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I Believe Mr. Law is as much embarrassed to

keep up the Credit of his Millipi Project, as our Neighbours the Dow to find Ways and Means to make good Deficiencies.

I Believe that the Great Athanafius was not so wicked as some Writers have made him

; and I believe there is no Necessity for putting him into the Kalendar.

I Believe he was not the Author of the Creed

which goes by his Name.

I Believe the Story is True of the Butcher's

cleaving the Pericranium of a Levite, whom he caught in Bed with his Wife ; and that the Clergyınan spoke from his Heart, when - (upon the Jury's acquitting the Butcher of

Murder, he said, If such Things are sufferedo there will be na living for us.

I Believe that Sir Harry Wooton spoke with the

Spirit of an Englifhman, who, when he was asked by a Monk, Where was your Religion before LUTHER ?. Answered without Hesitation, In the Bible, where your's never was.

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I Believe there was many an honest Gentle

man in the Army, who, never faid Amen heartily to the following Petition in our Common-Prayer-Book ; Give Peace in our Time, O Lord.

I Believe that Self-preservation is the first law

of Nature, and consequently that Resistance is lawful on many Accounts; any Thing

contained in Dr. Sacheverell's Doctrine to the : contrary, notwithstanding.

I Believe that Aristocracy is inconsistent with

the Constitution of Great Britain.

I Believe there are many of our Britijh Youth

who glory in deAouring a Virgin : "Tig stabbing a Person that's weak and defenceless; and I believe the Mock Hero will gain as little Applause by the Action, as a General who should draw down all his Forces and Artillery, to oblige a poor Country Village to surrender

I Believe that Lord have Mercy upon us ought

to be writ on every Man's Door, if it be a damnable Sin to resist upon any Pretence whatfoever.

I Be


i Believe there is Priest-Craft in England, as

well as in Popish Countries.

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I Believe that one Man cannot serve two Mar fters; if so, how can Pluralities be justified?

I Believe that no Ecclefiaftic has Power to

Force or Bind Men's Confcicnccs.

I Believe there are more Ways to Paradiso

Row, than going thro' Chelsea-College.

I Believe that Three are more than one, and

One is not as many as Three.

I Believe it is better to continue the War

with Spain, than to give up Gibraltar or

I Believe he's no Friend to Great Britain, whe

would advise the Surrender of either.

I Believe that those Bs were Protestants

who signed an Address to his Majesty, de-
claring their Detestation of the late unnatural

( 33 )

I Believe that the late Duke of Ormond repente

his Aying from England.

I Believe he had never been impeached had he


I Believe he has Reason to curse the Hour in

which he was Priest-guided.

I Believe that Scammony is a Drug of the Con

volvulus or Caterpillar kind ; that our prefent Scanimony is different from the Scammony of the Ancients, and is adulterated; that which is black is not much esteemed.

I Believe that Scammony wants a Corrector, and

is very Adhesive.

| Believe that the Compilers of our Commons

Prayer-Book were very sensible, that every Man must needs be in a languishing Condition, who enters into the State of Matrimony; else why did they place the Visitation of the Sick immediately after that Piece of Formality:

I Believe that Cardinal Alberoni is in Lim. Pat.


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I Believe that the facobite Faction do not re

lish his Confinement.

I Believe there are many in Places of Profit,

who were averse to the Hanover Succeflion. .

I Believe I could name fome.

I Believe a perpetual Motion may be found at


I Believe that some of our Inferior High

Clergy have Itudied Rhetoric in the Billings

gate Grammar.

1 Believe that too much Learning will ne’er

make 'em mad.

I Believe that Tory and Traitor begin with a

Letter, so do Prief-craft and Perjury.

I Believe I need not pause long to determine,

whether they are synonimous Terms.

Believe that to find out a Longitude, a Man would do well to attend a Law-Suit in the Chancery of Ireland.

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