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His power and grace
Are still the same;
And let his naine
Have endless praise.

Hymnto be sung at the Consecration of a Lodge.

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Here thy light and love prevail.
Hail! Almighty Master, hail!.
Whilst in yonder regions bright,
The sun by day, the moon by night,
And the stars that gild the sky,
Blazon forth thy praise or high.
Join, 0 earth! and as you roll,
From east to west, from pole to pole,
Lift to Heaven your grateful lays,
Join the universal praise.
Warm’d by thy benignant grace,
Sweet Friendship link'd the human race;
Pity lodg'd within her breast,
Charity became her guest.
There the naked, raiment found;
Sickness, balsam for its wound;
Sorrow, comfort, hunger, bread,
Strangers there a welcome shed.
Still to us, O God dispense
Thy divine benevolence.
Teach the tender tear to flow,
Melting at a brother's woe,
Like Samaria's son, that we,
Blest with boundless charity,
To th' admiring world may prove
They dwell in God who dwell in love.


This tune



to the Mark Master's song, page 214.

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Poor pilgrims begging we
Will our Jerus'lem see,
All steps, sir Knights, have ye

Glor'ously pass’d.

Enter'd, pass'd, rais'd, and arch'd
And then like princes march'd

Through rugged ways;
At length great lights we view,
And poor old Simon too,
Also the word so true,

Glory and praise.

God in his rainbow gave
Colours which now we have,

Black, red, and blue.
These colours emblems are
of royal love most rare,
We are in souls sincere,

Just, good, and true.

Sir Knights, clasp hand in hand,
None but Knight Templars stand

In circle round.
May we all live in love,
And ev'ry comfort prove,
May manna from above

Fall on this ground.


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