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•hire; a different View to that given at No. 57. Drawn by

Robertson, of Derby. Copied and Engraved by G. W.


75. Page 406. End of the Notes: Tail-piece: View of Amwell

Church, with Amwell Spring in the fore-ground. Drawn on

the spot by W. H. Brooke: Engraved by G. W. Bonner.

"On the East side of the Village of Amwell, at the

"foot of the steep bank on which the Church is si

"tuated, rises a considerable Spring, which, together

"with that of Chadwell, forms the New River. This

"Spring has been enlarged into a spacious basin; in

"the centre of which is a small Islet, where, beneath

"the mournful shade of Weeping Willows and other

"trees, a Monumental Pedestal was erected a few

"years since, by the late celebrated Architect Robert

"Mylne, Esq. to the Memory of Sir Hugh Myddleton."

Clutterbuck's Hist, of Herts, vol. ii. p. 5. There are

four inscriptions, both in Latin and English upon this

stone, and also the following verses:

"Amwell, perpetual be thy stream,

"Nor e'er thy springs be less,
"Which thousands drink, who never dream

"Whence flows the boon they bless,
"Too often thus, ungrateful man
"Blind and unconscious lives;
"Enjoys kind Heav'n's indulgent plan,
"Nor thinks of Him who gives."

76. Index: Head-piece: Distant View of Ware, from the Garden

of the late John Scott, Esq. of Amwell. Copied from his Poetical Works, Lond. 1782. 8vo. by W. H. Brooke: Engraved by W. Hughes.

77. End of the Index: Tail-piece: View of Ashborn Church, as

seen from the Manchester Road, from an Original Drawing by D. Blaine, Esq. Copied and Engraved by J. Thompson.



1. To face the Title-Page: Portrait of Izaak Walton, Painted by

Housman, Engraved by C. Rolls.

2. Page xiv. Introductory Essay: Ancient Houses at the South

west corner of Chancery-Lane, Fleet-Street, including the Residence of Izaak Walton; which appears on the left, behind the two female figures. Etched by J. T. Smith, Esq., Keeper of the Prints and Drawings in the British Museum, from an Original Drawing by Himself, taken oi> the spot in May, 1794. Communicated by H. Ellis, Esq., F. A. S. &c, Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum.,

3. Page li. To face Walton's Original Dedication: Fac-Siniile

of the Original Title-Page to the Complete Angler, prefixed to the First Edition in 1653. Copied by B. Gibbon.

The Reader will observe that the following Series of Illustrative Designs, are copied from those by S. Wale and W. W. Ryland, which have for so long been appropriately connected with the Complete Angler. An improvement in the general appearance of the whole number, has however been suggested to the Publisher, and the Plates have now been re-engraven, by the following eminent Artists, conformably to a set of Newly-arranged Drawings, greatly heightened in their effect by the pencil of Mr. Frederick Nash.

4. Chap. I. p. 1. The Greeting. Engraved by W. R. Smith.

5. Chap. II. p. 56. The Hostess. Engraved by W. R. Smith.

6. Chap. V. p. 78. The Milk-Maid's Song. Engraved by W. R.


7. Chap. V. p. 105. The Breakfast. Engraved by W. R. Smith.

8. Chap. XVI. p. 214. The Angler's Song. Engraved by W. R.


9. Music to the Angler's Song, Composed by

H. Lawes. Reduced and Engraved by R. Ashby.

10. Chap. XXI. p. 255. The Farewell. Engraved by C. Pye.


Copper-plates Continued.

11. To face the Tille-Page: Portrait of Charles Cotton, of Beres

ford-Hall, in the County of Stafford, Esq. From an Original Miniature Painting, now first Engraved by J. H. Robinson.

12. Chap. VI. p. 305. The Fly-making. Engraved by W.


13. p. 310. Landing the Grayling, Engraved by

C. Pye.

In The Notes.

Music to the Song of " Hermit poor," Composed by TJich. Larteare. Reduced and Engraved by R. Ashby.

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