A new and easy introduction to universal geography 11th ed., improved


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Página 228 - Slaves cannot breathe in England ; if their lungs Receive our air, that moment they are free ; They touch our country, and their shackles fall. That's noble, and bespeaks a nation proud And jealous of the blessing. Spread it then, And let it circulate through every vein Of all your empire ; that, where Britain's power Is felt, mankind may feel her mercy too.
Página 5 - Year, and also upon what Point of the Compass. Rectify the globe for the latitude of the place you are in ; bring the...
Página 77 - ... the northern exceedingly bad and desert. It is divided into ten districts, which are called the ten circles of the Empire. The Emperor is head, but not master of the Empire ; for he can do but little without the consent of the electors, princes, and imperial free towns ; which altogether, form what is called the Diet of the Empire, that assembles in the town of Ratisbon. There are nine electors, which are : the Electors of Mentz, Treves, Cologne, Bohemia, Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg, Palatine,...
Página 6 - ... circumference of a circle intercepted by two lines drawn from its centre, may be regarded as the measure of the angle or inclination of those lines, and therefore the arc of the circumference may be regarded as the measure of angular magnitude. For this purpose the circumference of the circle is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees, and each of those degrees is divided into 60 equal parts called minutes, and each minute into CO equal parts called seconds ; and so on, to...
Página 6 - PROBLEM X. — To find the Length of the Day and Night at any Time of the Year.
Página 142 - Theiss, and the Drave. The chief mountains are, the Carpathian, between Hungary and Poland. Hungary is a very cheap country, the land being infinitely fertile, and in some places producing the most esteemed grapes in Europe. It is beautified with lakes, the windings of the Danube, and many streams which flow into that fine river. In the woods of Hungary are bred a race of horses, the most active, hardy, and spirited, for their size, in the world ; the hussars, or light dragoons, of the Austrian army,...
Página 199 - Hebrews, whom he enlightened by revelations delivered by the prophets, and to whom he gave the oracles of truth. It was here that the great and merciful work of our redemption was accomplished by His divine son ; and it was from hence that the light of his glorious gospel was carried with amazing rapidity into all the known nations, by His disciples and followers.
Página 117 - Poland was dismembered by the emperor of Germany, the empress of Russia, and king of Prussia, who seized the most valuable territories in 1772. It was finally partitioned, and its political existence annihilated, by the above...
Página 109 - Gessler perceiving that he had another arrow concealed under his cloak, asked him, for what purpose ? to which he boldly replied, " To have shot you to the heart, if I had had the

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