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I Believe that a Woman is generally at the

Bottom of Mischief, and that great Mischief

is generally at the Bottom of a Woman. I Believe I could prove, by the Rule of good

Fellowship, that a Beau makes a Figure only among Cyphers, and that he is a Cypher among Figures. 1 Believe that my very good friend, Mr. Con. greve, was in the right, when he questioned whether the Bible saved more Souls in Wefta minster-Abbey, than it damned in WestminsterHall.

I Believe that some Lords are wise, and some

are otherwise.

I Believe that Father Abraham was older than

his Son Ifaac.

I Believe that three Groats makes one Shilling,

and not three Shillings.

I Believe that the Anathemas of our Inferior

Clergy are not ratified in Heaven; and that there is a Power on Earth which can reverse them, maugre the Opinion of the charitable and meek Dr. Sacheverell.

I Believe that the said Gentlemen love Est

ing and Drinking as well as their Neighbours.

I Believe that some Lords deserved to be

Kenmurized who now Sleep in a whole

I Believe that Gregg was a Fool and a Traitor."

I Believe

Sat eft quod fufficit.


There are now in the Prefs, and will speedily be Pub. lifked, the following Books, viz. TH

HE Independency, Supremacy, and Divinity of the

PwClergy asserted. By Harry of Holbourn. 2. A Canker in some Men's Eftates, or the necessity of reftor. ing Abby-Lands, By St. Michael of Hamshersmith. .

3. Faith without Reason: Or, the Laity have no right to their Senses. By the Wealthy. Dean of Cr.

4. Modern and Orthodox Inconfiftencies: Or, Papists better Friends to the * Church than Disenters. By Luke Presbyter.

5. St. Peter robb'd of his Keys: Or, the Porters of Heaven found guilty of Fraud and Corruption. By twelve Lay Mer..

6. An Argument proving that to Preach the Lawfulness of Vice and Immorality, is the most effectual Method to prevent those Evils. By a Lover of the Mathematicks.

Nitimur in Vetitum. 7. The Clergy reform’d. A very valuable Piece.

Diu multumq; defideratum,

* Qu. What Cburcb?






Independent Whig.


The MERITS of the Clergy are con

sidered; the Good vindicated, and the BAD exposed.


Some Account of the late Con

troversy in the CHURCH.

First Printed in the YEAR 1720.


L. Ε Τ Τ Ε R

To the AUTHOR of the

Independent Whig.


T is with great Satisfaction that I see you, and others, appear publickly in defence of

of Truth, and laying open to the World the pernicious Designs and Contrivances of our High Clergy, and though I know some are ready to say, that Truth is not to be spoken at all Times; yet it is very pleasing to others, who are .good Subjects, and true Protestants, that Priestcraft runs so low in this Kingdom, and that a great Part of the Laity seem to open their Eyes and recover their Senses, out of which they have been so long kept by the Cunning of the Levitical Tribe.

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