A Selection of Games at Chess, Actually Played by Philidor and His Contemporaries: Now First Published from the Original Manuscripts ; with Notes and Additions

Sherwood, Gilbert, & Piper, 1835 - 110 páginas

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Página 56 - For the last two months of his life, he was kept alive merely by art, and the kind attentions of an old and worthy friend. To the last moment of his existence he enjoyed, though near seventy years of age, a strong retentive memory, which had long rendered him remarkable in the circle of his acquaintance in this capital.
Página iv - Bruce, to rule the fight, And cry — " Saint Andrew and our right !" Another sight had seen that morn, • From Fate's dark book a leaf been torn, And Flodden had been Bannockbourne...
Página 108 - Joshua. Guide to the Game of Draughts, in which the whole theory and practice of that scientific Recreation are clearly illustrated.
Página 107 - A new Treatise on Chess; containing the rudiments of the game, explained on scientific principles; with the best methods of playing the most brilliant Openings and difficult Ends of games; including numerous original positions, and a Selection of Fifty new Chess Problems.
Página 108 - A Selection of games at Chess, actually played by Philidor and his Contemporaries ; now first published from the original manuscripts with notes and additions.
Página 41 - М.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. P. to KB fourth 3. K. Kt. to B. third 4. KB to QB fourth 5.
Página v - A selection of curious and entertaining games at Chess, that have been actually played.
Página 57 - ... as a mark of refpecS to the immortal name of Philidor." So we are informed by Mr. Walker. f I wifh he had not added, that "it was difgraceful to them, that no funeral tablet was erected, to point out the place of his reft." I wifh he had not charged "the great, the noble, the wealthy...
Página 1 - Q. third 9. Q. Kt. to B. third 10. K. Kt. takes P. 11.
Página v - Remarks on the Report of the Committee of the Edinburgh Chess Club, containing the Games of the Match at Chess played between the London & Edinburgh Chess Clubs.

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