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Pub, in pamphlet
answered and the South vindicated,
1891 under title: The Britanniet


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Some Press Comment.

Mr. Oglesby has done the South a great service. He has not only undermined a slander, but has brought to the surface facts of which 999 persons out of every 1,000 are ignorant or forgetful. Any man or woman who loves the South can well afford to pay the price charged per copy.The Richmond (Pa.) Dispatch.

"Mr. Oglesby's vindication is ample. He has grouped together the remarkable deeds of Southern men in a way that is truly admirable. We could wish that a copy were in the hands of every Southern family and that every boy in the Southland would read it and find within its pages an incentive to emulate the example of some native of the South who has contributed to the happiness or advancement of mankind.” -The News and Observer (Raleigh, N. C.)

We cannot afford to permit sectional narrowness and malice to misrepresent the South to coming generations, which may be led astray by the persistent repetition of such audacious falsehoods as that in the Britannica. Fortunately this encyclopediac slander of the South has already been answered in å pamphlet by Mr. T. K. Oglesby, which should be in the library of every Southern family, and should be read by every Southern man and woman.”The Baltimorean (Baltimore, Md.)

“The Southern people are deeply indebted to Mr. T. K. Oglesby for a complete and masterly vindication of the South against the aspersions of the Encyclopedia Britannica-aspersions that are either the outcome of inexcusable ignorance or of inexplicable malice, or of both combined. Mr. Oglesby's book should be in the hands of every Southern man especially, and of every other man who values the truth of history."-The Index-Appeal (Petersburg, Va.)

"The article on American literature in the British Ency. clopedia is just now undergoing a severe handling from the Southern newspapers. There is one paragraph in particular

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