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HOUGH Japan is the youngest of the

world-powers, it is second to none in national spirit and commercial enterprise; nor in courteous conduct, personal cleanliness, or love of home and country are its indomitable people excelled by those of any other nation. These characteristics of the subjects of the Mikado indicate that they are a

people of high ideals, and it is in a nation's proverbs that its ideals frequently find expression.

Many of the national proverbs of Japan were collected and translated several years ago by Ota Masayoshi, and were published under the title of “ Japanese Proverbs.” It is from this entertaining little volume that the following are taken:

PATIENCE is the rope of advancement in all

lines of life.

The ignorant are never defeated in any argument.

It is more easy to evade the trouble which Heaven sends us than that which we bring upon ourselves.

If the water be too pure, fish cannot live in it; if people be too exacting, fellow beings cannot stand

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