle.

4. The Struth Scholarship.-A sum of £1000 was given in 1884, by J. Struth, Esq., for the foundation of a Scholarship. 1917-L. A. Regan.

5. The Horn Scholarships. In 1883, the late Mr. John W. Horn, of Corstorphine, Edinburgh, bequeathed eighty shares of the A. G. Co., to found three Scholarships.

1917-I.-M. Geaney.

II.-K. M. Garrett.

6. The James Coutts Scholarship.-In 1884, the sum of £1000 was bequeathed by the late Rev. James Coutts, M.A., of Newcastle, for the foundation of a Scholarship. A student of the name of Coutts to have preference.

1917-J. W. Shand.

7. The late Rev. Colin Stewart, M.A., in 1886, bequeathed his property to the College in trust for (among other objects) the founding of Scholarships.

1917-C. II. B. Douglas.

8. The Alexander Gordon Ross Scholarship (£50) for one year, open to students in Divinity.

9. The Divinity.

1917-H. S. R. Innes.

Fullerton Scholarship (£40) for Medicine or

1916-W. H. Nette.

10. The College Scholarship for ministers' sons not studying for the Ministry.

1916 J. Morgan.


11. The Janet Coutts' Scholarship-In 1915 a legacy was bequeathed to the College by the late Mrs. Janet Coutts, and part of this fund was appropriated to the foundation of Scholarships, and also of Bursaries, for the benefit of students who could not enter the College without help. Scholarship awards


1917-I.-I. Macintosh.
II.-W. A McLaren.
III.-J. F. Spence.
IV. J. G. Stephens.

12. The Goodlet Scholarship.-The late Col. Goodlet bequeathed £1500 to found Scholarships for Students resident in St. Andrew's studying for the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church.


1. The Dean Prize.-A sum of £100 was given in 1879, by Alexander Dean, Esq., for the foundation of an Annual Prize for General Excellence.

2. The Jarvie Hood Prize (£10), for proficiency in the subjects of the First Year Examination in Medicine.

1917-M. Geaney.

8. The Rennie Prize (£10), for highest place among College Students in Pathology-to a student who gains distinction in some subject of the year.

1917-R. F. Matters.

4. Frazer Prize of £25, for Modern History.

1891-Parker, W. A. 1892-A. C. Gill

J. E. Walker 1893-A. C. Gill

J. E. Walker



1894-C. A. White
1895-A. J. Doig
G. W. Waddell
F. G. Griffiths (2nd)

} seq.

5. Bowman Prize (£5) for proficiency in Debating.

1917-C. N. Button.

J. W. Shand.
J. G. Stephens.


Of the above Scholarships, the Frazer, the Stewart, the Bowman, the Goodlet, and the A. G. Ross are restricted to students for the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church. A first class at the University Examinations is a necessary qualification for the Gordon, but not for any of the other Scholarships.


Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1910, in connection with the Methodist Church of Australasia. In terms of the Act the Visitor is the President for the time being of the New South Wales Conference. The Corporation consists of a Master (who shall be a duly ordained Minister of the said Church) and twenty-three Councillors, of whom seven shall be ordained Ministers of the same Church and sixteen laymen. These Councillors with the Master, form the Council, in which the government of the College is vested.


The Rev. P. J. Stephen.


The Rev. M. Scott Fletcher, M. A. (Sydney), B.Litt. (Oxon.)

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McClelland, W. C., M.B., Ch.M., B.Sc. Woolnough, R. E., M.B., Ch.M.


1. Reginald N. Robson Scholarship.-A sum of £1000 was given in 1916 by the Hon. W. Robson, M.L.C., and family, for the foundation of a Scholarship in memory of the late Rev. Reginald N. Robson, B.A., LL.B.

2. Captain Edward Dawson Scholarship.-A sum of £1000 was given in 1916 by F. Cull, Esq., for the foundation of a Scholarship in memory of Captain Edward Dawson, who was killed in action at Gallipoli.

3. A sum of £100 was given in 1916 by F. Cull, Esq., to provide an annual prize.

*On Active Service.


Incorporated by Act 53 Vict., No. 10, and not attached to any religious denomination. In the terms of the Act the Visitor is the Chancellor of the University, or in his absence the ViceChancellor. The Corporation consists of the Principal, who must be a woman, and twelve elected Councillors, of whom four at least must be women, and two ex-officio Councillors, nominated by the Senate of the University. The Councillors, with the Principal, form the Council in which the government of the College is vested.

According to the Act of Incorporation, the Women's College is a College within the University of Sydney, wherein may be afforded residence and domestic supervision for women students of the University, with efficient tutorial assistance in their preparation for the University Lectures and Examinations. All students in the College not already matriculated shall, as soon as shall be practicable, matriculate in the University, and shall thereafter be required duly to attend the lectures of the University in those subjects, an examination and proficiency in which are required for Degrees, with the exception, if thought fit byany such student, of the Lectures on Ethics, Metaphysics, and Modern History.

The Women's College is strictly undenominational, the Act of Incorporation providing "That no religious catechism or formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught, and no attempt shall be made to attach students to any particular denomination, and that any student shall be excused from attendance upon religious instruction or religious observances on express declaration that she has conscientious objections thereto." The College fees are as follow:

Resident Students.-£21 for Lent and Trinity Lecture Terms. £24 for Michaelmas Term. £1 10s. a week for residence during vacation.



Should there be any Medical students whose Michaelmas Term is not affected by the change in the University regulations, ie, whose work terminates at the end of ten weeks' lectures, the fee will be £21 only, as for Lent and Trinity Terms.

The Council provides all necessary furniture, but each student may arrange and add to the furniture in her room as she pleases.

Non-Resident Students.-Term fee, £4 4s., or £12 12s. per

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