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Página 675 - Treaty concluded this day between His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Austria, and His Majesty the King of Prussia, for the establishment of an offensive and defensive alliance, a more intimate understanding with respect to the eventuality when an active advance of one of the High Contracting Parties may impose on the other the...
Página 155 - ... 1852, but to employ the time at his disposal, so "that the transition, whatever it might be, should be "effected without agitation or disturbance; for...
Página 64 - In the uncertainty which hovers over the future, a single fundamental idea seems to admit of a really practical application ; it is that the danger which may result from a catastrophe in Turkey will be much diminished if, in the event of its occurring, Russia and England have come to an understanding as to the course to be taken by them in common.
Página 75 - I beg you to believe), he may suddenly die upon our hands (nous rester sur les bras); we cannot resuscitate what is dead; if the Turkish Empire falls, it falls to rise no more; and I put it to you, therefore...
Página 50 - any dispute that might lead to conflict between ' two of the great Powers of Europe ; but when we ' reflect that the quarrel is for exclusive privileges in ' a spot near which the heavenly host proclaimed ' peace on earth and goodwill towards men — when we ' see rival Churches contending for mastery in the ' very place where Christ died for mankind — the ' thought of such a spectacle is melancholy indeed.
Página 74 - Well, in that empire there are several millions of Christians, whose interests I am called upon to watch over, while the right of doing so is secured to me by treaty. I may truly say, that I make a moderate and sparing use of my right, and I will freely confess that it is one which is attended with obligations occasionally very inconvenient ; but I cannot recede from the discharge of a distinct duty.
Página 74 - Stay, we have on our hands a sick man — a very "sick man; it will be, I tell you frankly, a great "misfortune if one of these days he should slip away "from us, especially before all necessary arrange"ments were made.
Página 267 - ... likely to give his soul a very harsh trial, and treat himself as a great criminal for faults too minute to be visible to the naked eyes of laymen. His friends lived in dread of his virtues as tending to make him whimsical and unstable, and the practical politicians, perceiving that he was not to be depended upon for party purposes, and was bent upon none but lofty objects, used to look upon him as dangerous — used to call him behind his back a good man — a good man in the worst sense of the...
Página 672 - ... which establish that the invitation addressed to the Cabinet of St. Petersburg to evacuate the MoldoWallachian provinces within a fixed time having remained unanswered, the state of war already declared between Russia and the Sublime Porte is in actual existence equally between Russia on the one side, and France and Great Britain on the other. This change which...
Página 92 - Empire is now in a position of peculiar danger. The accumulated grievances of Foreign Nations which the Porte is unable or unwilling to redress, the mal-administration of its own affairs, and the increasing weakness of executive Power in Turkey, have caused the Allies of the Porte latterly to assume a tone alike novel and alarming, and which, if persevered in, may lead to a general revolt among the Christian Subjects of the Porte, and prove fatal to the independence and integrity of the Empire, a...

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