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and during seven years in which the work has been in progress, his ardour never for a moment abated. It is now for the public to judge of the result of his efforts; and the Editor, who has so often benefited by his bibliographical knowledge, cannot deny himself the pleasure of expressing a hope that he to whose taste and exertions these volumes owe nearly all their value, may derive from them the credit which he so well deserves.


Containing the Second Chapter, "On the Otter and the

Chub" 58

The Third Day :—

Containing Part of the Second Chapter, "On the Otter and the

Chub" 61

The Third Chapter, containing Directions "How to Fish

for and to Dress the Chavender or Chub'' . . 66

The Fourth Chapter, " On the Nature and Breeding of the

Trout, and how to Fish for him" . . .71

And Part of the Fifth Chapter, "On the Trout" . . 84

The Fourth Day :—

Containing the remainder of the Fifth Chapter, " On the Trout" 9o

The Sixth Chapter, "On the Umber or Grayling" . 1ao

The Seventh Chapter, " On the Salmon" . . .1aa

The Eighth Chapter, "On the Luce or Pike" . .1a9

The Ninth Chapter, "On the Carp "... 14o

The Tenth Chapter, "On the Bream" . . .148

The Eleventh Chapter, "On the Tench" . . .153

The Twelfth Chapter, " On the Perch" . . 155

The Thirteenth Chapter, "Of the Eel, and other Fish that

want Scales" . . . . . 158

The Fourteenth Chapter, "Of the Barbel" . . 166

The Fifteenth Chapter, "Of the Gudgeon, the Ruffe, and

the Bleak" ...... 171

The Sixteenth Chapter, "Of Nothing, or of Nothing

worth" ....... 173

The Fifth Day :—

Containing the Seventeenth Chapter, "Of Roach and Dace " . 181

The Eighteenth Chapter," Of the Minnow or Penk, Loach,

Bullhead, or Miller's-Thumb, and the Sticklebag" . 19a

The Nineteenth Chapter, "Of Rivers, and some Observa-

tion of Fish 194

The Twentieth Chapter, "Of Fish-ponds" . . 198

And Chapter Twenty-first ..... ao1

A short Discourse, by way of Postscript, touching the Laws of

Angling ........ 21a


Letter from Charles Cotton to Izaak Walton . . .a17

Walton's Reply thereto . . . . . .218

The Retirement, Stanzes Irreguliers to Mr Izaak Walton . . a19


1. Portrait Of Walton, from a Picture by Housman, in the

Possession of the Rev. Dr Hawes, of Salishury, copied by'
Mr Derby, engraved by W. Humphrys . • Frontispiece

2. Vignette Of The Device Of Walton, impaling the Arms of

his two Wives, viz., Fludd and Ken ; and the Arms of Cotton,
impaling his two Wives, viz., Hutchinson and Russell, drawn
by Mr Willement, engraved on wood by Byfield . Preface

3. View Of Sir Heney Wotton's Fishing-house on the Banks

of the Thames, near Eton, drawn by Mr Edward Hassell, engraved by J. Adcock ..... cxxix

4. View From The Lawn Of Sir H. Wotton's Fishing-house,

with Windsor Castle and Eton College in the distance, drawn

by Mr Hassell, engraved by Adcock . . . cxxxi

5. Portrait Of Charles Cotton, Esq., from a Picture by Sir

Peter Lely, in the Possession of Jobn Beresford, Esq., at Ash-
bourne, copied by Mr Inskipp, and engraved by W.
Humphrys . ..... clxili

6. Portrait (whole length) Of Izaak Walton, from a Painting

by Mr Inskipp, engraved by H. Robinson . . I

7. Engraved Title, designed by T. Stothard, R.A., engraved by

A. Fox ....... I

8. Madeley Manor, the Seat of Jobn Offley, Esq., engraved by

Augustus Fox ...... I

9. Facsimile of the Title-page of the First Edition of the Com

pleat Angler, 1653 ..... 5

1o. Vignette Of A Mill-dam, drawn by Delamotte, engraved by

Fox ....... 8

11. The Gereting At Tottenham High Cross, drawn by T.

Stothard, R. A., engraved by Fox ... 19

1a. Vignette, Head-piece, drawn by T. Stothard, R.A., engraved

by W. H. Worthington ..... 19

13. Interior Of Theonalds, from a Print by Sparrow, from an

Original Picture then in the Collection of Earl Poulet, at
Hinton St George, engraved by Fox ... 35

14. Exterior Of Theonalds, from a Picture by Vinkenboom, in

the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, engraved by J. Rich-
ardson ....... 18e

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