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Página 33 - A picture of Greece in 1825 ; as exhibited in the personal Narratives of James Emerson, Esq. Count Pecchio, and WH Humphreys, Esq. comprising a detailed Account of the Events of the late Campaign, and Sketches of the principal military, naval, and political Chiefs.
Página 25 - Antiquarian Researches : comprising a History of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Connecticut River and Parts Adjacent, and other Interesting Events, from the First Landing of the Pilgrims, to the Conquest of Canada by the English, in 1760: With Notices of Indian Depredations in the Neighboring Country : And of the First Planting and Progress of Settlements in New England, New York and Canada.
Página 17 - A treatise on the police of the metropolis, containing a detail of the various crimes and misdemeanors, by which public and private property, and security are, at present, injured and endangered, and suggesting remedies for their prevention ; 6th edition.
Página 22 - Letters on the following subjects: on a man's writing memoirs of himself; on decision of character; on the application of the epithet Romantic; and on some of the causes by which Evangelical Religion has been rendered less acceptable to persons of cultivated taste.
Página 45 - PRIOR'S (JAMES) Memoir of the Life and Character of Edmund Burke, with Specimens of his Poetry and Letters, and an Estimate of his Genius and Talents compared with those of his great Contemporaries. With Portrait.
Página 69 - A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Oswego, on the coast of South Barbary, and of the sufferings of the. Master and the Crew. while in bondage among the Arabs ; interspersed with numerous remarks upon the country and its inhabitants, and the peculiar perils of that coast.
Página 45 - La De'couverte des Sources du Mississippi, et de la Riviere Sanglante : Description du Cours entier du Mississippi, qui n'e'tait connu que partiellement, et...
Página 15 - British Field Sports ; Embracing Practical Instructions in Shooting — Hunting — Coursing — Racing — Cocking — Fishing, &c., With Observations on the Breaking and Training of Dogs and Horses ; Also the Management of Fowling Pieces, and all other Sporting Implements. By William Henry Scott.
Página 30 - METCALF (SAMUEL L.). A Collection of some of the Most Interesting Narratives of Indian "Warfare in the West, containing an Account of the Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone, one of the First Settlers of Kentucky...
Página 32 - The Olive Branch: or, Faults on Both Sides, Federal and Democratic. A Serious Appeal on the Necessity of Mutual Forgiveness and Harmony, to Save our Common Country from Ruin. Philadelphia: M. Carey, 1814. 252 pages 121110. "Defends the alien and sedition laws and abuses Jefferson for his mistakes."— WINSOR.

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