The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft: The native races. 1883-1886

History Company, 1886

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Página 308 - The nations who inhabit this fertile neighbourhood are very numerous. The Wappatoo inlet extends three hundred yards wide, for ten or twelve miles to the south, as far as the hills near which it receives the waters of a small creek whose sources are not far from those of the Killamuck river. On that creek resides the Clackstar...
Página 121 - They take their names in the first instance from their dogs. A young man is the father of a certain dog but when he is married and has a son he styles himself the father of the boy. The women have a habit of reproving the dogs very tenderly when they observe them fighting: "Are you not ashamed," say they, "are you not ashamed to quarrel with your little brother?
Página 547 - when a young man sees a girl whom he desires for a wife, he first endeavors to gain the good-will of the parents; this accomplished, he proceeds to serenade his lady-love, and will often sit for hours, day after day, near her home, playing on his flute.
Página 160 - It is generally made of the bark of the cedar tree, which they prepare as fine as hemp; though some of these garments are interwoven with strips of the sea-otter skin, which give them the appearance of a fur on one side. Others have stripes of red and yellow threads fancifully introduced toward the borders, which have a very agreeable effect.
Página 227 - A flat, retreating brow seems to white men to spoil what would otherwise be a pretty face ; but " the Chinook ideal of facial beauty is a straight line from the end of the nose to the crown of the head."* A little snub-nose may embitter the life of a European girl ; but the Australian natives " laugh at the sharp noses of Europeans, and call them in their language
Página 549 - When the performers first appeared, all of whom were men, they came in a line, slowly walking, and bending and stooping as they approached. They were dressed in a kirt of blanket, the upper portion of their bodies being naked, and painted dark red.
Página 127 - the Indians of the Rocky Mountains burn with the deceased all his effects, and even those of his nearest relatives, so that it not unfrequently happens that a family is reduced to absolute starvation'; and, of the Bagos above named, Caillie' says, ' The family of the deceased, who are ruined by this act of superstition [burning his property], are supported through the next harvest by the inhabitants of the village.
Página 423 - Oregon, p. 331. their clothing being made from the skins of larger game, and ornamented with beads, shells, fringes, feathers, and since their acquaintance with the whites, with pieces of brilliant-colored cloth.
Página 737 - the manner of obtaining this guardian was to proceed to some secluded spot and offer up a sacrifice : with the beast or bird which thereupon appeared, in dream or in reality, a compact for life was made, by drawing blood from various parts of the body.
Página 548 - Pimas get drunk once a year, the revelry continuing for a week or two at a time; but it is also a universal custom with them to take regular turns, so that only one third of the party is supposed to indulge at one time, the remainder being...

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