Stolen Continents: Conquest and Resistance in the Americas

Penguin Books Canada, 25 ago. 2015 - 480 páginas
An international bestseller, Stolen Continents is a history of the Americas unlike any other. This fascinating volume chronicles the conquest and survival of five great American cultures--in their own words. Ronald Wright gives voice to the Aztec, Maya, Inca, Cherokee, and Iroquois, quoting their authentic speech and writing and illuminating their unique views of history. Through their eloquent words, we relive their strange, tragic experiences. Covering the five hundred years since Europeans first set foot in the New World, Wright weaves together contemporary accounts with his own incisive historical narrative to create an indispensable record, one that is powerful, vivid, and accurate.

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Review: Stolen Continents: 500 Years of Conquest and Resistance in the Americas

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Ronald Wright is the internationally acclaimed, bestselling author of several non-fiction books, including A Short History of Progress, Stolen Continents (which won the Gordon Montador Award), and Cut Stones and Crossroads. He is also the author of the novels Henderson's Spear and A Scientific Romance, the latter of which won Britain's David Higham Prize for Fiction. He was born in England, educated at Cambridge, and now lives in British Columbia.

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