A Winter in the West, Volumen 2

Harper & Brothers, 1835 - 354 páginas

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Página 94 - They care for little,- because they want but little, and the reason is, a little contents them.: in this they are sufficiently revenged on us; .if they are ignorant of our pleasures, they are also free from our pains. They are not disquieted with bills of lading and exchange, nor perplexed with chancery suits and excheque.r reckonings.
Página 340 - Gilmore's corpse, from the cruel deed which they contemplated. They cocked their guns, threatening those gentlemen with instant death if they did not desist, and rushed into the fort. The interpreter's wife, who had been a captive among the Indians, and felt an affection for them, ran to their cabin and informed them that Hall's soldiers were advancing with the intention of taking their lives, because they believed that the Indians who killed Gilmore had come with Cornstalk's son on the preceding...
Página 93 - But in liberality they excel; nothing is too good for their friend: give them a fine gun, coat, or other thing, it may pass twenty hands before it sticks: light of heart, strong affections, but soon spent: the most merry creatures that live...
Página 95 - God and immortality, without the help of metaphysics; for they say, 'there is a great king that made them, who dwells in a glorious country to the southward of them: and that the souls of the good shall go thither, where they shall live again.
Página 328 - Sharp opened the door; I advanced into the room, and with my left hand I grasped his right wrist, as with an iron hand. The violence of the grasp made Colonel Sharp spring back, and trying to disengage his wrist, he said,' What Covington is this?' I replied,' John A. Covington, sir.'—' I don't know you,
Página 336 - ... of the dying pair. As Beauchamp was too weak to set on his coffin in a cart, a covered dearborn had been provided for his conveyance to the gallows. He was now brought out in a blanket and laid in it. At his particular request, Mr. M'Intosh took a seat by his side. Some of the ministers of the gospel had taken...
Página 330 - ... you groan! I hope you may yet be recovered — if you are, live till it is God's will to take you, and prepare to meet me in a better world! Your dying husband, JO BEAUCHAMP. My beloved Anna Lines written by JO Beauchamp, while in jail, upon being aroused from sleep by a vision of his wife's spirit. Daughter of grief! thy spirit moves, In every whistling wind that roves Across my prison grates: — It bids my soul majestic bear! And with its sister spirit soar, Aloft to Heaven's gates. In visions...
Página 205 - James Monay, and William Cool. We proceeded successfully; and after a long and fatiguing journey, through a mountainous wilderness, in a westward direction...
Página 313 - Brisbois, who has been for a long time a resident of Prairie du Chien, informed me that he saw the skeletons of eight persons that were found in digging a cellar near his house, lying side by side. They were of a gigantic size, measuring about eight feet from head to foot. He added, that he took a...
Página 95 - Indian women in general, are of an amorous disposition ; and before they are married, are not the less esteemed for the •indulgence of their passions. The Indians, in their common state, are strangers to all distinction of property, except in the articles of domestic use, which every one considers as his own, and increases as circumstances admit. They are extremely liberal to each other; and supply the deficiency of their friends with any superfluity of their own.

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