The spiritual teacher: comprising a series of twelve lectures on the nature and development of the spirit

R.P. Ambler, 1852 - 165 páginas

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Página 44 - Thus the influence and effect which have flowed from the authority of the Bible have been of the most deleterious character, tending to degrade rather than to elevate, to confine rather than to expand, and to crush and destroy rather than to ennoble and save.
Página 39 - ... argument, but because it has been a subject which is made prominent and conspicuous through the force of human ignorance and bigotry. For long ages in the past, mankind have received the Bible with the most profound and solemn reverence. They have looked upon it as a book which is intrinsically holy, every word and sentence of which are the result of a direct influx from the Divine Mind, and therefore authoritative in the most literal and unlimited sense. So far has this reverence for the Bible...
Página 42 - ... has had its sway upon the earth for ages past, and it is now time that this should be removed for the introduction of a principle which is more worthy of the dignity of man, and more consonant with the design of God. It has been seen by the inhabitants of the Spirit-world, that the authority of the Bible has been the chief and prominent source of all bigotry and superstition...
Página 45 - The?e persons were seers and prophets. In their systems dwelt that peculiar essence of spiritual life which prepared them for an intercourse with the dwellers of the Second Sphere...
Página 148 - ... not already pruned, cut them to a good bud within 9 to 14 inches of the ground. They should be shaded for a few days from the sun and cold, which may be very well done by sticking a shingle before each, though two shingles placed so as to form an angle in which the vine may stand, will be better. "We have now arrived at a point where it will be necessary to decide upon the peculiar system to be adopted in the training of our vines. Instead, however, of describing all the different modes of pruning...
Página 42 - Bible has been the chief and prominent source of all bigotry and superstition j it has been seen that this has been the prolific fountain of all the sects and creeds which have cast their darkening shadow upon the face of humanity ; it has been seen that this is the primary cause of all the narrow-mindedness, all the contraction of thought, and all the blind devotion to human systems of faith, which have been, and are still, conspicuous features of the world's history.
Página 77 - ... and in this manner causes a complete chain of spiritual substance to be established between the directing spirit and the system of the medium, by which chain a perfect connection is formed from...
Página 45 - The spirits would therefore speak in the outset of the real origin of the book which is reverenced as the word of God. * * * Far back in the depths of humanity's history, there lived individuals who were morally and spiritually advanced beyond the medium development of the age in which they lived. * * * The spirits have reference to the persons mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testaments ; such, for example, as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Christ, Paul, and John.

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