The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift...

W. Durell & Company, 1813

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Página 162 - I think what I said to Mr. Secretary was right. Dou't you remember how I used to be in pain when Sir William Temple would look cold and out of humour for three or four days, and I used to suspect a hundred reasons ? I have plucked up> my spirit since then, faith ; he spoiled a fine gentleman.
Página 248 - The queen was abroad to-day in order to hunt, but finding it disposed to rain, she kept in her coach; she hunts in a chaise with one horse, which she drives herself, and drives furiously, like Jehu, and is a mighty hunter, like Nimrod.
Página 131 - We are plagued here with an October Club ; that is, a set of above a hundred Parliamentmen of the country, who drink October beer at home, and meet every evening at a tavern near the Parliament, to consult affairs, and drive things on to extremes against the Whigs, to call the old ministry to account, and get off five or six heads.
Página 15 - They may talk of the you know what ;* but, gad, if it had not been for that, I should never have been able to get the access I have had ; and if that helps me to succeed, then that same thing will be serviceable to the church...
Página 103 - I called at the coffeehouse, where I had not been in a week, and talked coldly a while with Mr. Addison; all our friendship and dearness are off: we are civil acquaintance, talk words of course, of when we shall meet, and that's all.
Página 227 - Peterborow yet. The duke of Shrewsbury is almost well again, and will be abroad in a day or two: what care you? There it is now; you don't care for my friends. Farewell, my dearest lives, and delights, I love you better than ever, if possible, as hope saved, I do, and ever will. God Almighty bless you ever, and make us happy together; I pray for this twice every day; and I hope God will hear my | poor hearty prayers.
Página 151 - And now they begin to catch the pikes, and will shortly the trouts (pox on these ministers,) and I would fain know whether the floods were ever so high as to get over the holly bank or the river walk; if so, then all my pikes are gone ; but I hope not.
Página 72 - I believe Addison hindered him out of mere spite, being grated to the soul to think he should ever want my help to save his friend ; yet now he is soliciting me to make another of his friends queen's secretary at Geneva ; and I will do it if I can, it is poor Pastoral Philips.
Página 118 - Steele never came. Harrison, whom Mr. Addison recommended to me, I have introduced to the secretary of state, who has promised me to take care of him ; and I have represented Addison himself so to the ministry, that they think and talk in his favour, though they hated him before. — — Well ; he is now in my debt, and there is an end ; and I never had the least obligation to him, and there is another end.
Página 198 - My way is this : I leave my best gown and periwig at Mrs. Vanhomrigh's, then walk up the Pall Mall, through the Park, out at Buckingham House, and so to Chelsea, a little beyond the church...

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