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238 BRYANT family, of Thurlbeer, Somerset. 7 pages folio, neatly litho-

239 BULKELEY. Act to enable the Devisees under the Will of Thomas James
Warren Lord Viscount Bulkeley to grant Leases. Fcp. folio, sả. 1824
240 CHAFIN. An Act for sale of Estates of William Chafin Clerk, for paying
certain Portions charged thereon. Fcp. folio, sd.
241 CHANDOS. Act for impowering the Committee of the Estate of Anna
Eliza Dutchess of Chandos, a Lunatic, to make Leases of her Estates.
Fep. folio, sd.
242 CHESTERFIELD. Evidence before the Committee of Privileges on the
Petition of George Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, praying for
a writ of Summons to issue to the Petitioner as E. of Chesterfield and
Baron Stanhope. Fcp. folio

243 CHIVERS v. Morfoot case in the House of Lords of the Defendant in Error.
Fcp. folio, sd.
244 CHOLMLEY. Memoirs of Sir Hugh Cholmley, Knt. & Bart. from an
Original Manuscript in his own Handwriting, together with the
Cholmley Pedigree. Royal 8vo. sd.

100 copies privately printed.

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245 COOKE. The Seize Quartiers of the Family of Bryan Cooke, and of Frances his wife; with folding pedigree and numerous cuts of Arms. Sm. 4to. printed for private circulation, cloth

1857 216 COSTEKER. Pedigree of the Descendants of Daniel Costeker, who came from Holland about the year 1609 and settled near Sandwich in Kent; very neatly written on parchment, a roll (2 ft. 5 in. by 1 ft. 3 in.) about 6 generations

247 Courtenay. CLEAVELAND (Ezra). Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of COURTENAY. Folio, old calf

Exon. 1735

From the library of Horace Walpole, and contains his engraved bookplate, a portrait (by T. Chambers) of Edward Courtney Earl of Devonshire, and a view of Powderham Castle, by Buck.

At the Beckford Sale this copy sold for £5. 10s.

248 COURTENAY. Case in the House of Lords of William Viscount Courtenay
claiming the Title of Earl of Devon; with 2-page pedigree. Folio, sd.
n. d. (1825)
249 CRANMER. Genealogical Memoranda relating to the family of Cranmer.
Royal 4to. sd.
Privately printed, 1870
250 CRESPIGNY. Act for vesting certain Freehold Hereditaments, part of the
settled estates of Philip Champion Crespigny, in Trustees to be sold.
Fep. folio, sd.

251 DARBY. Act to Dissolve the Marriage of Thomas Darby with Mary his
Wife, and to enable him to marry again. Fcp. folio, sd. (1776)
252 DEANE. Act for vesting the Estate of Anthony Deane in co. Worcester,
in Trustees and for the Purchase of other Lands. Fcp. folio, sd. 1778
253 Deeds. Genealogical Abstracts of about 1000 documents, consisting of
Assignments, Conveyances, Wills, Mortgages, etc., during the seven-
teenth to the nineteenth centuries. 4to. MS. of 424 pp. beautifully
written by an able Genealogist; half morocco-Also a quantity of similar
Abstracts (unbound) sufficient to form two more volumes-in all 2825

254 DESPENCER. Act for raising Portions for the younger Children of Thomas
Lord Le Despencer. Fcp. folio, sd.

255 DICKENSON. Act to empower William Churchill Dickenson, to grant
building leases upon the Estates devised by the Will of John Dickenson.
Fcp. folio, sd.
256 DICKINSON. Pedigree of Dickinson of Somerset and America originally of
Yorkshire, a large sheet in manuscript

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257 DILLINGHAM. Act for vesting certain Estates devised by the Will of Theophilus Dillingham in Dillingham Brampton Gurdon Dillingham and his heirs. Fcp. folio, sd.


258 DYKES of Cumberland. A long printed pedigree from Charlemagne. Folded 4to. size


259 DYVE. Pedigree of Somerset and Westminster. A sheet pedigree of six generations, very neatly written


260 EATON. Act for Enlarging the Powers granted by an Act in 1745 for sale of certain Estates of Sarah Eaton, and for laying out the money arising therefrom. Fep. folio, sd.


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251 EVELYN, Ann and others against Edward Evelyn and others, in the House of Lords, both Appellants and Respondents cases. 2 in 1, folio, sd. 1733 262 FAIRFAX. Act to confirm an Agreement, making void a Settlement of certain Manors etc. in the North Riding, the Estates of the Honourable Ann Fairfax, and for making another Settlement. Fcp. folio, sd. 1781 0 2 6 23 FERNE (John). THE BLAZON OF GENTRIE: Deuided into two parts . . The Glorie of Generositie. . Lacyes Nobilitie. 8vo. with numerous woodcuts; old calf gilt Printed by John Windet, for Toby Cooke, 1586 204 FERRERS (Washington Earl). Case in the House of Lords as Appellant and Selina Countess Dowager Ferrers, Respondent, both cases, 2 papers. Folio, sd.



An Act appointing_new Trustees for vesting in Trustees the Estate of Washington Earl Ferrers, and for satisfying the Incumbrances thereon. Fep. folio, sd. 1775

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266 FINLASON (W. F.). History of Hereditary Dignities, with reference to the Earldom of Wiltes. 8vo. cloth


27 FITZWILLIAM (Catherine Vis.). Act for Vesting certain Hereditaments belonging to Catherine Viscountess Fitzwilliam in Trustees. Fcp. folio, sd.

1772 268 FOX-DAVIES (Arthur Charles). ARMORIAL FAMILIES. A Directory of some Gentlemen of Coat-Armour, showing which Arms in use at the moment are borne by legal authority. Third edition. Impl. 8vo. xxxii and 924 pp. with upwards of 1000 Coats of Arms; buckram (pub. £6.6s) Edinburgh, 1899 FUNERAL CERTIFICATES. A very neatly written Manuscript with 77 drawings of Arms beautifully tricked, and account of the funerals connected therewith principally in Norfolk. 40 leaves fcp. stitched, from the collection of A. W. Morant

SEC. XIX 270 GEE. Act for vesting the real Estates of Roger Gee, in Trustees to raise money for discharging incumbrances, etc. Fcp. folio, sd. 1780 271 GENEALOGICAL MEMORANDA, Collected by the late Col. W. Newsome, consisting of several hundred slips, connecting names etc. copied from authentic documents. 3 large parcels

These slips if arranged would be of the greatest value to a Genealogist, affording much information relating to families during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 272 GEORGE III. Letters patent appointing Samuel Bishop of St. Davids. 2 deeds nicely written with finely engraved heading and portrait of George III



Writ of Privy Seal to the Dean and Chapter of St. Asaph directing. them to elect a Bishop in the room of Dr. Bagot deceased. With finely engraved portrait of George III and ornamental heading 1802

Patent of Assistance nominating Dr. Horsley Bishop of St. Davids. With finely engraved portrait of George III and ornamental heading 1803 275 GORE FAMILY. Syntagma Genealogicum or a genealogical treatise of the Family of the Gores of Aldrington or Alderton, in the Hundred of Chippenham, in the County of Wilts. Containing a true and exact account of their Armes, Births, Baptizings, Marriages, Issue, Lands, Last Wills and Testaments, Deaths. . (etc.) By THOMAS GORE, Esq.

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Folio MANUSCRIPT of upwards of 300 pages, most beautifully written in
red and black, the arms EMBLAZONED; in the original dark morocco
(rebacked), having the Gore Arms on the sides


The family records commence with the year 1330 and extend to 1682; the writing,
which must have cost the compiler an immense amount of time and pains, was
finished in 1685. The bookplate of Thomas Hedges of Alderton is inside the cover.
The book was afterwards in the possession of J. Poulett Scrope, Esq. of Castle Combe,
who presented it to the late Canon Jackson. The last named has added a notice of the
writer and a copy of his will.

276 GREENES. TURNER (H. E.). Greenes of Warwick in Colonial History.
Royal 8vo. sd.
Newport, R. I., 1877
277 GREENWODE Pedigree from 1154 to 1815, a very neatly and close written.
pedigree with drawing of Arms. Dble. fcp. folio
278 GRENE. In the House of Lords. William Grene Appellant, and Johanna
and John Grene Respondents, both cases, 2 papers, folio
279 GUILLIM. A Display of Heraldry. By John Guillim, Pursuivant at
Arms. The Sixth [and best] Edition. Improv'd with large Additions
Large folio, LARGE PAPER, with fine copperplate portraits and very
numerous coats of arms; a very fine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt
280 GUISE of Elmore Co. Gloucester, pedigree from the Conquest to the
present Time, privately printed by Sir T. Phillipps, folded 4to. size 1867
281 GYLES. Pedigree of the Family of Gyles of Gravesend with abstracts of
Parish Registers. MS. 7 pages. Fcp. folio


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282 HALES. Act for vesting certain Leasehold in the parish of S. George, Hanover Square, devised by the Will of Sir John Hales, Bart. in Trustees to assign the same. Fcp. folio, sd.


0 2

283 HANBURY, of Co. Gloucester, Manuscript pedigree of 10 generations, a
large sheet folded 4to. size

0 5

284 HARDMAN of Allerton Hall, Co. Lancs. Pedigree in manuscript, six generations, folded 4to. size


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285 HARRIS. Act to dissolve the Marriage of John Potter Harris, and to enable him to marry again. Fcp. folio, sd. 1777 286 HARVEY. Act for vesting the Estate late of Eliab Harvey called BuckHouse in the county of Essex, in Trustees, to sell the same for the Benefit of Edward Harvey an Infant. Fcp. folio, sd. 1775 287 HARVY (Clarenceux King at Arms) An Ordinary of Arms, 1566 with additions by R. PHILIPOTT 1623; several hundred coats all roughly drawn, some coloured. 5 vols., stout fcap. folio, old calf, new backed

0 2

1566-1623 10 10

288 HEATON. Act to enable Sarah Heaton, Mother and Guardian of John Heaton, a minor, to grant Building Leases. Fcp. folio, sd. (1793) 289 HESKETH Pedigree from 1298 to present time, closely printed with cut of Arms. Impl. folio page 1872 being a new edition of the Synopsis of the Peerage of England by the late Sir Harry Nicolas, revised, corrected, and continued by William Courthope. 8vo. lxxvi and 610 pp.; cloth, 7s 6d; or, calf gilt


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291 HONYWOOD. Act for allowing Timber to be cut upon certain Estates by the Will of General Philip Honywood, and for applying the money therefrom. Fcap. folio, sd.

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1789 0 2

292 HORNE. Pedigree of Families descended from John Horne a French refugee (1560) who lived at Nackhold in the county of Kent; a large roll on parchment (5 ft. by 2 ft.) very neatly written, about 8 generations and showing the descent of the families of Boys Morris, Longley, Costeker, Brenckly, Greenhill, and Walter

293 HUDSON. Pedigree of Hudson of Newbiggin and Whitley, Northumberland, a sheet pedigree, eight generations, 4 ft. by 2 ft. 6 in. very neatly written on stout paper

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291 JEKYLL. Act for vesting the 12th part of the Estate of Sir Joseph Jekyll in Trustees, and enable them to convey the same. Fcp. folio,



295 JOHNSTONE (Sir Frederic George). Case in the House of Lords, claiming the title of Marquess of Annandale, etc. with pedigree. Folio 1834 296 KECK. Act concerning Certain Estates of Francis Keck, deceased, in Trustees to enable them to convey the same, etc. Fep. folio; sd. 1778 297 KIBLEWHITE pedigree, shewing the relationship with Sir Thomas White, founder of St. John's College, Oxford; a beautifully written manuscript on vellum

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n. d.



KIRBY of Yorkshire, shewing connection with Marston and others, six generations, a sheet of manuscript closely written (1850) LAKE (Dame Mary) widow of Sir Bibye Lake, Bart. Case in the H. of Lords, on behalf of His Majesty and George Payne, Esq. Folio 1746 LEWIS (Rev. John). Arms in the Church of Great Chaldfield and in the Chapel of the Hungerfords at Farleigh Castle with divers Shields of the English Nobility. Sm. 4to., a very neatly written Manuscript with 226 Coats of Arms beautifully drawn and many of them coloured; half 1760 31 LONG of Wraxall co. Wilts, a very full pedigree with arms, a large sheet folded 4to. size 1878


#2 Marmyun. BANKS (T. C.). History of the ancient noble FAMILY
OF MARMYUN; their singular Office of King's Champion, by the Tenure
of the Baronial Manor of Scrivelsby, co. Lincoln; also, OTHER DIGNI-
TORIAL TENURES, and the Services of London, Oxford, &c. on the
Coronation-Day. 4to. with 6 plates; bds. uncut
MASON. Act to enable Commissioners to compound certain Debts due to
His Majesty and affecting the Estates of Charles Mason, deceased.
Fep. folio, sd.



34 MERCHANT TAYLORS' School. Admission of Free and other Scholars,
extracted from the Records; from the year 1562 to 1605, privately
printed on one side only, and doubly interleaved. Sm. 4to. cloth (1880)
6 MERCHANT TAYLORS' Company, List of Apprentices, alphabetically ar-
ranged, 1557-1801. List of Freedoms during the same period;-2
MSS. in 1 vol. 4to. full morocco

METCALFE (J. H.). Genealogical Table shewing the descents of certain
Families from King Egbert, Charlemagne, Rollo, and others with the
Metcalfe family, a very large sheet (45 x 30) closely printed with num-
erous coats of arms, folded to 15 × 71


37 MILLER of Warwick, a large sheet pedigree of 7 generations, folded 4to.



MILWARD. Miscellaneous extracts relating to the Family of Milward, with a pedigree from 1375, eleven generations. 12 pages closely written, fep. folio (1800) MOORE. In the Court of Delegates, Moore against Moore and Metcalfe, an Appeal from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 4 leaves, folio 1816 310 MORANT (A. W.). SEALS AND ARMORIAL BEARINGS of English Cathedrals, Abbeys, Monasteries, and Religious House. Small folio, MANUSCRIPT, very neatly written and illustrated by tracings and drawings, etc.; half


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1870-80 10 0 0

A valuable and extensive unprinted contribution to English archæology and historical heraldry. The late Mr. Morant (who gave considerable aid in the production of Papworth's Armorial) was one of the most painstaking, indefatigable, and learned antiquaries of our time.

311 NAMES of the CHIEF FAMILIES in the COUNTY of DEVON, with a Description of their Arms, and in what Churches or other places they are to be found, with other valuable particulars. Sm. 4to., neat MS.; calf; from the Dering collection

About 1665 A most valuable volume to the Devonshire collector, drawn out by some antiquary of the time of Charles II. He drew his description of the arms "out of a Rolle which


was borrowed of Mr. Cable, and returned 1666." But he must also have made a tour
of the County, as he enters many of the Arms as seen by him in the various churches,
etc., and frequently mentions that he has various deeds connected with the different

have registered their Estates . . As the same have been returned by
the Clerks of the Peace for the severall Counties to the Commissioners
for the Forfeited Estates

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Small folio, an official transcript from the Commissioners' books, 122 pp. clearly written; sd.


(1739-40) 10 This curious and important document may be regarded as a Dictionary of Catholic land-owners in England at the time. The names of the counties and parishes or mansions are given in all cases, and the yearly value of each property annexed. The total of these yearly values is shown at the end to amount to nearly £387,000. 313 NICOLL. An Act for sale of Estates of the late John Nicoll, of Bolton, co. York. Fep. folio, sd. 1779

314 NORTHEY. Pedigree in Manuscript to 1783, 5 generations, on parch1783


315 NUGENT. Act for raising out of the Estate of Ann Nugent, the sum of Ten Thousand Pounds, for the Benefit of Robert Craggs Lord Viscount Clare. Fep. folio, sd. 1772 316 ORMEROD (George). Genealogical Essays illustrative of Cheshire and Lancashire Families, and a Memoir on the Cheshire Domesday Roll. 8vo. cloth, uncut Privately printed, 1851 317 OSBORNE. Act to enable Elizabeth Osborne and others to convey lands in Clehonger in the county of Hereford, in exchange for other lands in the same county. Fep. folio, sd.



318 PALMER. COLBY (F. T.). Pedigree of the Palmer Family of Southmalton. Royal 4to. 50 copies only printed, sd. Exeter, 1892 Act to enable the Tenants for Life and others, entitled to Rents of the Estates entered into under the Marriage Settlement of Benjamin Parker, to grant Leases, etc. Fep. folio, sd. (1778) 320 POWELL. A Bill to enable Arthur Annesley Roberts, and his Heirs to take and use the Surname and Arms of Powell. Fcp. folio, sd. (1784) 321 RADCLIFFE, Pedigree; 3 closely printed pages with Arms. Royal 4to. in 1869


322 RAINE. Act incorporating the Trustees of the Charities established by Henry Raine. Fcp. folio, sd. 1780 323 RANBY (John) appellant, and George Downes and others respondents in the House of Lords, the 2 cases in one. Folio, sd. 1730 324 RHODES. Pedigree of Rhodes of New Zealand from Yorkshire, as recorded in the College of Arms, a long pedigree on 3 sheets of Foolscap very neatly written 1866 325 ROLLE. Act for vesting certain Estates of Denys Rolle, in the Counties of Somerset and Wilts in Trustees to be sold and applying the Money. Fcp. folio, sd. 326 SANDFORD. A Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens of England, and Monarchs of Great Britain, &c. From the Conquest, Anno 1066. to the Year 1707 . . . First Publish'd to the Beginning of King Charles the Second's Reign, by FRANCIS SANDFORD . . . and Continued to this Time, with . . . the Descents of divers Illustrious Families, now Flourishing, Maternally Descended from the said Monarchs, or from Collateral Branches of the Royal Blood of England; By SAMUEL STEBBING . . Folio, with numerous fine plates of Portraits, Seals, Tombs, Coats of Arms, etc.; calf



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the same. Folio, a very fine large copy in crimson morocco extra,

by F. Bedford


Inserted in this fine copy are the bookplates of Vicountess Scudamore and Charles George Young, former owners of the volume.


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