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Bene't-College, Cambridge, its fine Canigou, one of the Pyrenean
library, 172.

mountains, visit to, 64.
Blacklock, the blind bard, poetic Cards, See Beard.
tribute to, 206.

Carlsruhe, visit to that city, 503.
Blagden, Mr., his case of abscess, Carnot, M., account of, 532.

Cart-horses, contrivance for re-
Blindness, See Heberden.

lieving, when thrown down,
Blind people, apparatus for teach- 366.
ing music to, 364.

Catbery, Mr., on fixing chalk.
Blood, venous and arterial, on the drawings, and on preparing
temperature of, 48.

transparent paper, 362.
Boccaccio, review of his works, Catholics of Ireland, Mr. Burke's

opinions respecting, 351-353.
Boggy land, improvement of, 358, Cayme, Messrs., their manufac-

ture of sail.cloth, 363.
Bonaparte, Napoleon, attachment Chalk, not to be found in this
to, in a Captain of his guard,, island farther north than the

East-riding of Yorkshire, 181.
Boot-makers, machine for, 366. Chalk-drawings, on a method of
Bowler, Mr., his mode of trap- fixing them, 362.
ping animals, 364:

Charlemagne, a poem, abstract of
Brain, on the functions of the, its story, and extracts from,

Braithwaite, Mr., his planta. Charles V. and Francis I., pa-
tions, 358.

rallel between, 471.
Bread, made of wheaten flour and Chartreuse, la Grande, visit to, and
potatoes, 362.

discipline of that monastery,
Brewster, Dr., on properties of 304. Fortitude of one of the

light, 257. 261.
Britons, antient, their character Charts, necessity of providing
vindicated, 56.

them for the navy, 161.
Bruce, Mr., his accounts of Abys- Chimney-pieces, of composition.

sinia partly discredited and stone, 361.

partly confirmed, 14. Christ's College, Cambridge, its
Brussels, account of, 507.

foundress and remarkable mem-
Burke, Mr., account of some of

his posthumous works, and Christians, Commentaries on the
view of his political tenets and affairs of, in the first three cen-
character, 339—355.


turies, 18-24.
plete list of his works, 356. Church, Christian, government of,
Butter, contrivances for preserv- in the first three centuries, 22.
ing and for churning, 361. Change in, ib.

Churn, newly invented, 361.

Chyazic acid, acccunt of, 44.
Calderone, remarks on his writ. Circles, astronomical, on the me
ings, 496.

thod of dividing, 261.
Cambridge, University of, docu- Clare-Hall, Cambridge, account

brethren, 309.

bers, 173.

ments and particulars relative

to, 50-58. 167-177. Climacteric disease, observations
Camöens, observations on his life

on, 28.
and works, 497

Goals, observations on the con-


of, 170

the, 530.

sumption, trade, and price of, Distillation, double, on the means

of producing, by the same
Coffin, Mr, left as a resident in

heat, 48.
Abyssinia, with Mr Pearce, 12. Dofter Esther, his testimony re-
Combe, Dr., on a stricture of the specting Bruce's account of
Ileum, 26.

Abyssinia, 14.
Commerce with India, history of, Draining, Sec Haggitt, Seç Hesle.

Constellations, attempt to explain, Drama, lectures on, 457

Consumption, See Phthisis.

Cooke, Mr., his musical apparatus Earth, on the measurement of

for blind persons, 364.
Corn-Laws, tracts relative to, East-India-Company, observations
325-331. 438-441.

on their commerce and

Cows, on feeding them with

ment, 137-151. View of
steamed food, 359.

their political system, 400.
Cranmer, Archbishop, remarks 411. Their subserviency to
relative to, 170. 355:

ministers, 406, 407.
Crécy, battle of, described by a Eclipses, methods of computing,
French writer, 469.

Cumming, Dr. on baths, 367. Education, domestic and national,
Currey, Dr. on Tetanus, 27.

remarks on, 498-502.
Curwen, Mr., on feeding cows Elizabeth, Madame, of France, her
with steamed food, 359.

exemplary character, 465-


Embankment, account of, 358.
Dante's Purgatorio, specimen of a Etruria, Queen of, her letters to

translation of, 323. Observa. her agent Sassi, 517;
tions on, 480:

Eyes, on a peculiar affection of,
Darnley's island, on the north 26.
coast of New Holland, murder

of some English voyagers there Faith, good remarks on, 218.
in 1793, 157

Fesch, Cardinal, his magnificent
Davis, Mr., his temporary scaf- palace, 72.
fold, 365:

Fever, puerperal, epidemic, de.
Davy, Sir H., his farther experi. scription of, 369.

ments on Iodine, 40. On the Finch, Mr., his large stock of
combustion of the diamond,

bees, 361.

Fossil remains, See Home.
, Dr., his experiments on Fountains recommended in a me.
animal heat, 48.

tropolis, 76.
Diabetes Mellitus, cases of, 27. Fox, Mr., poetic tribute to, 295.
Diamond; on the combustion of, France, on the agricultural state

of, 63-445 On her poli-
Discovery, unfounded claim of the

tical state, 69. Principal
French to, on the coast of works of its authors distin.
Terra Australis, 163.

guished and rewarded by the
Dissenters, established, as well as Institute, 535-539. See Dis.
Churchmen, 396. note.


Nn 2 Francis
Francis I., parallel between him Hey, Dr., on properties of tán-
and Charles V., 471.

gents to circles, 256.
Hippolyrus, notes on that play,427.

History, on the philosophy of, 9o.
Galatians, Epistle tng account of, Hodge, Mr., his pot for preserving

butter, 365.
Garrick, David, anecdote of, 453 Holy Orders, remarks on, 397
Geneva, its population, 88 Its Home, Sir Ev., on the functions

University, 89 Its political of the brain, 40. On the fossil
importance, ib.

remains of an animal, 46. On
Géograpbe, a French ship of dis- the influence of the nerves on
covery, her meeting with the

the arteries, 47.
Investigator, 162.

Horses, on the breed of, in York-
Golden Verses, attributed to Py- shire, 188. See Cart barses.

thagoras, translated, 460. Howakil; bay of, the place meno
Goldoni, observations on his dra. tioned in the Periplus of the
matic works, 493.

Erythræean sea, as producing
Goss, Mr., his instrument for the stone called Opsian, 4.

working addition of numbers, Hydrocephalus, cases of, 25.

Hydrophobia, case of, 28.
Grafton, late Duke of, account
of as an author, 169.

I and J
Grammar, new doctrines in, 335. Jansen, origin of that name given
Groombridge, Mr., on atmosphe- to the celebrated leader of the
rical refraction, 255.

Jansenists, 311.

Japan, origin of the Russia em-

bassy to, and particulars of it,
Haggett, Dr., his improvement of 243-251.
boggy land, 358.

Jesus-College, Cambridge, emia
Halford, Sir H., on the cli- nent members of, 170.
macteric disease, 28.

Jews, sketch of their worship, 21.
Hartley, David, observations on Their cause and character

his theory of mind, 171. pleaded, 222.
Haygarth, Dr., on rheumatism, Ileum, case of stricture of, 26.
gout, wc. 28.

India, See East-India-Company.
Head-aches, observations on, 27. Insanity, on the comparative pre-
Heat, animal, experiments on, 48. valence of, 27. Said to be al-
Heathenism of the Roman world, ways founded in corporeal dis.'
observations on, 20.

ease, 190. Causes of, 194.
Heberden,Dr., on night-blindness, Institute, of France, prizes and dis-
on scurvy, and on the mortality

tinctions awarded by, 535,
of London, 26.

Hebert, the French Revolutionist, Intestine, protrusion of per anum,

his testimony to Louis XVI., case of, 28.

Investigator, outfit and voyage of
Henrg 19. of France, anecdotes that ship;160_167. Her meet.

ing with the Géographe, 162.
Herschel, Dr., on various points lodine, farther experiments on, 40.
of analysis, 261.

Jones, Thomas, M.A., of Trinity
Hesleden, Major, his improve- College, Cambridge, his great
ment of boggy land, 359.

character, 175


of, 513

Josephine, late Empress, some Markland, the critic, short ac-
account of, 73

count of, 168.
Joyce, George, a reforming divine Marquesas, extraordinary height

of the 16th century, his evasive of a young native of those
conduct, 163.

islands, 242. The women dis-
Italy, view of the literature of, paraged, ib.

Martin, Mr., his contrivance for re-

lieving cart-horses when thrown

down, 366.
Kater, Captain, on dividing as- Maton, Dr., on superfætation,
tronomical circles, 261.

Kidd, Dr., on the production of Metastasio, observations on, 492.

salt petre on walls, 42. Michael Angelo compared with
Kidneys, on inflammation of, 27.

Raphael, 119.
King's College, Cambridge, its Middleton, Dr., remarks on his
beautiful chapel, 173.

life of Cicero, 176.
King, Mr., his boot-maker's ma- Moggridge, Mr., on the growth
chine, 366.

of trees, 359.
Knox, John, particulars of his Moreau, General, observations on
life and character, 312-320.

his connection with Pichegru,


Mortality in London, observa.
Lanjuinais, M., account of, 534. tions on, 26.
Lapwing, wounded, pathetic de. Mosheim, Dr., his account of the
scription of, 202.

origin of his work De Rebus
Latham, Dr., his cases of Teta- Christianorum, 18. Specimens
nus, 26, 27. On Tumours, ib.

of it, 20-24.
On Angina Pectoris, 28. On Mother-of-Pearl, on properties of
an abdominal Tumour, ib.

light in, 257
Leases, observations on, 184.

Munich, account of, 504.
Light, on properties of, 257. Music, apparatus for teaching to

blind people, 364.
Literature, course of lectures on,

of Italy, view of, 480 Natural History, remarks on the
-493. Of Spain and Portu- study of, 198.
gal, 494-497

Nerves, on their influence on the
Liturgy, observations on, 441. arteries, 47
Lope de Vega, observations on his New Holland, observations on the
of, 43.

justice of that appellation, 153,
Louis XVI., anecdotes of, 462. Norway, mineralogy of, 283.
Luxemburgh, appearance of that Nukahiwa, See Marquesas.
province, 510.

Numbers, See Goss.

Machell, Mr., his annular saw, Ogden, Mr., his pruning instru.

ment, 361.
Malet, General, his conspiracy Opsian, or Obsidian, that stone
and death, 542.

found in the bay of Howakil, 4.
Marie-Antoinette, her magnani. Ozoro Asquall, an Abyssinian
mity in dying, 405.

lady visit to 8.


works, 495.


Pope, Mr., anecdote relative to,
Painting, poetic apostrophe to, 114.

296. The painter warned not Population of the East-riding of
to employ his art for immoral Yorkshire, 189.
purposes, 298-300.

Perrett, Mr., on triple Prussiates,
Paris, improvements of, under

Bonaparte, 71. Situation and Portugal, literature of, 497.
character of, 74. 77.

Postilions, in France, their tricks
Paul, Vincent de, a French preach- upon travellers, 67

er, his charitable zeal, 500. Potassium, triple compound of,
Pearce, the British seaman resi- observations on its properties,

dent in Abyssinia, account of, 40. On a mode of procuring, 47.
$: Obtains a companion in Powell

, Dr., on nitrate of silver,
Mr. Coffin, 12.

26. On insanity, 27.
Peat-Bog-moss, on its utility in Prizes bestowed by the French
packing plants, 367.

Institute, 535–539.
Pembroke-Hall, Cambridge, dis- Pruning, instrument for, 361.

tinguished members of, 172. Prussiates, triple, on the nature
Pendulum, See Ritchie.
Peron, M., his unfounded claims Pyrenees, See Canigou.

to discoveries between Bass's
Strait and Nuyts Archipelago,

Queen's College,


, re-
Perry, Mr., his chirographist, markable for variety of reli-

gious opinions, 172.
Persecution, by Christians, strik.
ing instances of, 222.

Peter-House, Cambridge, account Rambouillet Aock of sheep, ac-
of, 167

count of, 61.
Peters, Hannah, her mixed bread, Raphael and Michael Angelo,

contrast of, 119.
Petrarca, remarks on the writings Red Sea, account of the inha-

of, 482. Translation from, bitants on the coast of, 3.

Refraction, atmospherical, farther
Phthisis Pulmonalis, observations

observations on, 255.
on the different species of, 26. Reynolds, Sir Joshua, particulars

of his life and professional
Planets, on the determination of

career, 43—123. Poetic tri-
their elements, 527,

bute to, 294-300.
Plantations, necessity of thinning Rheumatism, See Haygarth.

them, 357, 358.' See Ainslie, Richelieu and Sully, parallel be.
Sec Braithwaite.

tween, 472.
Poetical extracts in this volume, Ritchie, Mr., his compensation-

78-88. 97--100. 129-136. pendulum, 366.
206. 209 - 214. 227–239. Roberts, Dr, on Phohisis Pula
263 - 279. 295–300. 321 — monalis, 26.

324, 420.432-437. 484. Rocks, in Norway, geological
Poetry, theory of, 454.

observations on, 287, 288.
Poitiers, battle of, represented by Romney, Lord, his patronage of
a French writer, 470.

the Society for Arts, 368.


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