Studies on slavery, in easy lessons: Compiled into eight studies, and subdivided into short lessons for the convenience of readers

J. Warner, 1852 - 637 páginas

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Relation of guardian and ward a Divine institution 83 to
Slavery the school of adveraity to reclaim wicked nations and individuals
Barness examination of the Scripture argument on slavery and the scriptural
The interest of the master and the direct laws of God against the abuses
Distribution by the Hebrews of captives taken in battle 122 123 Greek cus
Legend of Antioch Margarita and the Roman Praefect Olybius 128 to 133
Authorities to prove African degradation continued 155 to 158 slavery
The assertion of Barnes that a slave bought with money had compensa
Authorities quoted by Barnes 169 numerous quotations from Barnes
Works of Rev Dr Channinghis opinion that the worst errors may arise from
Lesson ILLExamination of Channings seven arguments continued 183 to
That slavery disease and death are necessary effects of sin proved by
Channings position that the debasement of African slavery arises from
Channings views of slavery as conducive to licentiousness and unrestrained
Channings views of the scriptural argument in favour of slavery over
The seal of abolitionism not according to knowledge 235 236 Channings
Gods government of the universe and bis declaration of the right
Hams intermarriage with the race of Cain the cause of his doom and that
Extracts from Bower 256 the Treuga Dei 257258 Bishop England quoted
Liberty of less value than life 270 the Divine grant to hold slaves
The invasion of Attila and the Pontiff Leos successful intercession
Church rescripts for the freedom of slaves and St Augustins mode
Bishop Englands account of slavery in England and Ireland in remote
Constantinos edict that none but Christians could hold slaves 212 213
Justinians law to protect debtora against slavery 323 Gregorys letters
Intellect correspondent to organization 403 inquiry into the nature of
The golden rulo considered in relation to slavery 413 to
The feebleness of finite conceptions of infinity 428 429 hope for the sub
Lesson TTT The mark upon Cain Mohammedan traditions 437 438 prooftexts from
Proofs that the descendants of Ham inherited the curse of Cain and were
Signification of the name Naamah in Hebrew and Arabic 451 to
The names and derivatives of the words Cain and Naamah found only among
Proofs scriptural and historical that the descendants of Ham were black
Scriptural testimony respecting the colour of the races of the human
Derivation and train of thought connected with the word Ham in
Hebrew Syriac Greek and Coptic derivations of the word Ham 495 to
Critical examination into the meaning of the Greek word iroXof dovlos slare
The meaning of lovXof as used by the Greek poets 510 Valckenaerus
Extracts from Grecian historians philosophera and poets showing the classi
The use of the word AmXot by Thucydides Herodotus and Xenophon 636
Lesson VLT Extracts from Xenophons Cyropoedia 549 to
Extracts from Herodotus of Halicamassus 554 to 658
Paul on slave stealing 569 to
Use of the word lovXo by Paul Peter Matthew Mark Luke and John 678
Examples of the Hebrew word meaning slave both as a noun and a verb
Refutation of the assertion that the root of the Hebrew word meaning slavr
The nse of the Hebrew word meaning slave in the book of Genesis and
Argument that the injunctions of the Bible upon Gods ancient people
Declension of the Hebrew noun meaning slave and the conjugation

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