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49. Few Books animated by Genius: the great delight

of such as possess it.

“ Emptis quod libris tibi bibliotheca referta est,

Doctum et grammaticum te, Philomuse, putas ?Mart.

50. Original Poems by Mr. Capel Lofft.

“ Jam senior, sed cruda viridisque senectus.” Virg.

“ Song soothes our pains, and age has pains to soothe."


51. Greek Ode on Eton, by Mr. Capel Lofft.

“ Where once my careless childhood stray'd,

A stranger yet to pain.”

52. The difficulty of a genuine transcript of the opera-

rations of the mind greater than those, who have

not made the attempt, suppose.

“ It is always pleasing to observe, how much more our minds

can conceive, than our bodies can perform.” Fohnson.
53. Fugitive Poety.

« There stern religion quench'd th' unwilling flame;

There died the best of passions, love and fame.” Pope.

54. Armorial Bearings on the shields of the Grecian

Chiefs, as described by Æschylus.

« Εσχηματισται δ'άλπις & σμικρον τροπον. Æschyl.


61. On Birth

« Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis;

Est in juvencis, est in equis patrum


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68. An account of Quarles's Emblems, with Specimens.

“ Dulcia sunt, pura sunt, elegantia sunt, sed non sine nervis.

Sententiæ vero tales ut etiam ad usum civilis vitæ con-


Scaligeri de Alciati Emblematis.

69. On false Honour.

“ Falsus honor juvat

Quem nisi mendosum et mendacem?”

70. On the Translations of Homer, ly Pope and Cow-


si modo ego et vos

Scimus in urbanum lepido seponere dicto,

Legitimumque sonnm digitis callemus et aure.” Hor.
71. A Latin Translation of Gray's Elegy, by Anstey.

“ Nec verbum verbo curabis reddere fidus

Interpres : nec desilies imitator in arctum.” Hor.

72. Bishop Warburton's Characters of the Historians of

the Civil Wars.

“ Bella plusquam civilia.”.

73. On Seclusion, amid magnificent Scenery.

“ These are the haunts of meditation, these
The scenes,

where antient bards th'expiring breath
Extatic felt; and from this world retir'd
Convers’d with angels.”


74. On the Love of Retirement expressed by great Men;

and on some Traits in the Character of Algernon


" The statesman, lawyer, merchant, man of trade,

Pants for the refuge of some rural shade,
Where all his long anxieties forgot,
Amid the charms of a sequester'd spot,

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