Indexing techniques for advanced database systems

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997 - 250 páginas
Recent years have seen an explosive growth in the use of new database applications such as CAD/CAM systems, spatial information systems, and multimedia information systems. The needs of these applications are far more complex than traditional business applications. They call for support of objects with complex data types, such as images and spatial objects, and for support of objects with wildly varying numbers of index terms, such as documents. Traditional indexing techniques such as the B-tree and its variants do not efficiently support these applications, and so new indexing mechanisms have been developed. As a result of the demand for database support for new applications, there has been a proliferation of new indexing techniques. The need for a book addressing indexing problems in advanced applications is evident. For practitioners and database and application developers, this book explains best practice, guiding the selection of appropriate indexes for each application. For researchers, this book provides a foundation for the development of new and more robust indexes. For newcomers, this book is an overview of the wide range of advanced indexing techniques. Indexing Techniques for Advanced Database Systems is suitable as a secondary text for a graduate level course on indexing techniques, and as a reference for researchers and practitioners in industry.

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Elisa Bertino""" is a well known expert in the integration of AI and database techniques, areas of O-O, distributed, deductive and multimedia databases and database security. She has chaired and given tutorials at many international conferences and published hundreds of journal papers and a book. Elisa is currently a professor of computer science at the University of Milan. "Barbara Catania""" is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Genova, specializing in deductive and multimedia databases, and indexing techniques in object-oriented and constraint databases. She has presented at a number of international conferences and co-authored a book. "Gian Piero Zarri""" is an internationally renowned consultant and researcher in the areas of knowledge-based systems, natural-language processing, databases and information retrieval systems. He is on the editorial board of a number of international scientific journals and on the program committee of many conferences on Knowledge-Based Systems. Gian Piero currently works as Research Director for CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research.

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