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McEvilly, U.
McGuinn, D.
Meagher, L. F.
Meillon, J.
Moloney, T. P.
Morris, J. M.
O'Brien, P. D.

O'Donohue, J. P. M.
O'Keefe, J. A.
Phillips, R. B.
Power, P. H.
Real, E. T.

Sheridan, F. B.

Shorthill, J. R.

Sullivan, H.
Sullivan, J. J.
Swanson, E. C.
Tole, J. A.
Veech, L. 8.
Watt, A. R. J.
Walsh, J. J.

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Kevans, D. C., B.A.

Paterson, A. E.


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1. THE O'CONNELL SCHOLARSHIP.-Principal, £1,000. Collected in New South Wales on the occasion of the O'Connell Centenary.



Established under the

will of the late Very Rev. W. J. Dunne, of Albury.

3. THE FREEHILL Scholarship.-Founded by the late Col. F. B. Freehill, M.A., of Sydney.

4. THE ARCHBISHOP'S SCHOLARSHIP.-Given by the present Archbishop and Visitor of the College, being £60 per annum, and tenable for three years.

5. THE CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS SCHOLARSHIPS, A and B, both of the same value as No. 4 and having the same tenure.

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Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 31 Victoria, in connection with the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales. The Moderator for the time being of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the State of New South Wales is Visitor. The Corporation consists of a Principal, who must be a duly ordained Presbyterian Minister, holding and prepared to subscribe (when called upon to do so) the standards of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, and twelve Councillors, of whom four, but not more, must be ordained Ministers of the same Church. These twelve Councillors, with the Principal, form the Council, in which the government of the College is vested.

The purpose of the College is to provide the student of the University with residence under conditions most conducive to his immediate professional training as well as to his moral development. For this purpose the College has on its staff, in addition to the Principal, four resident and four non-resident tutors whose duty it is to supervise and assist the student in his preparation for examination, and to guard the well-being of the student generally.

The College fees are: For resident students, 21 guineas per term (corresponding to the University term), and at present £1 10s. per week for residence out of term. Nonresident students pay three guineas per term for attendance at tutorial classes only.

Applications for College Scholarships and Bursaries should reach the Principal or Secretary not later than March 1st of each year.

Fuller particulars may be had in the College Calendar, procurable either from the Principal or from the Secretary.



The Rev. Jas. Goudie.


The Rev. Andrew Harper, M.A. (Melb.), D.D. (Edin.)

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Hunter-Baillie Professorships established under a bequest for the foundation of Professorships in the College.

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Barriskill, J. R.
Barton, O.
Bateman, C. D.
Beith, B. M.
Beith, J. R. M.
Blue, A. I.
Bond, L. W.
Bourne, H. T.

Bowman, R. McD.

Brown, J. H. B.
Browne, C. S.

Cameron, D. A.
Clatworthy, C. H.
Clayton, H. J.
Cohen, C. K.
Coppleson, V. M.
a'Court, A. Holmes
Dark, E. P.
Davidson, Leslie G.
Davies, R. L.


Davis, T. R. E.

Waddell, G. W.

Waugh, Rev. Robert H.

Griffiths, F. G.

Dick, Robert
Duncan, G. M.
Finlayson, M. R.
Fitzhardinge, J. F. G.
Francis, R. P. W.
Freshney, Reginald
Griffiths, J. N.
Hardie, J.

Heaslop, J. W.
Henderson, J.
Hunter, J. G.
Hunter, R. J.
Jeffrey, E.
Jones, P. Sydney
Kay, W. E.

Kennedy, H. M.

King, A. A.
Kinross, R. M.
Kirkland, H. E.
Kirkland, W. D.

| Lance, A. L.

Leeds, R. H.

Lightoller, G. H. S.

Lilley, C. M.

Macintosh, G. D.

McDowall, St. A. W.

McDowall, V.

Mackenzie, A. J.

Markwell, N. W.

Matthews, W. F.

Minnett, R. B. Moreau, S. J. H. Norrie, Geo. Packer, N. E. Perkins, A. E. Phillips, A. B.

Pitt, C. N.

Plant, H. F. H.
Purser, C.

Roberts, A. S. C.

Roberts, A. T.

Robinson, C. F.

Savage, Vincent W.
Scott, J. H. V.
Sear, H. R.
Sheppard, A. M.
Stafford, S. R.

Stafford, H. L.

Stafford, A. L.

Edwards, D. S.

Fuller, B. C.
Gill, A. C.

Minter, C.

Allen, Carleton Kemp
Anderson, Rev. W. A. S.
Auld, Rev. J. H. G.
Barnet, Rev. Donald M.
Bardon, Rev. R.
Barton, W. A.

Beegling, D. H.
Bennett, C. E.

Bowman, Alister S.
Bowman, Arthur
Bowman, Ernest
Boyce, R. C. M.
Brown, W. R.
Byth, G. L.
Campbell, A. L.
Campbell, C. R.

Cameron, Rev. A. P.
Castlehow, S.

Cohen, C. H.

[blocks in formation]

Elphinstone, James
Ferguson, D. G.
Fuller, B. C.
Gordon, Rev. G. A.
Griffiths, F. G.
Halliday, G. C.
Henry, H.

Hertzberg, W. M.
Hooton, J. R.
Hope, Rev. P.
Howie, R. J.

Hunt, Harold W. G.
Hunter, T. B.
Innes, H. S. R.
Jamieson, S.
Johnston, J.
Jones, J. H.
Kay, R. I.

Linsley, W. H.

Clinch, E. J.

Kinross, R. M.

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Lane, J. B.

Copland, F. F.

Cosh, Rev. J.

[ocr errors]

Lyon, Pearson

Craig, A. D.

Mann, O. A.

Crane, Rev. C.

MacCallum, M. L.

McGill, A. D.

[blocks in formation]

Crawford, Rev. R. J. W. McCook, Rev. A. S.

[blocks in formation]

Mackay, I. G.

Mackie, Rev. H. D. McDonald, K. D. McKie, Rev. E. N.

[blocks in formation]

McManamey, James F. Smith, Rev. W. H.

McLelland, Hugh

McNeil, A.

Manning, R. K.

Somerville, G. B.

Stacy, F. S.

Stewart, Rev. W. P.

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