Meter in Music, 1600-1800: Performance, Perception, and Notation

Indiana University Press, 1987 - 174 páginas
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While the notation of 17th- and 18th-century music looks familiar, its meanings and the treatment of meter in performance have evolved dramatically. When performed according to the conventions of its own time, the music of 1600-1800 balances precision and flexibility, with an enchanting lilt, grace, and vitality. With many quotations and musical examples from theoretical treatises and instruction manuals of the period, Meter in Music is a practical guide to the performance of Baroque and early Classical music, with guidance on notes inegales, fingerings, bowings, and woodwind tonguings.

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The Origins of the Measure in the Seventeenth
Time Signatures in the Eighteenth Century
Quantitative Meters in Poetry
The Perception of Meter
Articulation of Quantitative Meter
Accent as Measure Articulation and as Measure
Rhythmopoeia According
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