The Euing Musical Library: Catalogue of the Musical Library of the Late Wm. Euing, Esq., Bequeathed to Anderson's University, Glasgow, (now Called Anderson's College).


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Página 80 - Musick's monument; or, A remembrancer of the best practical musick, both divine, and civil, that has ever been known, to have been in the world.
Página 46 - MUSIC EXPLAINED TO THE WORLD; or how to understand Music, and enjoy its performance. Translated from the French for the Boston Academy of Music.
Página 47 - NOTICE OF ANTHONY STRADIVARI. The celebrated Violin Maker known by the name of Stradivarius, preceded by Historical and Critical Researches on the origin and Transformations of Bow Instruments, and followed by a Theoretical Analysis of the Bow and Remarks on Francis Tourte.
Página 33 - Mémoires historiques sur Raoul de Coucy. On ya joint le recueil de ses chansons en vieux langage, avec la traduction et l'ancienne musique.
Página 43 - ENGEL'S (CARL) Music of the Most Ancient Nations ; particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, And Hebrews ; with Special Reference to the Discoveries in Western Asia and in Egypt. With 100 Illustrations. Svo. 16».
Página 153 - Catch that catch can, or a choice collection of catches, rounds, and cannons, for three or four voyces," 1652, which more closely resembles that of Autolycus.
Página 159 - The Theater Of Music: or, a Choice Collection of the newest and best Songs sung at Court and Public Theaters. The Words composed by the most ingenious Wits of the Age, and set to Music by the greatest Masters in that Science; with a...
Página 68 - A Treatise on the Art of Music; in Which the Elements of Harmony and Air Are Practically Considered...
Página 108 - Collection de morceaux de chant tirés des maîtres qui ont le plus contribué aux progrès de la musique et qui occupent un rang distingué dans l'histoire de cet art, choisis et arrangés chronologiquement avec des notes historiques et autres par F.

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