Western Medical Review, Volumen 19,Número 10

Western Medical Review Company, 1914

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Página 487 - Any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment, or appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of disease or injury, or who shall, by writing or printing, or any other method, publicly profess to cure or treat diseases, injury, or deformity by any drug, nostrum, manipulation or other expedient, shall pay a license of one hundred dollars a month, to be collected in the usual way.
Página 487 - ... fifth, all advertising of medical business in which untruthful and improbable statements are made; sixth, all advertising of any medicines or of any means whereby the monthly periods of women can be regulated, or the menses re-established if suppressed; seventh, conviction of any offense involving moral turpitude; eighth, habitual intemperance.
Página 486 - ... who shall engage in the practice of medicine, surgery or obstetrics, or any of the branches thereof in this state, shall...
Página 553 - Pronounced by the US Internal Revenue Department a PURE MALT PRODUCT and not an Alcoholic Beverage Sold by all druggists Anheuser-Busch -:Si Louis Visitors to St.
Página 536 - SPECIAL ANESTHESIA SUPPLEMENT. Recent years have been marked by some important contributions to the theory, and especially to the practice, of surgical anesthesia, but there has lacked what is now quite needed for the further scientific development of this alongside the other departments of surgery — a journalistic medium and editorial mouthpiece. The American Journal of Surgery will be expanded to meet this need. Beginning with the October issue and quarterly thereafter, this journal will publish...
Página 487 - ... like or different name; the conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude; habitual intemperance in the use of ardent spirits, narcotics or stimulants to such an extent as to incapacitate him...
Página 554 - Is made of the same material and possesses the same merits as the Empire Elastic Bandage and...
Página iv - Physicians will find the Polyclinic an excellent means for posting themselves upon modern progress in all branches of medicine and surgery. The specialties are fully taught, including laboratory work. For further information address New Orleans Polyclinic, Postoffice box 797, New Orleans, La. SANDER & SONS EUCALPTOL (pure volatile Eucalypti Extract) In an article on inhalations of Eucalpytus in Diphtheria, by Prof.
Página 474 - Auto-Intoxication, and to Its highly Important property of cleansing the entire alimentary tract, thereby eliminating and preventing the absorption of Irritating toxins and relieving the conditions arising from indiscretion in eating and drinking.

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