Travels Through the Crimea, Turkey, and Egypt: Performed During the Years 1825-1828 : Including Particulars of the Last Illness and Death of the Emperor Alexander, and of the Russian Conspiracy in 1825, Volumen 1

H. Colburn & R. Bentley, 1830

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Página xii - Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise (That last infirmity of noble mind) To scorn delights, and live laborious days : But the fair guerdon when we hope to find, And think to burst out into sudden blaze, Comes the blind Fury with the abhorred shears And slits the thin-spun life. But not the praise...
Página cliv - Stemmed the wild torrent of a barbarous age, And drove those holy vandals off the stage.
Página clxix - par son heroisme, a concouru au triomphe de la cause du genre humain, glorieusement decidee par l'6clatant victoire du dit jour.
Página xvi - Let him not despair ; if he have the will, the right will, then the power also has not been denied him. It is but the artichoke that will not grow except in gardens. The acorn is cast carelessly abroad into the wilderness, yet it rises to be an oak ; on the wild soil it nourishes itself, it defies the tempest, and lives for a thousand years.
Página cxiii - Sir,' said the old man with animation, and with tears in his eyes, ' God blessed me with a son, who, had he been spared, would have been an honour to his country ! As it is, I beg of Mr Heber, in any publication he may intend, to think more of his memory than my wants.
Página xiii - ... one, among the learned. It is true, the bitter feeling of debasement, of deficiency in education and external polish, the consciousness of awkwardness in social life, incessantly accompanied me. But my chief strength lay in a certain defiance of Fate. This gave me courage not to yield; everywhere to try to the uttermost whether I was doomed without remedy never to rise from this degradation.
Página clxxxvi - Prussia, or whatever power happens to preponderate in Germany : thus, at present, there is a garrison of ten thousand Prussians in its capital, who, it is true, are there agreeably to the terms of the peace, and under pretence of protecting the general interests of Germany. But, in this way, all German states are kept in subjection.
Página 18 - ... loud as they were able. The Hungarian barons are known to possess the spirit of liberty ; but, as the history of their Diet will prove, that spirit is wasted in useless turbulence. They have done nothing, they can do nothing, against the strong holds of tyranny, more than an ill-directed force, however brave, can effect towards storming a well-defended citadel.
Página ccviii - His hair, which is grey, leaves bare a large forehead, which, however, retires a little, though not more than a craniologist might excuse. His eyebrows are large, and his mouth something 'precise. A face altogether not remarkable. So different are people's ideas on the subject of dress, that this gentleman, a professor of Sanscrit, a dignitary who, in most countries, conceals himself under a solemn suit of sables, was arrayed in a blue coat, a Chinese looking, gay kind of vest, and nankeen trowsers.

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