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Woodhouse, Joseph, of Wollescote, co. Derby, geuc, clxxxviii.

Worcester, the battle of, xliv; Mrs Walton's epitaph in the cathedral of, lxix.

Wordsworth, a sonnet by, in praise of Walton's biographical works, exxtv.

Worms, different kinds of, directions for firming, scouring, and keeping, 91,9a.

Wotton, Anne, wife of Sir E. Hales, xliii. Sir Henry, the intimate friend of Izaak Walton, xx; presented by Dr Donne with a seal of bloodstone engraven with a representation of the Saviour extended on an anchor, xxiv; letter to Walton, in reply to co mm inncat ion from him respecting an intended Life of Dr Donne, xxvii; his writings published by Walton, under the title of " Reliquia e Wottonianae," xlii; account of him, xlii; his "Description of the Spring, on a bank as I sat a-fishing," xliv, I, 54 ; letter from him to Walton, enclosing a hymn written at night during a severe illness, xliv; intended to have written a discourse of the art and in praise of angling, xlvii, a; mentioned by Walton, lxxix, lxxx, 17a; intimate with Charles Cotton the elder, clxiv; a lover of angling, 53: oils used by him to tempt fish to bite, 186; verses by him quoted by Walton, so8, so9 ; descriptive account of his fishing-house near Eton, by Mr Jesse,: exxix; verses entitled "Rusticatio Re-! liiriosi iu vacanti is," ascribed to him, a75.'

Wotton, Katherine, wife of Heary, Lord Stanhope, xliii, ccii . Margaret, wife of Sir Jobn Tufion, xliii. Mary Baroness, the " Reliquiae Wottonianae," dedicated to. xliii. Thomas, ad Lord, of Mariey, xliii

Wrangham, Archdeacon, his translation of verses, written by James Park, Esq., in praise of Walton, exxvi; his translation of verses addressed to Walton by Dr Duport, a74.

Wye, the salmon of the, when in season, 5, 7, 1a6 ; grayling plentiful in the, 1a2 ; botn the lamperne and the lamprey taken in the, 165 n.; sources of the, a3o.

Wyre, the river, made subject to the fence months by stat. 13 Rich. II., 6a n.

Yananton, Ann, wife of Jobn, of Redstone,

co. Worcester, 143 n. Yare, the river, made subject to the fence

months by stat. 13 Edw. I., 6a «. Yarmouth, herrings plentiful at, 198; the

town of, hound by charter to send to the

king, yearly, one hundred herrings baked

in twenty-four pies 198 n, Yellow-dun fly, a, for April, a56. Yellow flies, for May and June, 1oo. York, the Duke of, master of the game,

alluded to by Juliana Berners, a91.

Zouch, Dr, error in his statement resoecting Walton's marriage, xx; his Life of Walton quoted, lxxxviii, cxiii, exxvii.

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