Floating Remembrances and Sketches of a Sea Life

Whittaker, 1854 - 372 páginas

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Página 5 - Time rolls his ceaseless course. The race of yore, Who danced our infancy upon their knee, And told our marvelling boyhood legends store, Of their strange ventures happ'd by land or sea, How are they blotted from the things that be ! How few, all weak and wither'd of their force, Wait on the verge of dark eternity, Like stranded wrecks, the tide returning hoarse, To sweep them from our sight ! Time rolls his ceaseless course.
Página 152 - Lordship did not make any very minute enquiries, and baving obtained a favourable dismissal she left him. Soon afterwards she was sent on board the Brunswick, Captain Harvey, and had not been long there ere her cleanliness and good conduct, Which differed so widely from other boys of the age she seemed, attracted the attention of her commander ; he questioned her as to her friends, and whether she had not run away from some school to try the sea. Mary Anne related such of her adventures as were consistent...
Página 82 - Him that cometh unto me I will in nowise cast out. " The prayer ceased, and Jem stood erect and firm — he shook hands with the chaplain — pressed Dick Wills to his heart, then the Captain placed himself in a conspicuous situation to read the sentence of the Court Martial and the Death Warrant for execution. The silence grew more...
Página 336 - How gloriously her gallant course she goes! Her white wings flying — never from her foes — She walks the waters like a thing of life, And seems to dare the elements to strife. Who would not brave the battle-fire — the wreck To move the monarch of her peopled deck?
Página 238 - ... the grog shop so close under your jibs, and the young gentleman away from the cutter, indeed I would not, and that's poz — so shove off, blackee." There is an- old saying, that " when the .cat is away the mice will play...
Página 153 - Anne made numerous applications to the navy pay office, Somerset House, for money due to her for her service on board the Brunswick man-of-war, on the 1st of June and previous days; but having been repeatedly disappointed, she made use of expressions one day which were considered indecorous, in consequence of which she was conveyed to Bow-street, where she underwent a long examination. She was at length dismissed ; and several gentlemen, commiserating her sufferings, entered into a subscription for...
Página 300 - Death takes the good — too good on earth to stay, And leaves the bad — too bad to take away.
Página 296 - I've lived. In honor's cause my life was passed, In honor's cause I fall at last, For England, home, and beauty ! " Thus ending life as he began ; England confessed that every man That day had done his duty.
Página 301 - ... owing to the weather clue-garnet having been shot away from the bits, the American frigate forged a little ahead, but was presently stopped, by hooking, with her quarter port, the flook of the Shannon's anchor stowed over the chess-tree. Captain Broke now ran forward ; and observing the Chesapeake's men deserting the quarterdeck guns, he ordered the two ships to be lashed together, the great guns to cease firing, the maindeck boarders to be called, and Lieutenant George Thomas L. Watt, the first...
Página 301 - ... and Lieutenant George Thomas L. Watt, the first lieutenant, to bring up the quarterdeck men, who were all boarders. While zealously employed outside the bulwark of the Shannon, making the Chesapeake fast to her, the veteran boatswain, Mr. Stevens (he had fought in Rodney's action), had his left arm hacked off with repeated sabre cuts, and was mortally wounded by musketry. The midshipman commanding on the forecastle, Mr. Samwell, was also mortally wounded.

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