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And then they stared each others? faces round:

'Tis odd, not one of all these seekers thought,
And seems to me almost a sort of blunder,
Of looking in the bed as well as under.

During this inquisition Julia's tongue

Was not asleep— « Yes, search and search, » she cried, « Iosult on insult heap, and wrong on wrong!

« It was for this that I became a bride! « For this in silence I have sufler'd long

i A husband like Alfonso at my side ; « But now I'll bear no more, nor bere remaia , « If there be law, or lawyers, in all Spain.


« If ever you

Yes, Don Alfonso ! husband now no more,

indeed deserved the name, « Is't worthy of your years ?-you have threescore,

« Fifty, or sixty-it is all the same« Is't wise or fitting causeless to explore

« For facts against a virtuous wonau's fame? « Ungrateful, perjurcd, barbarous Don Alfonso, « How dare

think your lady would go on so?

« Is it for this I have disdain'd to hold

« The common privileges of ? « That I have chosen a confessor so old

« And deaf, that any other it would vex, « And never once he has had cause to scold,

« But found my very innocence perplex

So much, he alwavs doubted I was married « How sorry you will be when I've miscarried!

my sex


« Was it for this that no cortejo cre

u I yet have choseu from out the youth of Seville ? « Is it for this I scarce went any where,

« Except to bull-fights, mass, play, rout, and revel? « Is it for this, whate'er my suitors were,

« 1 favour'd none-nay, was almost uncivil ? « Is it for this that General Count O'Reilly, « Who took Algiers, declares I used him vilely6 ?

CXLIX. « Did not the Italian Musico Cazzani

Sing at my heart six months at least in vain ? « Did not his countryman, Count Corniani,

« Call me the only virtuous wife in Spain ? « Were there not also Russians, English, many ?

« The Count Strongstroganoff I put in pain, « And Lord Mount Coffeehouse, the Irish peer, Who kill'd himself for love ( with wine) last year.

CL. « Have I not had two bishops at my feet ?

« The Duke of Ichar, and Don Fernan Nunez, « And is it thus a faithful wife you treat ?

« I wonder in what quarter now the moon is : u I praise your vast forbearance not to beat

« Me also, since the time so opportune is Oh, valiant man! with sword drawn and cock'd trigger, « Now, tell me, don't you cut a pretty figure ?

CLI. « Was it for this


your sudden journey,
, Under pretence of business indispensible
« With that sublime of rascals your attorney,

“ Whom I see standing there, and looking sensible

« Of having play'd the fool ? though both I spurn, he

« Deserves the worst, his conduct's less defensible,

Because, no doubt, 'twas for his dirty fee, a And not from any love to you nor me.


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« If he comes here to take a deposition,

By all means let the gentleman proceed ;
« You've made the apartment in a fit condition :-

and ink for


sir, when you need « Let every thing be noted with precision,

« I would not you for nothing should be feed« But as my maid's undrest, pray turn your spies out. " « Oh! » sobb’d Antonia, « I could tear their eyes out.”



There is the closet, there the toilet, there

« The anti-chamber-search them under, over : « There is the sofa, there the great arm-chair,

« The chimney-which would really hold a lover.
I wish to sleep, and beg you will take care
« And make no further noise, till


discover « The secret cavern of this lurking treasure« And when 'tis found, let me, too, have that pleasure.


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And now, Hidalgo ! now that

you have throul
« Doubt upon me, confusion over all,
Pray have the courtesy to make it known

« Who is the man you search for ? how d'ye call « Him ? what's his lineage? let him but be shown« I hope he's young and handsome-is he tall ? -and be assured, that since


stain My honour thus, it shall not be in vain.

Tell me


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upon us with

CLV. « At least, perhaps, he has not sixty years,

« At that age he would be too old for slaughter, « Or for so young a husband's jealous fears

(Antonia ! let me have a glass of water.) « I am ashamed of having shed these tears,

They are unworthy of my father's daughter ;
My mother dream'd not in my natal hour
That I should fall into a monster's


Perhaps ʼtis of Antonia you are jealous,
« You saw that she was sleeping by my side

broke in


fellows : « Look where you please_we've nothing, sir, to hide ;, « Only another time, I trust, you'll tell us,

« Or for the sake of decency abide * A moment at the door, that we may be « Drest to receive so much good company.

CLVII. a And now, sir, I have done, and say no more ;

« The little I have said may serve to show « The guileless heart in silence may grieve o'er « The wrongs to whose


it is slow in « I leave you to your conscience as before,

« 'Twill one day ask you why yon used me so ?
« God grant you feel not then the bitterest grief!
« (Antonia ! where's iny pocket-handkerchief?)

She ceased, and turn'd upon her pillow ; pale

She lay, her dark eyes flashing through their tears, Like skies that rain and lighten ; as a veil,

Wayed and o'ershading her wan chcek, appears

Hier streaming hair ; the black curls strive, but fail,

To hile the glossy shoulder, which uprears lis snow through all ;-her soft lips lie apart, Aud louder than her breathing beats her heart.


The Senhor Don Alfonso stood confused ;
Autovia busted round ihe rausao k'd

room, And, turning up her nose, with looks abused

ller master, and his nyimnidons, of whom Not ove, excep: the attorney, was amused ;

He, like Achates, faithful to the tomb,
So there were quarrels, cared not for the cause,
Knowing they must be settled by the laws.


With prying snub-nose, and small eyes, he stood,

Following Antonia's motions here and there,
With much suspicion in his attitude ;

For reputations he had little care ;
So that a suit or action were made good,

Small pity had he for the young and fair,
And ne'er believed in negatives, till these
Were proved by competent false witnesses.


But Don Alfonso stood with dowucast looks,

And, truth to say, he made a foolish figure , When, after searching in five hundred nouks,

And treating a young wife with so much rigour, He gain'd no point, except some self-rebukes,

Added to those his lady with such vigour Had pour'd upon him for the last half hour, Quick, thick, and heavy—as a thunder-shower.

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