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450 GAYTON (Edmund). Pleasant Notes upon Don Quixot. Sm. folio, several
leaves at the beginning wormed; old calf


451 [GENEST (John)]. Some Account of the English Stage, from the
Restoration in 1660 to 1830. 10 vols., 8vo., very fine clean copy in the
original cloth, uncut

£ 8. d.

0 18 0

1832 11 11 0

"A work of great labour and research, which forms the basis of most exact
knowledge concerning the stage. Few books of reference are equally trustworthy, the
constant investigation to which it has been subjected having brought to light few
errors and none of grave importance.”—Dictionary of National Biography.
452 GODFREY OF BULLOIGNE or the Recovery of
English Heroical Verse, by EDWARD FAIRFAX.
of the said Godfrey. Post 8vo., old calf

Jerusalem. Done into
Together with the life


453 GRAMMONT. Memoirs of the Life of Count de Grammont: containing, in
particular, the Amourous Intrigues of the Court of England in the
Reign of King Charles II. Translated from the French by Mr. Boyer
... 8vo., calf neat, red edges


454 GRAY'S ODES, First Edition. (Half title:) | ODES | BY | Mr. GRAY. |
[Price One Shilling.] | (Title :) | ODES | BY | Mr. GRAY. | QNANTA
- PINDAR, Olymp. II. | (Here a copperplate
vignette view of Strawberry Hill) | PRINTED AT STRAWBERRY-HILL, | For
R. and J. DODSLEY in Pall-Mall. | MDCCLVII. |



0 18 0

0 15 0

4to., 11 leaves; sewed, UNCUT, AS ISSUED Strawberry Hill, 1757 52 10 0
state as when issued, the sheets loosely stitched together without a wrapper.
comprises the splendidly resonant Progress of Poesy, perhaps the poet's really greatest
work, and The Bard. Besides being the first edition of the Pindaric Odes, it has also
the distinction of being the first work issued by the Strawberry Hill Press.
455 GREENE (ROBERT). COMPLETE WORKS in Prose and Verse (with Life)
for the first time collected and edited with Notes and Illustrations by
Alexander B. Grosart. 15 vols. post 8vo., with a facsimile of Greene's
handwriting, cloth
Printed for Private Circulation, 1881-6
46 HALLAM (Henry). Introduction to the Literature of Europe, in the
15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. 4 vols., 8vo., calf gilt, gilt edges, by
Clarke and Bedford

6 6 0


1 16 0

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View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages. Eighth
edition. 2 vols., 8vo., calf gilt, marbled edges


0 14 0


Constitutional History of England from the accession of Henry VII
to the death of George II. Fourth edition. 2 vols., 8vo., calf gilt,
marbled edges

0 14 0

06 0

Camden Soc. 1884

Camden Soc. 1840


459 HARVEY. Letter-Book of Gabriel Harvey, A.D. 1573-1580. Edited by
E. J. L. SCOTT. Sm. 4to., cloth
100 HAYWARD. Annals of the first 4 years of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth,
by Sir John Hayward. Edited from a MS. . . . by John BRUCE. Sm.
4to., cloth; SCARCE
161 HAZLITT (W. Carew). English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases collected
from the most authentic sources, alphabetically arranged and annotated.
8vo., xxx and 505 pp.; cloth
402 HERRICK (Robert). The Hesperides, and Noble Numbers; edited by
Alfred Pollard, with a Preface by A. C. Swinburne.
2 vols. 12mo, with portrait; fancy cloth
43 HOOKHAM (M. A.). The Life and Times of Margaret of Anjou, Queen
of England and France. 2 vols., 8vo., pp. xii, 435, xii, 446, and
portraits; cloth

Edition limited to 350 copies.

Revised Edition.


0 15 0

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54 [HOPE (Thomas)]. ANASTASIUS: or, Memoirs of a Greek, written at the
close of the 18th century. 3 vols. post 8vo., calf gilt

465 HIGDEN'S POLYCRONICON. Fol. 1a, title:) polycronicon | (This single word above a large woodcut. Fol. 16:) | An Introductorie Anno dni M.cccc.lxxxxv. | (Fol. 2a, headline:) | Probemye | (This finishes on fol. 3b. On fol. 4a commences the Table which ends on fol. 49a. Fol. 49b blank. Fol. 50a, headline:) | Dyalogue | (Fol. 51b, column 2, lines 16-20 Thus endeth the dyalogue. The cpystle syr | ◄ of Johan Trenysa | chappelayn buto lorde Thomas of | Barkley vpon the translacon of Po- | licronycon in to our englysshe tongue | (Then follows the text, commencing on fol. 52a, column 2, and finishing on fol. 396b, column 2, as follows:) ... En= |ded the thyrtenth daye of Apryll the | tenth yere of the regne of kyng Harry the seventh. And of the Incarnacyon of our lord: M.CCCC.lxxx xv. | Enprynted at Westmestre | by Wynkyn Theworde! (Then follows a leaf blank on the obverse and bearing Caxton's device on the reverse)

Sm. folio, the first three and the last two leaves in most admirable facsimile, and three headlines slightly shaved, otherwise a good copy; red morocco extra, gilt edges



1495 84

COLLATION aa 8 leaves, bb-hh5 in sixes; a-36 in eights; A-I in eights, except T which has 6 leaves.

"The book is justly commended for the beauty of its typographical execution; indeed it may be questioned whether any contemporaneous production of the foreign presses exceed it, in the regularity of the register, and lustre of the ink."-Dibdin's Ames. Very few perfect copies are known, and though a fairly common book in a very imperfect state, it is but seldom met with as complete as the above.

466 JOHNSON (Rhard) [The Crown Garland of Golden Roses]. 12mo., soiled and wanting leaves 1-3 and 56-64; black morocco

Mr. Huth's copy appears to be the only perfect one known.





Oxford, 1825

467 JOHNSON (Samuel). WORKS. 9 vols.,-PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES. vols.;-together 11 vols., 8vo., cloth, uncut 468 BOSWELL (James). Life of Samuel Johnson. Eighth edition, revised and augmented. 4 vols. 8vo., with portrait and facsimiles; half calf gilt 1816 469 KEATS (John). Poems, edited by G. Thorne Drury with an Introduction by Robert Bridges. 2 vols. 12mo., with portrait, fancy cloth The Muses Library, 1896 470 KEMBLE (John M.). The Saxons in England, a history of the English Commonwealth till the Norman Conquest. 2 vols. 8vo., cloth 1876 This, the last edition, is now quite out of print.

471 KEMPIS (Thomas à). The Imitation of Christ translated from the Latin original with an Introduction and Notes by THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN. Svo., with frontispiece and vignettes; cloth, uncut Pickering, 1828 472 LAMB (Charles). THE ADVENTURES OF ULYSSES, BY CHARLES LAMB. LONDON: Printed by T. Davison, Whitefriars, | FOR THE JUVENILE LIBRARY, NO. 41, SKINNER-STREET, SNOW-HILL. | 1808. |

12mo., FIRST EDITION, with frontispiece and title engraved by C. Heath, as well as printed title; fine copy in contemporary calf





473 LANDOR (Walter Savage). | POEMS FROM THE | ARABIC and PERSIAN ; |
WITH NOTES | BY THE AUTHOR OF GEBIR. | (Here a device) | Warwick. |
PRINTED BY H. SHARPE, HIGH-STREET; | And sold by Messrs. Rivingtons,
St. Paul's Church Yard, | LONDON. | 1800. |


4to., FIRST EDITION, 10 leaves; green morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford;



| SIMONIDEA. | (here a woodcut of a tree) | BATH, PRINTED BY

12mo., a fine copy in the original boards, entirely uncut
EXCESSIVELY RARE, very few copies being known.


1806 25 0 0

Andrea of Hungary, and Giovanna of Naples. 8vo., in the original boards, with label




2 16 0


Popery British and Foreign. Fcap. 8vo., in the original wrapper, uncut and not cut open


0 16 0

05 0


477 LAPPENBERG (J. M.). History of England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings,
translated by Thorpe. 2 vols., 8vo., cloth
475 LEE (Nathaniel). A Collection of his Plays. 11 vols., sm. 4to., fine large
copies, uniformly half bound in calf neat

The Tragedy of Nero. First Edition


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1675-87 500

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The above includes all Lee's plays with the exception of "The Princess of Cleve" and "The Massacre of Paris."

LELAND. Joannis Lelandi Antiquarii de Rebus Britannicis Collectanea, cum Th. Hearnii præfatione, notis, et Indice ad editionem primam. Editio altera. 6 vols. 8vo., with 5 plates; half calf, £3. 3s; or, a fine copy in russia


LOCKE (John). | AN ESSAY CONCERNING | Humane Understanding. | In
Four BOOKS. Written by JOHN LOCKE, Gent. | The Second Edition,
with large Additions. (Quotation from Cicero, occupying 3 lines) |
LONDON, Printed for Thomas Bring, at the Harrow over against the
Inner-Temple Gate in Fleet-street; and Samuel Manship, at the Black
Bull in Cornhill . 1. MDCXCIV.

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Sm. folio, with a fine copper-plate portrait by P. Vanderbanck; fine copy in old English black morocco, gilt panelled sides with corner fleurons, gilt edges 1694 LOLLARD DOCTRINES. An Apology for the Lollard Doctrines attributed to Wicliffe . . . with an Introduction by J. Henthorn TODD. Sm. 4to., cloth; SCARCE Camden Soc. 1842



2 MACAULAY (T. B.). The History of England from the Accession of
James the Second. 5 vols., 8vo., library edition; cloth
(Here a device) | LONDON: | Printed by T. H. for R. Meighen, and are
to be sold at his Shop, next to the Middle-Temple Gate, and in |
S. Dunstans Church-yard in Fleet-street, | 1630. |
Sm. 4to., a fine copy in half morocco
MILTON. SOTHEBY (Samuel Leigh). Ramblings in the Elucidation
of the Autograph of Milton.

3 10 0


0 12 0

1 10 0

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Impl. 4to., with 2 portraits and 27 plates of facsimiles of parts of the various MSS. of the poet's works; fancy morocco binding

1861 1 4 0

485 MILTON (John). The Works of Iohn Milton in verse and prose, printed from the original editions, with a life of the author by the Rev. John Mitford. 8 vols., 8vo., portrait, and facsimile of the agreement for Paradise Lost; calf antique, gilt edges


vnfortunate Princes and men of note, as haue happened since the first
entrance of Brute | into this Iland, vntill this our | latter Age. | NEWLY
ENLARGED WITH A LAST | part, called A Winter nights Vision, being an
addition of such Tragedies, especially famous, as are exempted | in the
former Historie, with a Poem annexed, called Englands Eliza. |
(Here a device) | AT LONDON | Imprinted by Felix Kyngston. | 1610. |
Sm. 4to., plain inner margin of title restored; brown morocco extra,
gilt edges by Bedford
Sm. 4to., some leaves a little water-stained, but never-
theless an extraordinarily fine and very large copy (75 × 50 inches);
calf; formerly in the possession of David Garrick who has written his
initials on the title-page


the same.




1610 25

The following note is written on one of the fly-leaves: "This Copy of Niccols's
Mirrour for Magistrates once belonged to David Garrick Esqr. Mr Reed of Staple's
Inn informed me that he saw Mr Garrick write the initial letters D: G: which are at
the top of the Title-Page-G. L. Way, 1782."

COLLATION: A, 8 leaves; B, 2 leaves; C-Llle in eights. Both the above copies
have the dedicatory sonnet to the Earl of Nottingham at the beginning of the Winter
Night's Vision. It was suppressed and is seldom seen.

Richard Niccols compiled all the preceding editions of the Mirror in one uniform edition, lightly varied from the standard edition of 1587-78 (as he curtailed and rejected some pieces), and added his own two compositions—“ A winter Night's Vision" and England's Eliza."

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488 MONASTERIES. Three chapters of Letters relating to the SUPPRESSION OF MONASTERIES. Edited by THOMAS WRIGHT. Sm. 4to., cloth

Camden Soc. 1843 489 MONTAIGNE. Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne, Translated into English by Charles Cotton. The Seventh Edition. 3 vols., 8vo., old calf



The ESSAYS of MICHAEL DE MONTAIGNE, translated into English... from the most accurate French edition of Peter Coste. the ninth edition. 3 vols. 8vo., half calf gilt 1811 (Sir Thomas). | UTOPIA: | Written in Latin by Sir THOMAS MORE, CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND: Translated into English. | LONDON, Printed for Richard Chiswell; and to be sold by George Powell ..

491 MORE

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Sm. 8vo., fine copy in old calf

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492 MOXON (Joseph). MECHANICK EXERCISES. (Vol. I, title:) MECHANICK EXERCISES, OR THE DOCTRINE OF Handy-Works, Began Jan. 1. 1677. And intended to be | continued. By Joseph Moxon, Member of the Royal Society, and HYDROGRAPHER to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. | LONDON. | Printed for Joseph Moxon. 1683. | (Vol. II, title:) MECHANICK EXERCISES: | Or, the Doctrine of HandyWorks. Applied to the Art of Printing. The Second VOLUMNE. | By Joseph Moxon .... LONDON. | Printed for Joseph Moxon

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.... 1683.' | 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to., with 53 copperplates, including portraits of Guthenberg and Koster; a very fine copy in old calf, with the bookplate of Charles Viscount Bruce of Ampthill

1683 31 A fine and perfect copy of the EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION, no copy of which has been offered for sale for many years.

493 MUNCHAUSEN. The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Illustrated by William Strang and J. B. Clark, with an Introduction by Thomas Seccombe. 8vo., cloth




6 vols.

1589 15 15 0

EXCESSIVELY RARE. It is one of Nash's contributions to the Martin Mar-prelate


Printed by William Bingley, 1769-70

A complete set of John Wilkes' famous periodical.

497 0. (R.). Mans Mortállitie or a Treatise Wherein 'tis proved, both
Theologically and Phylosophically, that whole Man (as a rationall
Creature) is a Compound wholy mortall . . . And that the present
going of the Soule into Heaven or Hell is a meer Fiction . . . With
all doubtes and Objections Answered, and resolved, both by Scripture
and Reason ... Amsterdam Printed by John Canne Anno Dom. 1643.
Sm. 4to., 30 leaves; two lines defaced by printers' ink and a corner
mended, otherwise perfect; hf. bd., scarce
498 OTWAY (Thomas). Works . . consisting of his Plays, Poems, and Love
Letters. 2 vols. 12mo., with fine portrait; old calf, rebacked 1712

499 PASTON LETTERS (The), 1422-1509 A.D. A reprint of the edition of

1872-5... edited by James GAIRDNER. 4 vols. cr. 8vo., with 4 plates;

cloth (pub. 21s)

0 PEACOCK (T. L.)]. Rhododaphne: or the Thessalian Spell. A Poem.
12mo., original boards, uncut and not cut open, with the label

PEELE (George). Works. Edited by A. H. Bullen. 2 vols., 8vo.,

with facsimile; cloth, uncut

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The best edition of Peele's works. Only 200 copies of this large paper edition

were printed.

PERCY Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Fourth edition. 3 vols.
cr. 8vo., with frontispiece and vignettes; calf gilt

504 PETITIONS AND ANSWERS. Edited by F. O., citizen and weaver. Sm. 4to.,

Roxburghe binding

Privately printed, 1870

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Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse and Prose.

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