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verse; but under every sun there may

be a particular genus of organization, No. 6.- Extension of the Analogy to the which implies a corresponding accomvisible Universe.

modation of the chemical and animal

states. The generic character of each Our author having assumed the incor- may thus appear in the central step of ruptibility of the other worlds, as was the scale, agreeably to the great anaobserved in the last number, proceeds logy typified in this world; for, as I to reason the subject out in the follow- have said, the whole is a scheme of ining manner. Art. 116. “But as, in tervolution, where every part is typical our own world, we see the phenomena of the whole." of the central, or vegetable, kingdom In this way I conclude, that our of nature dependent on the sun, ana- solar system, or genus of organization, logy leads us to conclude, that in each containing seven principal rational of the sister worlds, a state of organic species, is but one of millions of other zation not altogether unlike our own genera which exist in the universe, may be maintained, by the instrumen- each of them under a Sun, or what we tality of the same glorious luminary. call a fixed star. Nay, it is highly The central state being thus determin- probable, that all the fixed stars themed, will require a corresponding che- selves which we see, together with our mical and animal nature; and thus we own sun, belong to one great cluster or may regard the solar system as a ge- congregation, and that the nebulæ, nus of organization, branching into which are dimly seen in the nocturnal seven principal species, whereof ours sky, are other clusters or congregations ; is the third in order, counted from the but at such vast distances, that none

of the particular suns composing them “I speak not of the satellites and can be discerned—nothing but a dim comets, nor of the newly discovered light resulting from each congregation, diminutive planets; whose phenomena as it were en masse.* Thus, it is prodiffer so widely from those of the bable there are species, genera, orseven worlds, that they seem to form ders, classes; or worlds, systems, a kind of system by themselves. congregations; all in rapid motion;

"Pursuing those general views, I orbs within orbs, wheels within wheels, regard the solar system as a genus, in perfect systematic order. comprehending seven principal species, “Human imagination cannot conwhereof the human is one. The human ceive the immensity of the grandeur, species exbibits the microcosm of this the interminable variety, where the world; and six other rational species stupendous power of the Eternal has may exhibit the microcosm of the operated. We are expressly told, other worlds respectively, which be- that the works which He hath made, long to the solar genus of organization. far exceed the flight of human genius, Thus may be completed the economy in its most transcendent efforts. Let of the first heaven, or solar system, to us imagine what we will, to the utmost which our world and species belong. rack and stretch of the mind immor

* Thus the same analogy which tal, still we are within, greatly within, leads us to reason out the phenomena the vast circle of the universe of God! of the first heavens,' leads us also ay, within even the second circle. For to those of the second or visible uni- after all our imaginations are exhaust

ed by the realities that may occur in " An immense system of nature, com

the boundless variety which is there, prehending the three central steps of the third heaven,' or unimaginable the scale, may thus extend through the whole visible or conceivable uni Such is the opinion of Herschel. No. 41.-Vol. IV.




state of eternity, succeeds and extends this world, and to all other worlds, beyond all.”

whether they regard systems or indiThus are all the works and ways of viduals, classes, orders, genera, or God comprehended in three great cir- species. All, all must be included, cles, like all the rays of the sun in a from the immense whole to the mithreefold radiance. There is first the nutest part. And as it is evident, circle of the planets in our system, (and that no part of this whole could give every other system will have its circle existence to itself, so in like manner, in like manner,) extending from the the great whole could not exist by sun as the centre, to the most distant itself. This, therefore, brings us deplanet that moves round him. There cessarily to place at the point ab ante, is next the circle of the visible uni- in the circle of eternity, etficient causaverse, the babitation of the fixed stars, / tion, which gave birth to all being in which are

innumerable, dislused the universe. And as there is evi. throughout the whole canopy of the dently the strongest marks of wisdom heavens, not only in the line of one and design manifest throughout the circupiference, or in the circumference whole-some great and important end of a zone of immense width, but in to be answered by such a wonderful the line of circumferences in all direc- cvolution as the universe unfolds,tions in the concave arch of heaven,- this, on the other hand, leads us to not only in the heaven which is above, place at the point eternity to come, in but in that also which is below, and the circle of eternity, final causation, all round us. Nor are they to be con- which relates to the grand end or design ceived as stationed on a plane surface for which all being in the universe was at the extremity of the vast expansc; made. And we are to conceive God but the circle, immense as its radius as the ALL IN ALL throughout the is, must have a centre, from which to whole, The ALPHA and OMEGA, its circumference in all directions and The BEGINNING and the all proper distances, are placed And as the circumference of the worlds, systems, congregations. earth's orbit is considered only as a

But beyond all this, there is in the point in comparison of the distance of third place, the heaven of eternity, the the fixed stars, even so the circumfehouse of God, and the proper resi- rence of the whole created universe, dence of the angelic host, the sons of is to be considered but as a point in God, who existed not from, but in comparison of Him, who filleth all in eternity with respect to us, that is to all; and whose being, and works, and say, ere any part of this universe was ways, are unsearchable, and past findcreated ; and who, when the millions | ing out. of “morning stars sang together,” The reader having pursued these these truly heaven-born sons of God reflections, may now be prepared to shouted for joy.*

take a cursory view of the three cirThis pathless heaven of eternity has cles, exhibited in the frontispiece of no bounds of circumference like the our author's theory; where he has other two. Its extremity, which we the whole symbolically represented, conceive, is in fact no extremity : it through the medium of his bodily ornever comes to a termination : it is gans, to those of his mind. absolutely boundless, both as to time To comprehend this sensible repreand space. Yet, in relation to the sentation, we must imagine three cirvisible universe, there are two oppo- cles, as in col. 303 ; in the innermost site points in the circle of eternity, of which, the author places " the solar place them in what direction you system, or first heaven :" this he calls choose, perpendicular or horizontal, “ the sphere of animal sense." Beor in whatever angle you will,--if the yond this is the second circle, within line uniting them only pass through the confines of which stand “the visithe centre, it will divide eternity, in ble universe, or the heaven of heavens, relation to this universe, into two the sphere of intelligence or abstracparts,-namely, eternity ab ante, and tion, transcending animal sense." eternity to come. And in the interval The third and last he calls, “ the invi: between these two points, will be com- sible state of eternity, or the third prised all the events which belong to beaven, transcending animal sense

and unaided reason." Through the * Job xxxviii. 7.

centres of these circles he draws &

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