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By his will the late WILLIAM EUING, Esq., insurance broker in Glasgow, bequeathed to the "Trustees of Anderson's University, Glasgow, or to the Managers or Trustees thereof for behoof of that institution," all his Music, printed or written, sacred and secular, whether for instrumental or vocal performance, and all his Books on the subject of Music, its theory, science, practice, or history, or on the biography of musicians, together with all works on acoustics, to be the property of, and deposited and kept in, said Anderson's University in all time coming. In addition to this, he bequeathed to the Managers and Trustees of said University a sum of £200, to be applied by them in compiling and printing a Catalogue of his said Musical Library, the copies of which Catalogue he declared were not to be sold, but the greater part to be given gratis to Public Institutions, Colleges, Cathedrals, Libraries, and Schools, at the pleasure of the said Anderson's University.

The Musical Library has been handed over to the Managers and Trustees of Anderson's University (now called Anderson's College), and in accordance with the instructions of Mr EUING, the present Catalogue has been prepared.


J. B. KIDSTON, Secretary.


Part First.



ABERCORN, LORD. A short treatise on harmony, containing the chief rules for composing in 2, 3, and 4 parts. Ob. 8vo. Lond. 1730. Known as Dr Pepusch's treatise.

A treatise on harmony, containing the chief rules for composing in 2, 3, and 4 parts. The second edition, alter'd, enlarg'd, and illustrated by examples in notes. Ob. 8vo. Lond. 1731.


Derniers souvenirs d'un musicien.

2 vols.,. 8vo. Paris, 1857-9. ADLUNG, JAKOB. Musica mechanica organoedi, das ist: Gründlicher Unterricht von der Struktur, Gebrauch und Erhaltung der Orgeln, Clavicymbel, Clavichordien, und anderer Instrumente...... 2 vols. in 1, 4to. Berlin, 1768.

Anleitung sur musikalischen Gelahrthoit worinn von dor Theorie und Praxis der Alten und Nouen Musik, von den musikalischen Instrumenten...... 12mo. Drosdon und Leipzig, 1783. ADYE, WILLETT. Musical Notes. I. The great Composers. II. Violinists and the violin. III. The violin and its history. 12mo.

Lond. 1869.

ÆMINGA, SIEGFRIED COESO. Programmata IV. de choreis festivis, de musica instrumentali festiva, de hymnis festivis antiquitate claris, de conviviis festivis ævi antiqui. 4to. Gryphiswaldiæ, 1749. AFFILLARD, MICHEL L'. Principes très faciles pour bien apprendre la musique...... Cinquième edition. Ob. 4to. Paris, 1705. AGRICOLA, JOHANNE FRIEDRICH. See Tosi.


AGRICOLA, MARTIN. Musica instrumentalis Deudsch...... 12mo.
Wittemberg, 1545.
et vanitate omnium scientiarum. 12mo.
Paris, 1531.
AIGUINO DA BRESSA, ILLUMINATO. La illuminata di tutti i tuoni
di canto fermo...... 4to.
Venet, 1562.

Il tesoro illuminato di tutti i tuoni di canto figurato, con alcuni bellissimi secreti, non da altri più scritti......


Venet, 1581. AIKIN, JOHN, M.D. Essays on song-writing: with a collection of such English songs as are most eminent for poetical merit. 12mo. Dublin, 1777.

Vocal poetry, or a select collection of English songs: to which is prefixed an essay on song-writing. 8vo. Lond. 1810. ALARD, LAMBERT. De veterum musica liber singularis. In fine accessit Pselli sapientissimi musica, e græco in latinum sermonem translata. Sumptibus Henningi Grossi, jun. 4to. Schleusinga, 1636. ALBRECHT, JEAN-GUILLAUME. Tractatus physicus de effectibus musices in corpus animatum. 12mo. Lipsia, 1734. ALBRECHTSBERGER, J. G. Methods of harmony, figured bass and composition...... Translated from the German. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1834.

Ausweichungen von C dur and C moll in die übrigen. Dur-
Bonn, n.d.


Principles of accompaniment or thorough bass. Translated with annotations by J. Jousse. Fol. Lond. n.d.

Collected writings on thorough bass, harmony, and composition for self-instruction. (Novello's Library.) 3 vols. in 1. 8vo. Lond. 1855.

Unterricht über den Gebrauch der verminderten und übermassigen Intervallen. Ob. fol. Leipzig, n.d.

Grundliche Anweisung zur composition...... 4to.

Leipzig, 1790.
Méthode d'accompagnement selon les principes des Ecoles
d'Allemagne. Fol.
Paris, n.d.

A treatise on the use of the diminished and superfluous inter-
vals for the Piano Forte. Translated from the original German.
Lond. n.d.

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