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Sea Beggars what I did not like my self; efpecially since Translation is of such a nice ticklish nature, that Reputation is easily lost by it, andar best, not much got: Which confideration, I fear, discourages Men of better ability from a very useful exercise of their Pen, and leaves to unskilful hands the fole propriety, in a manner, of that ungrateful, ill-cultivated Province. And this may be the reason that we have so few Good, and so many Vile Translations. I wish those of another kind, not from Language to Language,

but fromS-e to S-e, were better. And now, if I thought I could trust my Reader with a Secret, I would acquaint him,

Vultum ferre negat Vernonum posse minoris. Hor.

This Penalty is to remain in full force to the End of the next Parliament; provided it does not continue above

One of the Poor men (for one with another they are not worth above forty thousand Pounds a Man) is newly paid for breaking his Oath with a Patent

In Summer round the Park to ride ;

In Winter never to Reside. Satan and the Whigs (to give Both their due) are very good Masters, and pay their Servants extraordinary Wages. This must be acknowledg’d by their greatest Enemies.

Their poor Fig-leaf of a Dispensation (a Rag of the old Whore) I shall blow away at one Puff, in my next Impression.

-Vain Covering, if to hide
Their Guilt and dreaded Shame. Paradise Loft B. 9.


seven years.

that the Two Books below mention'd

$ cost me very near Four hundred Pounds Pripting; and that they have not yet been so kind as to return me a fourth part of my Money; nor without His especial help Ibelieve ever will; and this for a reason I shall acquaint him with when I see him. In the mean time I beg him to step in to my fuccour, and to consider, that tho' the Goods were not bespoke by him, yet they were made purposely for him. If he will oblige me in this particular, that is, buy Two the very best Books of the Kind extant (for a Man may without vanity commend what is not His) I promise to return the obligation in my way,

and will translate him with all the little skill I am master of, another Volume of Thomas à Kempis (if I find he likes this) and Print it as well. Farewell Gentle, Candid, Courteous, Ingenuous Reader.



Lately Publish’ Dr. Willymott.
Ord Bacon's Essays, or Counsels Moral and Civil, in

Two Volumes, 8vo. The one translated from his Lordship's Latin Volume of that Work: The other confifting of Twenty seven Chapters (by way of Essay) translated from his Lordship's Treatise De Augmentis Scientiarum. Price io s.

A Collection of Devotions for the Altar, translated and selected from the best Authors, ancient and modern, that have wrote. upon the Sacrament. In Two Vol. 8vo.

Price jos.

we should address our felves to God in all our Desires 224

A Prayer for (Grace to do the will of GOD


XVI. That

XVI. That true Comfort is to be fought in God alone 227

XVII. That all our Care is to be cast upon God 229

XVII, That temporal Miseries, after the Example of Christ,

ought to be born with Calmness and Evennefs of Mind 231

XIX. How we ougbt

' to bear Injuries; and of the Marks

of a true Patience


XX. Of the Confession of our Infirmity; and of the Mise-

ries of this Life


XXI. That we ought to repose our Souls in God above all

Goods and Gifts of Nature and Grace


XXU. Of the Remembrance of the manifold Benefits of



XXII. Of four Things that bring great Peace 249

A Prayer against evil Thoughts


A Prayer for illumination of Soul


XXIV. Of the funning of all curious Inquiry into the

Life and Conversation of others


XXV. In what things folid, unshaken Peace of Heart, and

true spiritual Proficience consisteth


XXVI. Of the high Prerogative of a free Soul, which is the

Reward of bumble Prayer, more than of Reading 257

XXVII. That felf Love is the grand Obstruction in our pur-

suit of the sovereign Good


A Prayer for Purity of Heart and heavenly Wisdom 262

XXVIH. Against the Tongues of Detractors and Evil-Speak-



XXIX. How God is to be invok'd and bless'd in time of


XXX. Of craving the divine Assistance; and Confidence

of recovering Grace


XXXI. Of the Disregard of all Creatures, in order to find

the Creator


XXXII. Of self-denial, and the Renouncing of all desire 275

XXXIII. Of the Instability of the Heart: and that our in-

tention is to be directed fully and finally to God alone 278

XXXIV. That the Soul that loves God tastes him in all

things and above all things

XXXV. That there is no Security from Temptation in this



XXXVI. Against the vain Judgments of Men 285

XXXVII. Of an absolute and entire Resignation of our selves:

in order to obtain Liberty of Heart




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