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N issuing this New Shilling Edition of the WAVERLEY

Novels, the Publishers have been actuated by a desire to place these famous works of fiction within the reach of every educated person, and in doing so, they feel assured that no one can now complain of pecuniary inability to possess a complete edition of Scott's Novels.

It is hardly necessary to say that the publication of these Works at One Shilling per Volume has been effected by the repeal of the paper duty, which may thus be expected to disseminate literature where otherwise it could not have reached.

The Public are informed that all the Author's Introductions, Notes, and latest Corrections have been introduced into this edition, and that otherwise it is entire and complete. The publication of the series will take place on the ist of every month, and the whole will be completed in twenty-five Volumes.

EDINBURGH, Ist January 1862.

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