Letters and Journals of Jonathan Swift

K. Paul, Trench & Company, 1885 - 292 páginas

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Página 178 - Although her knowledge, from books and company, was much more extensive than usually falls to the share of her sex ; yet she was so far from making a parade of it, that her female visitants, on their first acquaintance, who expected to discover it by what they call hard words and deep discourse, would be sometimes disappointed, and say, "They found she was like other women.
Página 7 - And this is it which a person of great honour in Ireland (who was pleased to stoop so low as to look into my mind) used to tell me, that my mind was like a conjured spirit, that would do mischief if I would not give it employment.
Página 151 - If you are in Ireland while I am there, I shall see you very seldom. It is not a place for any freedom, but where everything is known in a week, and magnified a hundred degrees. These are rigorous laws that must be passed through ; but it is probable we may meet in London in winter, or, if not, leave all to fate, that seldom cares to humour our inclinations.
Página 168 - This day, being Sunday, January 28th, 1727-8, about eight o'clock at night, a servant brought me a note, with an account of the death of the truest, most virtuous, and valuable friend, that I, or perhaps any other person ever was blessed with.
Página 173 - Platonic and Epicurean philosophy, and judged very well of the defects of the latter. She made very judicious abstracts of the best books she had read. She understood the nature of government, and could point out all the errors of Hobbes both in that and religion. She had a good insight into physic, and knew somewhat of anatomy; in both which she was instructed in her younger days by an eminent physician, who had her long under his care, and bore the highest esteem for her person and understanding....
Página 152 - The reason I write to you is, because I cannot tell it to you should I see you; for, when I begin to complain, then you are angry; and there is something in your looks so awful, that it strikes me dumb.
Página 195 - Upon this great foundation of misanthropy (though not in Timon's manner) the whole building of my travels is erected ; and I never will have peace of mind till all honest men are of my opinion : by consequence you are to embrace it immediately, and procure that all who deserve my esteem may do so too. The matter is so clear that it will admit of no dispute ; nay, I will hold a hundred pounds that you and I agree in the point.
Página 103 - I loved him very well, and I think he loved me better. He had the greatest mind in the world to have me go with him to France, but durst not tell it me ; and those he did tell said I could not be spared, which was true. They have removed the poor duchess to a lodging in the neighbourhood, where I have been with her for two hours, and am just come away.
Página 148 - Cadenus answers every end, The book, the author, and the friend ; The utmost her desires will reach, Is but to learn what he can teach : His converse is a system fit Alone to .fill up all her wit; While every passion of her mind In him is centred and confiij'd.
Página 148 - But sure she never talk'd so well. His pride began to interpose; Preferr'd before a crowd of beaux ! So bright a nymph to come unsought ! Such wonder by his merit wrought! Tis merit must with her prevail ! He never knew her judgment fail ! She noted all she ever read ! And had a most discerning head...

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