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« Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more

cakes and ale?-Yes, by St Anne; and ginger shall be hot i' the mouth too.»—Twelfth Night; or What you



VOL. 111.





Ox, Wellington! (or « Vilainton »—for fame

Sounds the heroic syllables both ways;
France could not even conquer your great name,

But punned it down to this facetious phrase-
Beating or beaten she will laugh the same)

You have obtained great pensions and much praise; Glory like yours should any dare gainsay, Humanity would rise, and thunder « Nay!»'


I don't think that you used K—n—rd quite well

In Marinet's affair—in fact 't was shabby, And like some other things won't do to tell

l'pon your tomb in Westminster's old abbey. Upon the rest 't is not worth while to dwell,

Such tales being for the tea hours of some tabby;
But though your years as man tend fast to zero,
In fact your Grace is still but a young hero.


Though Britain owes (and pays you too) so much,

Yet Europe doubtless owes you greatly more:
You have repaired legitimacy's crutch,

A prop not quite so certain as before:
The Spanish, and the French, as well as Dutch,

Have seen, and felt, how strongly you restore;
And Waterloo has made the world your debtor,
(I wish your bards would sing it rather better.)


You are « the best of cut-throats:».

-do not start; The phrase is Shakspeare's, and not misapplied ;War 's a brain-spattering, windpipe-slitting art,

Unless her cause by right be sanctified. If you have acted once a generous part,

The world, not the world's masters, will decide, And I shall be delighted to learn who, Save you and

yours, have gained by Waterloo?


I am no flatterer-you've supped full of flattery:

They say you like it too-'t is no great wonder; He whose whole life has been assault and battery,

At last may get a little tired of thunder; And swallowing eulogy much more than satire, he

May like being praised for every lucky blunder, Called « Saviour of the Nations »—not yet saved, And Europe's Liberator-still enslaved.

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