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Nor we less fam'd for ev'ry tie,

By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth, and friendship, and friendship socially,
Join all our hearts and hands around.

Hail! mysterious, &c.

Our actions still by virtue blest,

And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring, admiring shall request,
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.

Hail! mysterious, &c.

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To be sung at the Consecration of a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

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Thill be

The shining worlds above
In glorious order stand,
Or in swist courses move,
By his supreme command.

He spake the word,
And all their frame
From nothing came

To praise the Lord.
His power and lifted rod
Cleft the Red-sea in two,
And for his people made
A wond'rous passage through.

In diff'rent ways
His works proclaim
His wondrous name,

And speak his praise.
Give thanks aloud to God,
To God the heavn’ly king;
And let the spacious earth
His works and glories sing.

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