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Página 134 - DÉCRET portant règlement d'administration publique pour l'exécution de la loi du 9 décembre 1905 sur la séparation des Eglises et de l'Etat en ce qui concerne : 1» l'attribution des biens; 2» les édifices des cultes; 3° les associations cultuelles ; 4° la police des cultes.
Página 369 - ... de la loi du 9 décembre 1905 sur la séparation des Eglises et de l'Etat, dispose que les pensions seront payables pour la première fois le 1 " avril prochain et les allocations le 31 mars.
Página 386 - Charles Henry. How to study pictures by means of a series of comparisons of paintings and painters from Cimabue to Monet, with historical and biographical summaries and appreciations of the painters
Página 369 - Juzgado municipal, los cuales dependerán inmediatamente para este servicio de la Dirección general de los Registros civil y de la propiedad y del Notariado.
Página 393 - The new Far East. An examination into the new position of Japan and her influence upon the solution of the Far Eastern question, with special reference to the interests of America and the future of the Chinese Empire.
Página 89 - Problems of the Panama canal, including climatology of the isthmus, physics and hydraulics of the river Chagres, cut at the continental divide, and discussion of plans for the waterway, with history from 1890 to date.
Página 292 - Vu la loi du 9 avril 1898, concernant la responsabilité des accidents dont les ouvriers sont victimes dans leur travail...
Página 90 - Hulbert, Archer Butler, ed. The Crown collection of photographs of American maps. A collection of original photographs, carefully mounted, of maps important historically yet hitherto unpublished, contained in the British museum and other foreign archives especially chosen and prepared to illustrate the early history of America ... Index. Cleveland, O., Priv.
Página 439 - Mountain wild flowers of America, a simple and popular guide to the names and descriptions of the flowers that bloom above the clouds.
Página 91 - IN AND OUT OF THE OLD MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA. An Historical and Pictorial Account of the Franciscan Missions.

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