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By Mr. GORDON and others.

Woe unto you, Scribes, Pharifees, Hypocrites.


They would request us to endure still the ruftling of

their Silken Casjocks ; and that we would burst our Midriffs, rather than laugh to see them under Sail in all their Lawn and Sarcenet, their Shrouds and Tackle.

MILTON of Reformation.


LONDON: Printed for R. GRIFFITHs, at the Dunciad,

in St. Paul's Church-Yard. 1751.


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HE former Colleation of Tracts under
this Title, consisted of such as were

written by the late Mr. Gordon. That we did not impose upon the World in afcribing them to bim, (as some through Ignorance, others through Malice, have suggested) all the Intimate Friends of that Author very well know. The two Apologies for Alberoni, it has been generally said, first recommended bim to the Esteem and Friends ip of the excellent Mr. Trenchard. This I bave beard mentioned as a Faet, by those who had an Opportunity of knowing the Truth of it. And besides, to such as are acquainted with bis other Writings, the Similarity af


Sentiments, Style and Manner of these, will be a suficient Evidence that Mr. Gordon was the Author. From the Trait entitled, The Character of an Independent Whig, (which was published before the Weekly Paper, so called, was set up) be took as many Paragraphs as he thought sufficient for one Paper, which is the 41st Number of the Second Volume. But as the whole is Excellent, and as be omitted as many good Paragraphs as those be borrowed from it, it was thought proper to publish that Tract entire. There is Reason to believe, that the Author bed a Design of republishing his Apologies for Alberoni, and adding them to the Independent Whig. For we bave lateby seen a copy of those Traits, which belonged to Mr. Gordon, corrected, as supposed, with his own Hand; and in such a Manner, as plainly shews be designed it for the Press. From these Correčtions appears the Candour of bis Soul: (Peace be with it!) For what he bad said of the Priests, and the Church in general, in that Copy be limited and quali

fied ;

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