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The ghost, if ghost it were, seem'd a sweet soul

As ever lurk'd beneath a holy hood : A dimpled chin, a neck of ivory, stole

Forth into something much like flesh and blood;
Back fell the sable frock and dreary cowl,

And they reveald—alas! that e'er they should !
In full, voluptuous, but not o'ergrown bulk,
The phantom of her frolic Grace--Fitz-Fulke!

(Whatever difference of opinion may exist in regard to the poem of Don Juan,—the most original and wonderful of all its author's productions, the fatal cause of its discontinuance at the 16th canto can excite but one universal feeling of deep regret, for the premature loss of that mighty and prolific genius « which charmed all bosoms, but destroy'd its own.»)-EDITOR.



Note 1, page 250, stanza x.

If from a shell-fish or from cochineal. The composition of the old Tyrian purple, whether from a shellfish or from cochineal, or from kermes, is still an article of dispute; and even its colour-some say purple, others scarlet : I say nothing.

Note 2, page 263, stanza xliii.

Was much consoled by his own repartee. I think that it was a carpet on which Diogenes trod, with—« Thus I trample on the pride of Plato!»- With greater pride,» as the other replied. But as carpets are meant to be trodden upon, my memory probably misgives me, and it might be a robe, or tapestry, or a tablecloth, or some other expensive and uncynical piece of furniture.

Note 3, page 264, stanza xlv.

To soothe our ears, lest Italy should fail. I remember that the mayoress of a provincial town, somewhat surfeited with a similar display from foreign parts, did rather indecorously break through the applauses of an intelligent audience-intelligent, I mean, as to music for the words, besides being in recondite languages (it was some years before the peace, ere all the world had travelled, and while I was a collegian)-

--were sorely disguised by the performers;—this mayoress, 1

say, broke out with, • Rot your Italianos! for my part, I loves a simple ballad!» «Rossini


6° a good way to bring most people to the same opinion, some day. Who would imagine that he was to be the successor of Mozart? However, I state this with diffidence, as a liege and loyal admirer of Italian music in general, and of much of Rossini's; but we may say, as the connoisseur did of painting, in The Vicar of Wakefield, « That the picture would be better painted if the painter had taken more pains.

Note 4, page 268, stanza Lix.

For gothic daring shown in English money. u Ausu Romano, ære Veneto» is the inscription (and well inscribed in this instance) on the sea-walls between the Adriatic and Venice. The walls were a republican work of the Venetians; the inscription, I believe, Imperial; and inscribed by Napoleon the First. It is time to continue to him that tiile—there will be a second by and bye, « Spes altera mundi,» if he live; let him not defeat it like his father. But in any case he will be preferable to the Imbeciles. There is a glorious field for him, if he knew how to cultivate it.

Note 5, page 269, stanza lx.

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Untyiug» squires « to fight against the churches;» etc.
« Though ye untie the winds and bid them fight
Against the churches,»-MACBETA.

Note 6, page 281, stanza xcvii.

"T is merely what is called mobility, etc. In French « mobilité.» I am not sure that mobility is English; but it is expressive of a quality which rather belongs to other climates, though it is sometimes seen to a great extent in our own. defined as an excessive susceptibility of immediate impressions—at the same time without losing the part; and is, though sometimes apparently useful to the possessor, a most painful and unhappy attribute.

It may be Note 8, page 287, stanza cxiv.


7, page 283, stanza cu. Draperied her form with curious felicity! * Curiosa felicitas.»—PETRONIUS ARBITER.

A noise like to wet fingers drawn on glass, etc. See the account of the Ghost of the Uncle of Prince Charles of Saxony raised by Schroepfer- Karl-Karl-was-walt wolt mich?»

Note 9, page 289, stanza cxx.
How odd, a single hobgoblin's non-entity,
Should cause more fear than a whole host's identity!

--Shadows to-night
Have struck more terror to the soul of Richard,
Than could the substance of ten thousand soldiers, etc.»


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