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Thc« thy God ordains to bless
The widow and the fatherless.

5 When thine olive plants increasing',
Pour their plenty o'er thy plain,

Grateful thou shalt take the blessing,
But not search the how again.
Chorus. These, kc.

6 When thy favour'd vintage flowing, Gladdens'thy autumnal scene,

Own the hounteous hand bestowing,
Bui thy vine■, the poor shall glean.
Chorus. These, i.c.

7 Still we read thy word declaring
Mercy, Lord, thine own decree;

Mercy, every sorrow sharing,

Warms the heart resembling thee.

8 Still the orphan and the stranger,
Still the widow owns thy care,

Screen'd hy thee in every danger',
Heard hy thee in every prayer.

Halluujah. Amen.


At the Ordination or Institution of a Minister.

flATHER of mercies! in thy house 1 We pay our homage and our vows; Whilst with a grateful heart we share These pledges of our Saviour's care.

2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose, In splendid triumph o'er his foes, Scatter'd his gifts on men below,

And wide his royal hounties flow.

3 Hence sprang the Apostle's honour'd

name, /

Sacred beyond heroic fame;
H erce dictates the prophetic sage,
And hence the evangelic page.

4 In lower forms, to bless our eyes, Pastors from hence and Teachers rise; Who, though with feebler rays they

shine, Slid mark a long extended line.

.5 From Christ their varied gifts derrn,
And, fed hy him, their graces Kve;
Whilst guarded hy his potent hand,
Amidst the rage of hell they stand.
S So shall the bright succession nut,
Through all the courses of the sun;
Whilst unhorn churches, hy their car*,
Shall rise and flourish large and fair.
7 Jesus, our Lord, their beans shall

know The spring whence all these blessingi

flow; Pastors and people shout his praise, Through the long round of endlesb d*/t


Prayer for Minister*.

FATHER of mercies! how thine ear, Attentive to our earnest prayer; We plead for those who plead for thee, Successful pleaders may they be!

2 How great their work, how vast their

charge! Do thou their anxious souls enlarge; Their best acquirements are our pain, We share the blessings they ohtain.

3 Clothe, then, with energy divine, Their words, and let those words he

thine; To them thy sacred truth reveal, Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal.'

4 Teach ihem to sow the precious seed, Teach them thy chosen flock to feed; Teach them immortal souls to gainSouls that will well reward their rain*

5 Let thronging multitudes around, Hear from their lips the joyful sound > In humble strains thy grace implore, And feel thy new-creating power.

6 Let sinners break their massy chains. Distressed souls forget their pains; Let light through distant realms be

spread, And Zion rear her drooping bead.

■3 Wht never the f/ymni ure uii ■' at the celebration of divine service, a certain portion er ertwnt uf the Psalm* of Dai-id in metre shall alto be Htng.

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Page Ag^inrt atl those that strive wil h me 18 An pants the hart for cooling streams 22 At length, hy certain proofs, 'tis

plain 37

Behold, O God, how heathen hosts 42 Bless God, my soul; thou Lord,alone 64 Bless God, ye servants, that attend 7S Defend me, Lord, from shame 16

Deliver me, O Lord, my God 30

Do thou, OGod, in mercy help 29

For evcrbless'd be God the Lord 77 For thee, 0 God, our constant praise 32 From lowest depths of woe 72

From my youth up, may Israel say 72 Uive ear, thou Judge of all the earth 28 God in the great assembly stands 44 Sod is our refuge in distress 25

: r e ixi's temple crowns the holy mount 46 flad not the Lord, may Israel say 71 fappy the man whose tender care 22 iave mercy, Lord, on me 27

Hear, O my people, to my law 40

■Ir's blest wnose sins have pardon

gain'd 16

(.- that has God his guardian made 49 lold not thy peace, u Lord our God 44 low blest are they, who always keep 64 low blest Is he, who ne'er consents 3 low good and pleasant must It be 49 low long wll i thou forget me, Lord 7 low many, Lord, of late are grown 3 low vast must their advantage be 73 '11 celebrate thy praises, Lord 15

n deep distress I oft have cry'dV 70 Ii Judah the Almighty's known 39

n thee I put my steadfast trust 36

n vain, O man of lawless might 27 waited meekly for the Lord 21

ehovah reigns, let all the earth 61 eltovah reigns; let therefore all 62 udge me, O Lord, for 1 the paths 14 ust Judge of heaven, against my foe* 23

et all the just to God, with joy 17

et ail the listening world attend 26 ft ail the lands, with shouts of joy 33 et David, Lord, a constant place 72 i-t God, the God of hattle rise 33

ird, hear the voice of my complaint 4 irii, hear my cry, regard my prayer 31 agf, hear soy prayer, and to my cry 76

Pape Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 32 Lord, let thy just decrees the king 36 Lord, not to us, we claim no share 62 Lord, save me, for thy glorious name 28 Lord, thou hnst granted to thy land 46 Lord, who's the happv man that may 8 My crafty foe, with flattering art 19 My God, my God, why leav'st thou

me 12

My soul for help on God relies 31

My soul, inspired with sacred love 63 My soul with grateful thoughts of

love *J2

No change of time shall ever shock 9 O all ye people, clap your hands 25

0 come, loud anthems let its sing 50 Of mercy's never-failing spring 52

O God, who hast our troops dis[iersed 30 O God, my pracious God, to thgc 31 O God, my heart is fully bent ,,■60

O God, whose former mercies make 60 O God of hosts, the mighty Lord 45 O God, to whom revenge belongs 60 O Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's Guide 43 0 Lord, thou art my righteous Judge 4 O Lord, my God, since I have placed 4 0 Lord, my rock, to Jhee I cry 15

O Lord, our fathers oft have told 23 O Lord, to my relief draw near 36

O Lord, the Saviour and defence 48 O Lord, I am not proud of heart 72 On thee, who dwell'st ahove the skies■ 71 O praise the Lord, for he is gtxxi 63

O praise the Lord, with one consent 73 O praise the Lord, and thou, my soul 78 0 praise the Lord with hymns of joy 78 O praise ye the Lord 79

O praise the Lord in that blest place 80 O render thanks, and bless the Lord 65 O render thanks to God ahove 56

ii 'twas a joyful sound to hear 70

O thou, to whom all creatures how 5 Praise ye the Lord; our God to

praise 61

Preserve me. Lord, from crafty foes 75 Protect me from my cruel foes H

Uesolved to watch o'er all my ways 21 Save me, O God, from waves that

roll 35

Since I have placed my trust in God 7 Since godly men decay, O Lord f Page Page

Sing to the Lord a new-made song 51 Sing to the Lord a new-made song 52 Speak, 0 ye judges of the earth 29

Sure wicked fools must needs suppose 7 That man is blest who stands in awe * I Theelwill bles9,my God and King 77 The heavens declare thy glory, Lord 10 The king, O Lord, with songs of

praise 11

The Lord hath spoke, the mighty

God 26

The Lord himself, the mighty Lord 13 The Lord, the only God, is great 25

The Lord to thy request attend 11

The Lord unto my Lord thus spake 60 The man is blest that fears the Lord 71 The spacious earth is all the Lord's 13 The wicked fools must sure suppose Through all the changing scenes

of life Though wicked men grow rich ..or

great Thou, Lord, hy strictest search hast

known Thy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain Thy dreadful anger, Lord, restrain Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my song 47 Thy presence why withdraw'st thou,

Lord 6

To bless thy chosen race 33

To celebrate thy praise, O Lord 5

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To God, in whom I trust
To God I cry'd, who to my help
To God, our never failing strength
To God your grateful voices raise
To God the mighty Lord
To God, with mournful voice
To my complaint, O Lord my God
To my just plea and sad complaint
To Sion's hill I lift my eyes
To thee, my God and Saviour, I
To thee, O God, we render praise
To thee, 0 Lord, my cries ascend
We build with fruitless cost, unless
When I pour out my soul in prayer
When Israel, hy th' Almighty led
When Sion's God ber sonsrecalTd
When we, our weary limbs to rest
Who place on Sion's God their trust 71
While I the King's loud praise re-
hearse 24
Whom should I fear, since God

to me 14

Why hast thou cast us off, O God 38 With cheerful notes let all the earth 6ft With glory clad, with strength ar

ray'd 50

With my whole heart, my God and . King * 74

With restless and ungovern'tt rage t With one consent let all the earth 52 Ye houndless realms of joy 79

Ye princes, that in might excel 1a

Ye saints and servants of the Lord 61

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Ala*, what hourly dangers rise )■;■.'

All-glorious God, what hymns of

And ore we now brought near to

Awake, my soul, and with the sun
Before Jehovah s awful throne
Christ from the dead is rais'd, and


Come, Holy Ghost! Creator, come 82
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove 82
Come, Lord, and warm each lan-
guid heart 89
Come, we that love the Lord 90
Eternal source of every joy
Far from my thoughts, vain world,

be gone
Father of mercies! in thy word
Father of mercies! in thy house 94
Father of mercies! how thine ear 94
From whence these direfal omens

round 81

God of the seas! thine ?wful voice 85 Go forth, ye heralds, in my name 87, Go preach my Gospel, saith the

Lord i 87

Glory to thee, ray God, this night 91 Hark the glad sound, the Saviour

comes 87

Bark! from the tombs, a mournful

sound 93

Hear what the voice from heaven

declares 86

He's come! let every knee be bent 82 He dies! the Friend of sinners dies 88 How beauteous are their feet 87

How oft. alas! this wretched heart 88

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How long, thou faithful God, shall I 89 How helpless guilty nature lies 89

How long shall earth's alluring toys 90 Life is the time to serve the Lord 90 Lord! for the just thou dost provide 85 Lord of life, all praise excelling 93

My God, and is thy table spread 82

My God, since thou hast raised me

up Now may the God of grace and

power 85

O that my load of sin were gone 89 O thou that hear'st when sinners cry 88 Our Lord is risen from the dead 88

Salvation doth to God belong 85

Since Christ our Passover is slain 81 Should nature's charms- to please

the eye . 95

The God of life, whose constant care 83 The Lord my pasture shall prepare 84 The spacious firmament on hign 84 Thou, God, all glory, honour, power 82 To our Redeemer's glorious name 92 To Jesus, our exalted Lord 92

Welcome, sweet day of rest 92

When all thy mercies, O my God 84 When dangers, woes, or death are

nigh 85

When, rising from the bed of death 83
When we are raised from deep dis-
tress 86
When I can read my title clear 90
While angels thus, O Lord, rejoice 81
While shepherds watch'd their

flocks by night
Te bumble souls, approach your

God 91

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And in my stead, all the night long,

Sing to my God a grateful song.

3 Praise God, from whom all hlessings

Praise him, all creatures here helow;

Praise him ahove, ye angelic host;

Praise hather, Son, and Holy Ghost.
'Paraphrase of the 100M Psalm.
K FORE Jehovah's awful throne,
'Ye nations, how with sacred joy;

Know that ihe Lord is God alone;

He can create, and he destroy.

2 His sov'reign power, without our aid.
Made us of clay, and form'd us men;
And when, like wand'ring sheep, we

He hrought us to his fold again.

3 We are hjs people, we his care,'
Our souls, and all our mortal frame;
What lasting honours shall we rear,
Almighty Maker, to thy name?

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful

High as the heaven our voices raise;
And earth, with her ten thousand

Shall nil thy courts with sounding

A Wide as the world is thy command,
Vast as eternity thy love;
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.
Praise to the Redeemer.
11 TO our Redeemer's glorious name
M. Awake the sacred song!
O may his love (immortal name!)
Tune every heart and tongue.

2 His love, what mortal thought can

What mortal tongue display?
Imagination's utmost stretch
In wonder dies away.

3 He left his radiant throne on high,
Left the hright realms of hliss,

And came to earth to hleed and die!
Was ever love like this?

4 Dear Lord, while we adoring pay
Our humhle thanks to thee;

May every heart with rapture say,

'The Saviour died for me.'
* O may the sweet, the hlissful theme

Fill every heart and tongue;
Till strangers love thy charming name,
And join the sucred song.
Communion with Christ.
»T!0 Jesus, our exalted Lord,
X That name, In hvaven m
(j' adored,

'and earth

Fain would our heart! and voices nu»
A cheerful song of sacred praise,

2 But all the notes which mortals knov.
Are weak, and languishing, and low,
Far, far ahove our humhle songs,
The theme demands immortal tongue

3 Yet whilst around his hoard we me,'
And worship at his sacred feet;
0 let our warm affections move,
In glad returns of grateful love.

4 Yes, Lord, we love, and we adore,
But long to know and love thee more;
And whilst we taste the hread and wine,
Desire to feed on joys divine.

5 Let faith our feehle senses aid,
To see thy wondrous love display'd;
Thy hroken flesh, thy hleeding veins,
Thy dreadful agonizing pains.
tS Let humhle penitential woe,
With painful pleasing anguish thw;
And thy forgiving love impart,
Life, hope, and joy to every heart,

The LoroVt Day.

WELCOME, sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving1 hreast,
Aud these rejoicing eyes.

2 The King himself comes near
To feast his saints to-day;

Here we may sit, and see him here,
And tove, and praise, and pray.

3 One day amidst the place
Where Jesus is within,

Is hetter than ten thousand days
Of pleasure and of sin.

4 My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,

Till it is call'd to soar away
To everlasting hliss.


Preparations for religious Worship

FAR from my thoughts, vain world.
he gone,
Let my religious hours alone;
From flesh and sense I would he free.
And hold communion, Lord, with thct,

2 My heart grows warm with holy fira,
And kindles with a pure desire,
To see thy grace, to taste thy love,
And feel thine influence from ahove.

3 When 1 can say that God is mine,
When I can see thy glories shine,
I tread the world heneath my feet,'
And all that men call rich and great
•i Send comfort down from thy rijii

To cheer me in this harren land;
And In thy temple let me know
The joys that from thy pretence Am ,

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