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fied; confining all such Expreffions to the High-Priests, and High - Church. That many of the present Clergy are Zealous for Civil Liberty, and Enemies to all Persecution and Spiritual Tyranny, is readily acknowledged; and to diftinguish these from the rest of the Black. Tribe, is but common Justice. However, as the Editor had no Authority to insert tbose Corrections, the Apologies were published in our first Impression according to the original Editions ; and notwithftanding cll the Noise of ignorant Zealots, and Priest-ridden Rabble, he is still of Opinion, that the re-publishing those Traets is both useful and seasonable. To be flandered and reviled, bas been the common Portion of those, who have called upon Mankind to effert their Liberty. The great Milton, whose Name and Writings will be immortal, complains of the ill Treatment he met with for bis free and generous Principles, in the following Manner :

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I did but prompt the Age to quit their Clogs
By the known Rules of ancient Liberty,


When straight a barbarous Noise invirons me
Of Owls, and Cuckoes, Asses, Apes, and Dogs:
But this is got by casting Pearls to Hogs.

The Expresion in the Title Page of the first Edition of the first Volume, of Blessed Memory, bas given great Offence to some Perfons, as if it bordered upon Profaneness. In Vindication of himself, the Editor thinks it sufficient to observe, that the Clergy do generally apply the same Expression to King

Charles I. who was no Saint, nor a Martyr, in the true Sense of the Word: That be was a Tyrant, the whole History of his Reign evidently Shews; and how he came to be so much extolled by the High-Priests, we all know. He was not more obstinate in his own Mil-government, than in defending their Pride and Trumpery ; indeed, he died for both : And for this Reason, the Priests have sainted, and almost adored him. Now, if it be natural for the Clergy to bestow Elogiums and bigh Praises on that King, for bis Zeal and fond Attachment to them ;


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is it not equally Natural, equally Just for us Laymen, to esteem and bonour such as have been the Assertors of our Liberty ? Every

Man's Memory is blessed, who has been a Be= nefactor to the World, and done good to his

Country. And that our Author is of this Class of Men, must be acknowledged by all the Lovers of Liberty: And it may be said with the greatest Truth, that he was one

of the most useful Writers of the Age. I 2

know that he is thought by many to bave been a Deist: But admitting that ; none of bis Writings are against Christianity, but bighly Serviceable to it. They are all in Defence of private Judgment, and the Rights of Mankind, in Opposition both to civil and religious Bondage. The late Dr. Codex was a Believer, but what were the Fruits of bis Faith? Did bis Belief of the Christian Religion make him humble, meek, and merciful ? no; be was e proud Priest, a vile Persecutor, an usurping Prelate. I have been told by a Gentleman, who never told a Lye, that during the few Years that Codex was Bishop of


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Lincoln, there were more Prosecutions in the Spiritual Court there, by his Influence and Order, for Tythes, and other priestly Demands," than there had been from the Reformation down to that Time ; What could any Infidel have done worse? For my part, I fear not to say, that I think Mr. Gordon was a much better Man, than Dr. Codex. An inspired Apostle tells us, that Faith without Works, i. e. good Works, is dead; by which he means, that it will not avait any Man to Salvation : And, I doubt not, but a virtuous Infidel will have more Favour shewn bim, than a wicked Priest. The Principles of Codex, and his enslaving Schemes; have promoted Infidelity more than all the Writings of Infidels. Their Books are easily answered, and their Arguments pewn to be weak and inconclufive ; but it is impossible to vindicate Christianity with the Appendages of Codex: And, therefore, if we have not Understanding and Honesty to separate the true Religion of Jesus from the Corruptions of Priests, we must all become Infidels.


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After having said this, the Editor will not be surprized to hear himself called a Deift. 'Tis the way of the Priests; whoever opposes their Craft, is always marked out to be an Infidel. They do not consider that this Charge will affeet the Apostles themselves : For they travelled throʻ vast Regions, to demolish Superftition and spiritual Tyranny. Every one knows the Arts used by Pagan Priests, the various Modes of their Worship; their Images, Altars, Bowings, Veftments ; all instituted under the fpecious Pretence of exciting Devotion in the People, and doing Honour to the Gods : But the ChriAian Religion calls all these the Works of the Devil, to destroy which was one End of Cbrift's coming into the World; and where. ever bis Religion was received, all these Things fled before it. To be plain, what bave Priestcraft, Superstition, and spiritual Tyranny ; what heve Tythes, Bishops, Caffocks, Lawn-Sleeves, and spiritual Courts to do with the Chriftian Religion? Can any


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